Bray Wyatt returns and attacks Finn Bálor: Raw, July 15, 2019

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Bray Wyatt has left the “Firefly Fun House” to introduce Finn Bálor to all his new friends … including “The Fiend.”
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  • e ovog lika ljudi sam doslovno sanjao pred očima

  • Who else has watched this for the 100th time !!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Corey: This man is going to terrorize WWE Undertaker: Am I a joke to you?

  • i died laughing luks like some pakistani horror show wtf wwe

  • the end of pg era

  • lmao I thought it was the rock, no joke

    • The fiend did it for the rock, He did it for the people

  • My name is bray lol

  • Okay, so here's my fantasy booking of "The Fiend" Continue to keep the matches as an attraction at PPVS only etc. Promos can still be cut in firefly fun house vignettes, 'signs' can be left, indicating who the next victim will be, or wrestlers simply 'punished' and put into a match with the Fiend. To emphasize the importance and impact of the character, make them one match and done feuds for now. Have him wrestle talent who can be written off tv, such as injured talent that need time away or ones who's contract's are expiring and will be leaving the company anyway. Each match, have the Fiend walk out with a head lantern of the previous fallen victim to intimidate the opponent. At Survivor Series, Luke Harper would be a great story build as a former ally attempting to stop the Fiend's warpath. (contract up, write him out) Alister Black built as the next opponent for The Fiend to tease a tweener role. Black asks for someone to knock on his door only to hear "Let me in!" Before the match happens, Black to gets into a match with Goldberg, which results in a firefly fun house promo from Bray politely warning Goldberg that the Black belongs to the Fiend now and not to get in his way. This leads to a Goldberg Vs Fiend match at Royal Rumble. The finish of the match would be when distracted by his schizophrenic Bray/Fiend spot, Goldberg spears & Jackhammers him, but the Fiend spider walks up out of the jack Jackhammer pin, again solidifying the power of the character. Goldberg goes for another Jackhammer, front facelock, throws the Fiends arm up to go over his shoulder but gets a mandible claw instead. Fiend wins, Goldberg can retire. On a show following this, Bray cuts a vignette on Black again, saying the Fiend hasn't forgotten about him and is very angry. Bray references how Black think's he's living in the underworld, he's the dark side, he's evil etc, but that's nothing compared the Fiend who is the true demon and personification of hell in the WWE, only to get interrupted by Kane's pyro. This sets up a retirement match with Kane. Hall of fame induction to follow. The retirement of Kane would enter the Fiend in a feud with the Undertaker in time for Wrestlemania. At this time, the match with Black still won't have happened but will allow potentially for a 3 way match at Wrestlemania to protect the Undertaker's declining ability's or still allow for a match with Black after Wrestlemania, automatically elevating Black as he has been associated with this huge push, building suspense for months. Fiend Vs Black, 6 month build, 2 new main event stars.

  • I'm a grown man and that mask is legitimately scary.

  • I hate WWE nowadays and much prefer other companies, but I have to admit, The Fiend is easily the creepiest thing in wrestling right now.


  • Fake fight Hoti hai WWE me

  • Bray Wyatt the fiend

  • Song svp qui sifflent

  • Bray is so crazy

  • If we book him right he might be the next Kane. I'm not kidding

  • Love the corny haunted house carnival sound effects as the lights go down. An easy to miss detail, but fits the character perfectly.


  • anyone else getting goosebumps?

  • Everyone is saying how much they love this new version of Bray, and I just don't get it.

    • Becuase you dont understand deep characters

  • 👹💀👌

  • what's with the camera angles? I didn't even see what the hell he did to him

  • estoi sique fue raro es un demonio

  • Rn its 12 am and i better not get nightmares. And i like the new look

  • Great packaging and even on the ring, despite the brief match, some signs of an improved and coherent moveset. The problem now is gonna be the same we have with every monster heel: the management. He could even win the first matches by overpowering his opponents, but then we're gonna need something different. And the other problem: the extra-ring - promos and interaction with the other characters. The Firefly Funhouse version on Bray should continue, in order to underline his double nature, but at the same time we need to hear The Fiend talking and doing something. If WWE will be capable of giving a depth to Wyatt, it's gonna be great. Otherwise there is the risk of having just a caricature.

  • let's zoom in so much you can't even see what he does. WWE is becoming a parody with its camera work.

  • 0:06 0:07

  • It’s the Fiend and Bray Wyatt

  • Anyone else keep watching this over and over?

  • bray wyatt vs finn balor

  • Good acting

  • The most anticipated wwe debut ever!

  • Roman Reigns will kick Eric Rowan butt this Sunday night

  • It's Bray Wyatt. Follow the buzzards

  • It won’t be to long before Wyatt faces the undertaker again

  • Sister Abigail vs Finn balor was mentioned to happen two years ago....two years in the making this SHOUD be good

  • Wyatt legacy was destroyed in summerslam two years ago by Finn after that he become a joke now he is back from where he legt

  • Summerslam two years agoo Finn beated Wyatt and made him a joke,now Wyatt it’s back to business and ready to destroy Finn,and take what is his

  • Face Owens vs bray Wyatt

  • Im watching this over and over again this is masterpiece

  • fudging michael cole i swear.. ruins amazing segments like this with his annoying af voice

  • Dun that man lookin' Ugly to be honest.

  • He needs to have the fiend gimmick in AEW.

