Breaking The Unwritten Rules (part 6)

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
When I made the first video over 2 years ago I never would’ve thought that I would end up making 5 more and who’s to say that I won’t be on a part 10 eventually? The Unwritten rules of baseball are like the honor code and you wouldn’t want to break them! #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the Leagues. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***


  • To the person who posts these videos who put biased announcers, I invite you to do your homework on what transpired between the Braves and Marlins that season. Acuña tore them apart all season and had balls thrown at him any time he hit a homer on them. Including a first pitch of the game throw a few weeks prior that took acuña out of the game. Those announcers are making a fair call because they knew the Marlins were spiteful towards Ronald A Jr.

  • Funfact: Hitting a homerun is against the rules. Celebrating a home run? You're dead.

  • Shilling; big mouth cost him the Hall of Fame.

  • Part 7 should be 2017-2019 Astros season games

  • Don't see anything wrong with bunting.

  • Nothing wrong with bunting in a no hitter if you can get on base. Hell if it helps your team why wouldn't you do it? Regardless of score or inning, comebacks can happen

  • Such a backward mindset in baseball as to what is good or bad 'morally'.. bunting to try and win the game regardless of situation is frowned upon.. but pretending to throw the ball from second base after a return throw to deceive a baserunner then sneakily tagging them when they believe the play is done and dead is seen as IQ1000 play...

  • When it comes to the shift why not do whatever gets you on base? Baseball fights are just goofy.. bullpen needs to stay. The light jog to stand in a crowd just to be present is embarrassing.

  • Why did u even show the first clip Seattle vs. Angels? 1 - 0 6th inning lead off hitter and he gets a bunt single so what is the problem? I'm guessing this editor/poster is the kind of fan that thinks bunting should be banned or something.

  • Pitchers are fucking pussies.

  • I love that people think just because a guy is on a no hitter that the other team should just let em win. Nah man. How about keep pitching and if you are good enough for a no hitter, you will get it. If you give them an easy pitch begging for a punt and it gives them the opportunity to get some runs and score, then you don't deserve a no hitter. Grow up.

  • The pitcher is having a good game, so we’re gonna need all the batters to stop trying! Thank you!

  • the bunts shouldn't be on this list.

  • loving the chimera at the end

  • What’s the name of the song and artist at the end of the video?

  • If it's a close game, I don't give a shit about your no-hitter.

  • The last person you want coming after you when you hit them is Matt Holiday

  • If you have a no hitter on the 9th and you bunt not cool but if it's earlier and you bunt cool. Stop crying

  • What the hell is wrong with bunts???

  • 5th INNING?? He was makin like he was perfect through 8!! Shitchyeah! Brent Buntler that bitch right down the 3rd-base CHALK! 👏👏 Get some. (T’weren’t no Aybar or Tabata move, that’s for damn certain.)

  • What ever it takes to give your team a chance until the 3rd out in the 9th!!!

  • whats the point of no hitter if other team gonna give it to you.

  • 1:34 poor greg trying to do his job lol.

  • idk why cashner is all pissy his team is using the switch which is just a cheap in a no hitter as bunting for a hit (unless its a blowout) by that I mean both are fine and equally heinous meaning neither of them are, so grow up

  • I would warch baseball much more if they talked shit to each other, it would be glorious if a pitcher strikes out a batter and belittles him or a batter celebrating a hit and rubbing it in

  • You play to win the game, don't you? To hell with your no-hitter, I'm trying to get on base. If I have to bunt to do that, so be it.

  • The bunt no hitter thing is so dumb. The goal of the offense is to get on base, anyway possible. If the defense can't cover a bunt they can suck it lol.

  • Filthy crooks

  • tf do i care about what the pitcher has going. im going to bunt in the 9th down 10 and smile at you from first lol

  • I saw no "unwritten rules" violated

  • 5th inning, 1-0 game and you put the shift on...i'm bunting down the third base line every time!

  • If we down 2 forget your no hitter im getting on base.


  • Oh look, baseball players are giant pussies.... still. Hilarious that they use the word "Macho" in describing baseball players

  • Who are bigger divas, Pitchers or Wide Receivers?

  • no hitter in the fifth and the pitcher gets upset at a bunt lol

  • "Unbelievably biased announcers" Yeah, cause a pitcher that is ahead in the count 0-2 is purposely going to put the guy on base.

  • If the game is close there’s nothing wrong with bunting for a hit. Infield better be ready for it. If it’s a blowout then bunting to break up a no hitter is shitty imo

  • People mad at a bunt during a no hitter. Bunt is not a guaranteed hit

  • Not the battery's job to preserve the pitcher's no hitter. Pitch better and earn it.

  • Whatever you do, do NOT get a base runner, it's rude.

  • 3:40 I was fine with the other bunts too but this is the one there's the least reason to get mad at easily. It's only the fifth inning in a 1-0 game and the gave him that entire side of the field. If they didn't want him bunting to get on don't play a shift.

  • Imagine one of these pitchers working a real job. "Today at work, I'm going to leave after completing 80% of the job. I've earned it and my boss shouldn't disrespect me like that."

  • These unwritten rules are stupid. By their logic, a pitcher who has a 15-0 no-hitter going in the top of the 8th is entitled to his no-hitter despite not actually completing it. The other team needs to "stop trying and just hand it to him." Fucking stupid.

  • Lmao at Cashner whining. There are few things in baseball more satisfying than seeing a batter beat the shift. But beating the shift to break up a crybaby's no-no? More please.

  • Really? You're mad about getting your "no-hitter" broken up in the 5th inning?

  • Baseball players are idiots. U wanna put on a shift I'll bunt to third base every damn time

  • WOW, baseball has turned into a girls sport with all the whining.

  • BS. bunting is part of baseball. Play defense

  • bunting being frowned upon during a no hitter is some of the dumbest shit ever

  • Dear pitchers, If you aren’t in the lineup, then you’re a coward for throwing at your opponent. Sincerely yours, A pitcher

  • Honestly bunting on a no hitter is fine in my book until the 9th. In the 9th it's a dick move

  • Bro! After watching these videos...I don't ever want to watch baseball. They pitcher threw a 90mph fastball at the hitters head and the announcers are like " I can't see any ill intent"..THE BASE ISNT ON MY HEAD..THROW IT OVER THE BASE MF!!...IM NOT WATCHING BASEBALL.

  • Sorry, Mr. Pitcher sir, but my JOB is to get on-base and try and score runs for MY team, not help you get a perfect game.

  • As a fan of baseball I’m pissed about the bunt on a no hitter being on here. You’re supposed to try to win

  • Baseball is an interesting game, in that sportsmanship is so cherished in some facets of the game yet abandoned in others. I’m really coming to love baseball.

  • I think all pitchers who hit a batter in the face should be ejected immediately, because why the fuck would a batter try to get hit by a pitch ///in the face\\\ on purpose.

  • Waaaaah you ruined my no hitter...babies

  • Lol bunting in the 6th is breaking the unwritten code? Wanna know why it’s unwritten? Because it’s stupid.

  • The one I can’t believe is getting angry at a bunt against the shift. Look take off your shift and I’ll swing away. Take away 1/2 the field and I am bunting every time.