'Brilliant Racing' And 'Genius Strategy' | Jolyon Palmer On The 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 8 ago 2019
The ex-F1 driver analyses all the key moments from the Hamilton/Verstappen battle and more.
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  • Yes Jolyon! That’s what we need! More penalties and more wins for Mercedes! Yes! It’s not like it’s the reason f1 is dying or anything! 😀

    • Would you also like more halos on the cars too? More penalties?

  • Albon and Kvyat were amazing. One of the best battles in a while. Very evenly matched, I guess that's why they chose Albon for RBR

  • I tkink KM is getting way to much heat, he is aggressive, but not as much as people say.

  • -Where is Palmer? -He is retired... -Karma!

  • Those backmarkers are really getting it done.

  • What do you mean "according to the Austrian laws"?

  • I finally realized who Jolyon reminds me of... Bear Grylls.

  • Ferrari needs to put RED BULLS for their fuel to catch up with leaders Or To give wings and fly to the P1

  • Why doesn't he look at us, but somewhere.... well... eternity??

  • If you'd ask me, I'd say Bottas is intentionally trying to cut Leclerq's rear wheel.

  • Palmer, you will never meet me, nor I ever meet you (unless you're going to the USGP). But here this, you've got the best damn F1 racing analysis show. PERIOD!!! Bravo!

  • F1 didnt work out for JP but his analysis is spot on. RISPECK

  • Hi F1, would you please consider adding subtitles for the next videos? We'll appreciate that ;)

  • Palmer>rosberg

  • IDK how Magnussen gets away with his defensive moves honestly.

    • Because it's hard defending but legal. Hard racing is what makes it interesting to watch. Do you think Verstappen would be in his current seat if he didn't race hard?

  • had to come give a like because of Jolyon being the best, but I cant watch anything about this race.. im so sad Max lost the lead... Damn it!!!

  • Palmer fantasic as always. Hard no to that video editing effect though.

  • didn't one of the stewards say helicopter footage showed that Bottas is the one who moved over?

  • Sainz's invisibility during 4Gps is a small oversight that will be solved when he throws against Hamilton or Verstappen breaks his rear-view mirror.

  • Love those debriefs from Palmer. Amazing stuff. Thank you

  • Does Sainz exist?

  • nice analysis. What if there was no DRS ?

  • You watch the replay of Bottas and Charles and its Bottas that turn in to Charles ever so slightly and Charles is just straight lining it

  • F1 will have all the big players working for them next year - no more Sky sports... Calling it here

  • 05;16 You say they can't do anything, but would pitting Verstappen on soft tyres with 19 laps remaining have given redbull a better chance of the win? Just asking out of interest.

  • Been waiting for Palmer! Where is palmer?

  • good series

  • Awesome analysis once again, mate. Thanks for the time, clarity and insight. The murmurs are that your f1 driving career was unfairly shafted, but stoked you’re happy to bring your talents to punditry regardless.

  • At 4:07 it looks like the redbull is driving mid air because of the helicopter shadow haha

  • Please don't use this guy again, terrible video

  • I am a simple Man! I See Jolyon Palmer's analysis on suggestions, I watch.

  • if only Ricardo have a better car maybe he can pass KMag, I meant if only he in I don't know a red bull Honda powered car? wink wink

    • True That's probably why he is so frustrated.

  • weve got so many good racers in 2019 I wonder who'll get axed for the next year ()

  • botas lost his wing thanks to hamilton. You can cleary see debris flying away after contact with hamilton

  • Where is Palmer? = KARMA

  • 4:06 is it just me, or the cars look like they're levitating

  • Holy shit! That transition at 10.53 scared the absolute bajeebus out of me!! I thought I was going into some kind of hyper drive or wormhole!

  • Sorry Jolyon. Love your analysis, but I have to agree with the stewards and lay the blame for the contact on Bottas, not Leclerc. It was Bottas who turned right rather than using the space he had on his left, while Leclerc simply held his line (which had already been compromised by the slow Merc in front of him). Totally agree though that there was nothing wrong with K-Mag's defending (on this occasion). As for the brilliant racing and genius strategy, I'm just glad we got to see it play out from start to finish, without a safety car unfairly stealing anyone's hard-earned lead and reducing a GP to a sprint.

  • Palmer is credit to team.

  • 9:59 Me in rush hour traffic 😂😂😂

  • english subtitle, plz

  • Great job Carlos!


  • One of those video series when I press "like" before pressing "play".

  • Amazing analysis by Mr Palmer. I look forward to his dissection after every race.

  • Must hurt Ricciardo watching that Red Bull fight with Lewis whilst he's a lap down..... such a shame

  • Jolyon Palmer is the best analysis ! Intelligent, thorough, balanced, insightful ! Love this guy ! Keep it up !

    • Agreed but i wouldn't call him the best respectfully to the old petrol head like peter Windsor. Still love palmer👍

  • luv the analysis

  • im no racer but even i can see that there is nothing brilliant about the mercedes second pit : safe on second place it was easy to make that call . it worked out thats true but it was a move whitout risk and to call that brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hamilton is the brilliant in that scenario. Because he closed that 20+ second gap.

  • How about Ocon to Mercedes, Bottas replaces Kubica at Williams. Then we will see how good George Russell is. Love your analysis. Is it true McLaren get Mercedes power units for 2020?

    • I doubt Russel better than Bottas. Bottas was dominant at GP3 and directly goes to F1 without GP2 (F2).

  • Mercedes and Hamilton bore me

  • The driver numbers at toro rosso are unreadable, especcially with 26 and 23

  • Thanks for the great round up. I just wonder, who really had the faster car, Mercedes or Redbull? The merc seemed to have better race pace while Redbull claimed both pole position and fastest lap. There's no doubt that both lead drivers were able extract that much pace out of their cars as to make it quite difficult to tell where driver skill ends, and where the technical package begins.

  • Jolyon fucker

  • You cant overtake in Hungary lol

  • Very good analysis.

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