Brewstew - Locked Out Of The House

Pubblicato il 11 ott 2019
Nothing like being stranded in November
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  • Tell me why the thumbnail was exactly me when I got locked out dog and all

  • you had a squire amp

  • Why didn’t u knock on the door

  • Wait..... How did you get in the garage? 🤔

  • I’m locked out of the house right now and it’s 10. Degrees Fahrenheit

  • You could’ve just told him you got locked outside...

  • 0:00 alright 😂😂

  • how do u set a ladder up wrong?

  • I love how he just has a poster of ringo from the beatels?

  • Bruh I just kicked the door open lol

  • 1:07 minecraft door sound effect

  • And you were calling micheal an idiot

  • Samething happened to me with a ladder except I was climbing down from my roof and the ladder slipped out from under me.

  • 1 of my favorites damn. This is so damn funny.

  • lol

  • One time when I was like 8, my family and I were doing yard work and my dumbass sister locked the only unlocked door when she went out. And I had to take a shit. So I had to crawl through the fucking doggy door. So yeah, I bet I'm the only person alive who crawled through a doggy door to take a shit.

  • I paused the video for a second and when I was about to play it again I thought his belly button was a speck on the screen and tried to rub it off

  • This guy is so underrated like fucken SUBSCRIBE FOR REAL SUBSCRIBE NOW

  • I’ve done this twice.

  • Hey asshole I'm not a fat fuck Im a fatass

  • 2:16 Tyler fell from a high place

  • 1:39 Nokia Phones And The Floor in a nutshell Door chain:Nokia Phone Axe:Floor

  • XD find the rusty ass ax that looked like it’s from the grate depression lol ax brakes 6 after swings . XD Alright! Everybody.

  • Once me and my twin sister were locked outside of the house so we tried to break into a window, in the process the glass shattered and a shard got stuck in my sisters arm. We had to walk down the street to a friends house trying to hide the large amount of blood coming out of her arm. It was also on our 16th birthday and after that my mom framed the glass piece and gave it to my sister for Christmas lol

  • wow! very nice video so good job .👌🏻😁

  • Brewers dog is awfully talkative sometimes

  • He starts every video with *alright*

  • It’s annoying when that happens

  • “It’s fucking November out here, we’re gonna die”

  • That happened to my parents once they got my little brother to Go though this 4 inch window to unlock the door

  • (= nop

  • $űřřý

  • *dude your the funniest guy on youtube !*

  • when it comes to chain locks seriously do people not remember that they are quite easy to by pass by kicking the door and it rips the chain out so ur in maybe some damage but you in lol

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  • Congratulations on a million subscribers !! You worked so hard for it, and deserve every last one of them keep up the good work!!!!!

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  • I think when Tyler went to his computer programming class that alright got stuck in his brain

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