Broken Girls - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
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song produced by: LYRE
Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer: Casey Schreffler (Centertainment)
VFX: Logan Sprangers
Production Designer: Logan Rose
Director of Photography: Cameron Schmucker
Stylist: Helena Falangus
Key Hair/Make-up: Yukina Mitsuhashi
Dancers: Joe Friedman, Corey Evans, Pauler Lam, Dor Raybi
Choreographer/Dancer: Dalton Shooks


  • go grab this song and check out the FULL EP!

    • please retire

    • 1, 2, 3... BACK TO VINE !!!!!!

    • If you watch the video in full, then go straight from the end to Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, it's uncannily similar.. it's a shame because the crew clearly worked very hard on this :( I know Dollhouse is a few years old now, and I don't know if your fanbase would necessarily be massively aware of Melanie, but it seems like more than just a coincidence :(

    • No thank you LOL

    • no thanks you a frog in tons of makeup

  • This music video is weird it’s so emo

  • Yoooo that last tune. Heard very similar tunes b4

  • The dollhouse, the big barbie box . Everything that I just witnessed? Melanie? No never mind, too tacky

  • This is awful just like gabbie so I guess its fitting.

  • You’re all so ruthless geez, imagine you did something and it was posted all over the internet for EVERYONE to put their two cents in. All of you calling her disgusting are also just as disgusting. You’re entitled to your own opinion but you don’t have to be so low. Jesus, some of you straight up have no feelings what so ever. Not saying I support what she said but you’re all hypocrites.

    • @joslyn montizzle I know right! You're probably going to get a lot of flack under this, FYI just from random haters but just know there are people out there like me that agree with you :-)

    • Misss1 exactly. Regardless of what she did she’s still an artist and all people who are under the eye of the industry have had a scandal and are still thriving. People don’t like seeing other people succeed so they bring up things that happened way before they even blew up. It’s sick.

    • I agree with you I'm not supportive of what she did but I feel like people are focusing on what she did and they're shiting on her music and not actually looking at the hard work and the effort she put into the music itself

  • Who's the guys voice

  • Jesus why does every youtuber think they can sing

  • I feel like the internet has turned the world lopsided, one drama starts everyone hates the accused, a month later everything’s fine and we all move on, why can’t we just have nice things ._.

  • This is probably the only comment that isnt a diss in the section lol

  • The big nose one so terrify

  • sorry sweetie your fucked up, litterally.

  • BRO! This is music. Idc what shit she did in the past. That’s not even fucking related. ;-;

  • Why do these non-talented IT-tvsrs think they can sing..and dance..Cringy AF

  • Feel like this could've been better

  • it's sad all of the hearted comment get washed out into the ocean of comments

  • Gabbie did a terrible thing but that doesn’t make her a terrible person. I’m 100% sure all of you have done something so terrible and in that moment you didn’t think so but maybe later you did. The amount of people who think they are better than gabbie is unreal. She simply did an awful thing. She has to go through the backlash publicly but all of you don’t even necessarily have to worry about it. She doesn’t owe any of you on IT-tvs an explanation the only person who she owes it to are the people who were involved. You guys aren’t better than her, you are her. If you wanna say something about it then all you should be is telling her to apologize and tell her what she did was wrong. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone in advance but this had to be said.

  • There is literally so much auto tune it’s funny 😂

  • Ok no hair like I love this video and the doll idea but like Where’d it come from ik like controlling and doll is often put together in music videos but this is about how he was just listening to you almost complain? (Not really) but idk JUST WHERE DID THE DOLL CONCEPT COME FROM

    • I think the doll was representing broken girls because of all the pieces. That is how I took it.

  • That's why her nose is so big, it's full of secrets

  • I wonder why Gabbie made a song about herself in 2nd person

  • If this was in the early 2000s all emits will die for this

  • What the hell is wrong with you people gabby works extremely hard for this and some of you go around saying she’s horrible and has to have auto tune leave her the hell alone and mind your own damn business!Like what is going on with this community why are some of you so disrespectful she is amazing and no one can take that away from her.Some of you are saying that she only sings about her illness and depression but if you keep hating on her of course she’s going to have depression leave her alone and keep you r hate to your self🙄!!!

    • Alisha yeah

    • Well said. People seem to think bullying someone over wrongdoing makes them good, but the fact is that it makes them no better than what they are fighting.

  • You fucking SUCK

  • I like the song but the comment section makes me feel like I should hate it even tho I don't

  • It is like a song about herself. She likes to take advantage of broken people because they make her feel better. She really had a monster inside her all this time.

  • Find it funny how people are saying that people let anyone get famous these days, u werent saying that before the drama happened so shut the fuck up and mind ur own business - at least this is a good song and video. Idc about drama that i know nothing about bc i enjoy her stuff so shut the fuck up and move on

  • Sorry gabbie but you’ve been cancelled

  • Comments: 60%- Hate 35%- Saying she copied Melanie 5%- Support Me: I’m CoNfUsEd

  • Go get ur nose done

  • Forget the stupid “controversy” and please take some time and help my family this cold season in Chicago, IL PLEASE 🥺🥺

  • Why does it feel like she’s copying Electra Heart lol

  • Who are the guys talking ?

  • i love it how people heard “the news” they just suddenly stopped liking her and started turning everything against her, even her music. this is very creative and thought out, i don’t understand y u ppl can’t just stick to ur own opinion

  • Probably she think we should "manage our expectations " in regards to her morals lol

  • Monster High teas

  • Yo this is crazy! Doesn't this music video go along with what your psychic said about seeing doll parts and baby parts from that video you made a while back???

  • your hair cut is outdated and get the hair out of your face

  • Look at the dislikes on this song. Why?

  • You guys are really some clowns. The same people commenting ignorant shit I have found several of y’all commenting supporting her before this drama 🤣🤣 THESE PEOPLE DONT PAY YOUR BILLS STOP FEEDING INTO WHAT THEIR DRAMA