Brock Ashby sings 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon | The Voice Stage #9

Pubblicato il 10 dic 2019
Brock Ashby wowed the judges with his beautiful rendition of Use Somebody. The story of how he found his love for music touched Kelly's heart and made her reminisce about her past. Watch Brock's audition and tell us what you think in the comments down below.
🚨 Song info:
Brock Ashby performs 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon.
🚨 Series info:
In #TheVoiceStage we highlight the best, funniest, most adorable and most inspiring stories of talents who audition for The Voice. Enjoy!


  • A woman lips poureth honey

  • Stunning guy, beautiful voice, I would marry in a second! 🙀

  • Always turn for the potential winner....fatal error

  • I love you Brock Ashby.

  • He's the package deal😊

  • Model Sean Cody🙊

  • Delta was grabbing his muscle 😂🤣

  • Damn...enough said😍

  • He is beautiful

  • 2020!!!!!!

  • I love every single covers of Use Somebody by The Voice's contestants 💜

  • He really looks like ARON VILLAFLOR hahaha

  • Delta kissed him lips to lips

  • His face is very familiar hmmm he’s hot though and his voice is soothing beautiful voice

  • 2:02 old Ramos

  • Hold on to Peace

  • Kelly turned like damn he fine

  • Face, Body, Voice....REAL TOTAL PACKAGE...

  • That hug was very long

  • Thighs 😍😍😍 I love his thigh muscles

  • He is hot

  • Use somebody version mahalini Indonesian idol lebih Bagus

  • Damn now I want a hug🥺🤣😍🔥

  • My future husband 😍😁✌

  • So beautiful

  • Yummy 😜 the butt cheek is 😍

  • Kelly is so hot! Damn sis!

  • Wow so romantic voice 👏🏼

  • “The only reason I didn’t turn is because I have some really strong men on my team. How strong?” Dang, he’s very confident too. 💪🏼😎💪🏼

  • Wow, why are all Aussie men so good looking? I’m jealous.

  • I remember when he was in X-Factor NZ and he was in a boy band called MooreHouse

  • I'm french and I've been lost on this video... But damn, he is so hot ! 😂

  • Very cool 🎭

  • Oohh amazing vioce nd hndsome 😍😍😘😘

  • Hi hndsome 😍

  • Beautiful voice, beautiful face, beautiful body ☺️

  • He has a lovely voice. It just shows you never know what kind of voice is going to come out of someone simply based on what they look like.

  • This is 2 years old! Old News!

  • Nothing like taking a video from another channel and then uploading it to YT and making people think the performance was *recent* when in fact, Brock auditioned in April of 2018!!!

  • Brock, your way of dealing with life helps me to keep going on despite of all the mental and physical suffering which I face daily. Man, just stay who, what and how you are: your mother is watching you from heaven every day with a smile, I'm sure.

  • Pleasee.As if we want to hear your pitty stories

  • Brock's story is enough in itself but then he starts singing and .. WOOHAH .. that hunk can sing, he really can!!! I gather he will get a lot of female fans but you men, this man can sing!


  • Hey guys, I'm Matt from Carwow. I think Delta wants me to poke her with the stick of truth. Click on the pop out banner up here to vote of I should. *Point awkwardly up to the top right corner*

  • He is 😍😍😍😍

  • I love this audition. I always cry when I watch it. So emotional.

  • He is hot. Hahaha

  • Wow for en lækker krop 🤪 Videre til næste skridt 😘

  • I'm speechless..coz Kelly's face say it all..


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  • Delta just wanted to Touch his muscles 😂😂

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  • This is the real man

  • 😍

  • There's a time when I was watching his audition over and over again.

  • Super nice guy and a great voice.

  • Just wow