Bread Part 1 | Basics with Babish

Pubblicato il 27 lug 2018
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This week on Basics, I'm teaching you how to make bread. This process takes little more than plain old flour and turns it into something delicious that you can actually eat.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Bread flour
Olive oil
Special Equipment:
KitchenAid mixer with dough hook attachment
Cast iron dutch oven
"Melt" Broke for Free
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  • no kneed bread sounds great and all but i don’t have a cast iron to put it in 🤔

  • What if you have no standing mixer? The kitchenaid or similar stuff cost a shitton

  • anyone have opinions on preheating enameled cast iron? im scarrred

  • And I’m still waiting for a part 2!!!!!!!

  • thanks

  • Dumb question amnesty - I let the dough ferment in the bowl for 12 hours instead of 2, at room temp. Totally switched the two fermenting lengths in this recipe. My question now is, do I need to start over? It still smells like bread dough, with a slight alcohol/vinegary smell.

  • The focaccia looks kinda like a type of bread stick

  • Where is part 2???? Babish???

  • Jajajaj jajajajajaja “don’t be a monster and use a clean towel” 😂😂😂😂

  • We used ficatcha in the restaurant I worked in and we used it for carlick bread olive oil garlic butter on a grill to crisp up best thing iv ever had

  • Where is part two?

  • I made the focaccia, it was amazing, but I also nearly set my kitchen on fire when I made the sleep deprived decision to toast some.

  • Lowkey almost burnt down my house but the bread is good

  • Message of today’s episode..... O L I V E. O I L

  • He must have meant bake for 15 minutes, remove the lid and spray again, then bake another 15 minutes. I baked mine for about 45 minutes before I realized I burnt it to shit. I’ll try again.

  • 2020 sill no part 2

  • Is it 30 minutes or 15 minutes with the lid on? In the video you say 30, but the written instructions on your website say 15. I cooked mine for 30 minutes with the lid, and it came out as dark as your finished loaf in the video. No need to say I didn't put it back for 15 more minutes without the lid.

  • somebody help the American out because I’m getting 6 different measurements trying to convert 400 grams to cups.

    • Roughly 3 &1/8th cups also I know it's a bit of a hassle but for recipes where the measurements actually matter it's better to use grams.

    • That's because there's something like 4 different measurements that cups corresponds too. You're far better off actually measuring by weight than by volume. Far more accurate.

  • 400g of bread flour = 3 and 1/3 cups, for those of us with broken scales

  • Finally made the focaccia and it turned out really well. Definitely oil the pan. Mine scorched just a tad and stuck abut, but mostly fine. Next time, I’ll probably reduce the salt just a touch as that is the only flavoring I’d change. Great recipe

  • I would recommend some level of fermentation so that you can get better bubbles with the bread

  • Ever since I started eating fresh bread the closed-top sandwich has become this taboo topic for me. I only eat open top sandwiches now, I don't know why but doing otherwise feels wrong.

  • When you put the olive oil in the dough I had a sudden flashback to making bread with my mom when I was younger. I could smell it. I felt like the critic from Ratatouille

  • Please do Lembas bread from LOTR!

  • 3:39 No, don't do that... XD

  • I can’t believe I never tried dropping my dough into the dutch oven with parchment paper. I flip the dough into the pot which deflates the entire thing. I’m so glad I watched this video

  • i want to know how to make a tough and chewy bread like papa johns crust


  • Cringing with babish. Why do you insist on using so much plastic wrap? You could cover bread with a dish cloth to the same effect and oiled foccaccia does not need to be covered whatsoever. Still love your content though

  • Part 2?

  • Yo wheres 🅱️read part 2 tho 👀👀

  • Part 2??

  • Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the focaccia from getting too crusty/hard?

  • where the fuck is part two

  • Learning to make my depression bread.

  • Where the fuck is part two??!?!?! I want bread!!!!!

  • Nice, he made olive oil with bread

  • This is a good spring board lesson. I got a bread machine so I can make a quick 1lb loaf when I want one but before I had a bread machine my grandma told me to make a loaf by hand so I got a feel for it, it's a lot of work..but all the work put into it makes the bread taste better imo.

  • I wish someone looked at me the way babish looked at the camera after that bite of bread.

  • Why does no one ever show how to make brown bread?

  • This is the first time I’ve ever seen this show. But you staring into the camera while shoving bread into your face... now that’s worth subscribing.

  • Not gonna lie, still pretty triggered with the lack of a part two haha

  • Part 2!?!?!!?!

  • (Watches an amazing man cook amazing and flavourful food while eating a single slice of buttered bread)

  • Hey Babish may you return to the Bread playlist and make a part 2? I could use some help making healthy whole wheat bread!

  • Me: ... Babish: Holding spoon. Me: Don't you do it... Babish: Tries to eat flour Me: He did it.

  • Bread P2?

  • Hey babish, are you gonna revisit bread? I'm having some trouble making/finding a good recipe for Thanksgiving dinner rolls.

  • 3:38 everyone in the room is questioning their sexuality right now

  • Where is part 2?

  • Bruh I could tell at the start from his giddy facial expressions that he was gonna put that in his mouth r/pornhubcomments

  • did you really put only 1g of yeast? I did that to my recipe and my bread is looking as deflated as my unicorn inflatable after a holiday

  • Still waiting for the second part...

  • I wish my man would look at me the way babbish looks at his camera at 3:42

  • The first people to discover coke must've been like 0:14

  • not one of his recipes turns out good at home after following the show for awhile and trying to cook along and i follow to the letter with the cooking

  • him eating the flour got a like from me

  • Please do another episode with kneaded bread recipes! I need help from the master known as Babish the binger.

  • Where’s Bread pt2?

  • ok but where's part 2