Bring Me The Horizon - in the dark (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм oυт now:
world тoυr
wrιттen, dιrecтed & edιтed вy olιver ѕyĸeѕ
co-dιrecтed/ prodυced вy: вrιan coх

eхecυтιve prodυcers: ѕιмon oхley, naтalιe ѕтeιner & janιne мorтon
dιrecтor oғ pнoтograpнy: ĸυrт rιddell
ĸey gaғғer: werner ven peppen
ѕтylιѕт: jυѕтιn нaмιlтon
нaιr & мaĸe υp: gιna нarrιѕon
vιѕυal eғғecтѕ: polygon
arт deparтмenт: ѕeven poιnтѕ, davιd нaмιlтon, вen aѕнтon-вell, ιan ѕyĸeѕ & вen нorѕғιeld
vғх: мarĸυѕ lυndqvιѕт & zdravĸo ѕтoιcнĸov
coloυrιѕт: тιм мaѕιcĸ

Oh, I’ve done it again
Dug a little deep and it’s all caved in
Now I free fall in a black hole
I know I’m getting warm cos I feel so cold.
But I’m looking on the bright side now
Trying to figure out somehow (none of this is real but)
It’s looking like a write off now
I think we need to talk like now.
So don’t swear to god he never asked you
It’s not his heart you drove a knife through
not his world you turned inside out
not his tears still rolling down
Jesus Christ you’re so damn cold
Don’t you know you’ve lost control?
Forget about the things you think I know
No secrets, you can’t keep me in the dark
Deathblow, look at you go
Brought a T-62 to a rodeo
So tall it broke the fourth wall
Guess my fairy-tale has a few plot holes
well I’m looking on the bright side now
Trying to figure out somehow (none of this is real no)
you can give the act up now
yeah, go ahead and take a bow.
I’m not looking for salvation, just a little faith In anyone or anything.
Cos it’s all come caving in
And it’s time I knew you so


  • racist

  • #forestwhitaker makes this whole song have full and heavy meaning , Rock on Forest, Rock on

  • wtf, bmth rip!

  • 😍

  • Video and lyrics both a 10/10 in terms of cringe. Lime how old is this dude now? Did he stay 17?


  • Forest Whitaker is an amazing YES MAN

  • Why you stopped deathcore

  • 日本語がMVに映っていることに感謝

  • Oli for NME: "This is something that we’ve been trying to do for ages. He was actually going to be the main guy in ‘Mantra’, but it just didn’t work out in the end because of timing and scheduling, so it ended up being me.” THAT would have been even more amazing!! As for the concept of the video, Sykes revealed: “I guess it’s meant to be a representation of the grieving process. It’s a visual metaphor for what the song is talking about. When it comes to the grieving process, we all try to ignore that feeling - but it’s important to grieve. Even if something’s happened for the best, you need to take that moment to feel something. Some people lose a whole world to grief sometimes, while others just don’t grieve. Sometimes we’re just too scared to face our emotions." Interesting that this is a concept for the video when "I don't know what to say"(last track on the album) is written about Aidan's terminal prognosis and death =( I wonder if that had an impact on this video...

  • Is this the same guys that brought us Ludens?.. Why is this song so boring?

  • Music still has soul, thank you for sharing.

  • Seriously I love this band so much that if i could, I would fucking bring them the damn horizon already.

  • I am addicted .. IN THE DARK..

  • does anyone else hear the word hentai in the beginning lmao

  • experimental band, I like it

  • I am addicted in this song. ♥️

  • こっちのがdeath strandingぽくない?

  • 🖤🖤🖤 My favorite song 🎶🎼🎤

  • Fucking ghost dawg outchere

  • I got body running through my chills

  • I think about what bmth are becoming with these songs.. This is so diferent looking back.. The music is gone, its completly diferent..

  • Где деткорчик, ребятки? Жить легче стало что ле!?


  • I love the actor, he is magnificent ❤️💜😭. I loved the song 😍.

  • ❤️

  • THIS is everything BUT rock! Glam, electro, chick...

  • I'm part of the first wave loving the old deahtcore style of the band, but I also love this. This is a really nice evolution, I admire that, they can do a lot of styles, true musicians.

  • yo, that's racist, the title and the thumbnail

  • Im looking fucking forward to the future of this band and its further evolution.


  • I can’t lie. I like their band based music rather than their electronic interpretation. Bring me the band!

  • Love Love Love Love Love Love Oh did I say Looooveeee

  • Omg the focus is really bad...

  • Written, directed, and edited by Oli. Damn

  • Bmth is definitly dead...

  • This means BMTH can play any music genre. I will always love your music oli. Hope your not gone to hiphop😁.jocking

  • Damn saw gerrera is in the video

  • Idc whether they’re metalcore or pop, bmth music never disappointed me.

  • What fucking happend with bmth ??

  • my favorite track from amo album 🖤🖤

  • Give me a break(down) !!!!

  • ITS NOT METAL COREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 知ってる曲は数少ないけど、めちゃくちゃカッコ良くて色々聴き始めてる!

  • I watch this everytime i down a bottle of tequila

  • Go back to what the people want , this cock pop sucks

  • Zuri son of badu become a singer

  • アーク

  • I love this

  • Brandon your not going to be in the dark ok I love you truly I just wanted to know if I was showing you love ok I feel sad if I was trying to hurt you but I don't because I was not trying to hurt you ok.

  • I’m a simple guy I see Bmth in recommendation I click

  • 4:13

  • This band is nominated for the most cringeworthy tattoos by a band 2019.

  • this song it's so catchy

  • How y'all get Zuri from Wakanda on the beat BMTH? 😂😭🙌

  • this gives me eternal sunshine vibes

  • Go give 8 Graves some love, they also make fantastic music!!!

  • I got chills running through my body

  • Muse 2.0

  • Let’s go champ! XD