  • Das ist sowas von Kindergarten 😂😂

    • @Anti Clockwise Naja, die letzten Wochen gehen sie glücklicherweise etwas aus diesem PG scheiß raus. Hoffe, das behält sich auch bei. Ich mein, wenn sie mit AEW mithalten wollen, müssen sie echt was tun. Und nein, ich bin kein kleiner AEW Fanboy und WWE Hater. ^^ Aber deine Meinung kann ich einigermaßen nachvollziehen :P

    • @Leon L Jackson Ich schaue WWE >Jahre nicht mehr an .. weil es nur noch Kinder kacke ist ... aber dieses Video wurde mir empfohlen

    • Dann schau es nicht. ^^

  • Hurt It (Pun Intended) By: The Sins (Lead Singer: The Fiend) Album: LET ME IN Release Year: 2019 Genre: Rock Duration: 2:38 Inspired By: Whip It Glove that throat Give the rabbit a smash Sister Abby Finn Turn cardboard into trash When a legend comes along You must glove him Before Rabbit exposes the FunHouse You must smash him When something's going wrong You must chainsaw it Now hurt it Into shape Shape it up Get straight Go forward Move ahead Try to hurt it It's not too late To hurt it Hurt it good When someone won't let you in You must glove him When Finn's afraid of clowns You must Abigail him No one gets away They all get hurt I say hurt it Into shape Shape it up Get straight Go forward Move ahead Try to hurt it It's not too late To hurt it Hurt it good Glove that throat Give the rabbit a smash Sister Abby Finn Turn cardboard into trash When a legend comes along You must glove him Before Rabbit exposes the FunHouse You must smash him When something's going wrong You must chainsaw it Now hurt it Into shape Shape it up Get straight Go forward Move ahead Try to hurt it It's not too late To hurt it Hurt it good

  • Bray wyatt was one of the first wrestlers i ever saw and i was amazed i loved his overall vibe of mental problems and psychotic mind set i loved him and since then he has shaped the way i see people and how I look at them

  • He mane trdh

  • The next undertaker

  • I cannot comprehend how bad the commentary was in this. JR would of got him over instantly

    • IKR. There's no sense of surprise there at all. They know exactly who it is and what he's here to do. JR never gave away that he knew what was going on, so felt more like us. These guys kill the mood instantly

  • The Demon will unleash H***


  • Who else likes hes laughter

  • Bray wyatt should end summerslam with a sister Abigail on paul Heyman after brock wins and have brock on the outside looking shook as bray plants paul with Abigail and use it as a storyline throughout the year to kinda intimidate brock and paul Heyman and tease a beast vs fiend match at wrestlemania next year lmao firefly fun house segments with paul and brock spontaneously happening only when brock shows up no matter who he faces up until wrestlemania.

    • You've got something here. I like it

  • Maybe I'm just being nitpicky... but one thing about the mask I would change... Put some black mesh on the inside of the mouth to hide Bray's mouth... it looks kinda silly seeing him making weird faces with his lips underneath the mask 😂😂😂 Like I said, maybe I'm just being a little nitpicky, but that's just me But other than that, The Fiend is PERFECT... cant wait to see what they do with him

    • @Zascrim LMAO I have no idea why that even caught my attention, but it's just weird to me LMAOOOOO I was literally looking at the masks teeth like "Damn that mask is crazy creepy" then I noticed his mouth inside the mask and I was like "Wtf is he doing with his mouth?" 😂😂😂😂😂 I say just attach some mesh that will completely hide his face, but still enable him to breath

    • That's actually understandable. I was thinking about it too!

  • Please WWe donot ruin this ..He could be a legend who could make wwe again interesting to watch

  • Demon balor vs bray wyatt

  • Bray Wyatt or Kane ?

  • Bray Wyatt scares me more than Kane 😯🔥

  • I always knew that there was something REALLY unsettling about his new gimmick.

  • That face is scary af

  • SummerSlam '17 Alllllllllll Over Again and this time The Roles are REVERSED!

  • Jim Ross would have sold this moment so much better .

  • Bray Wyatt Vs Kane *Dream Match*

  • « Terrorize » I hope they mean it this time Cuz the only terror we had from that man was watching him ate more clean pinfalls losses than Cher Hawkins

  • Woulda Been Better If This Was Braun Strowmans Gimmick He'll Be Alot Scarier Because He's Big

  • PG Kids it’s alright don’t be scared he won’t be under your bed at night

  • The Feind is the man in the woods and the man in the woods is Bray Wyatt. That should be the scary part.

  • Just tell me he's going to use Unsainted by Slipknot as his new theme song...

  • that noise sucks when lights off

  • Please wwe...... your entire fan base is BEGGING you to push Bray correctly this time and make him as huge as he SHOULD be. Please change and actually listen to us.

  • Can cole just shut his mouth during the blackout! let the fiend do the thing!

  • What is this? That guy is a happy go lucky and then all of a suddenly he is wearing terrifying horryfying monstrosodus mask, that is the scariest mask in the history of the WWE. This is really odd, creepy and scary..

  • OMG! His mask, sound and lighting effect!!! I'm getting goosebumps!

  • Whatever he does on his look finally he is bray who doesnt know to fight lolll

  • JR would've done a better job getting ppl excited. That "hype up" by Cole and Graves was damn weak...

  • My reaction to this is still the same as when I first saw it on Raw. 😮😱💯

  • Wwe needs more gimmicks

  • This was really yowiee wowiee

  • Is very scary then a boogeyman

  • The absolute GREATEST gimmicks in WWE since Kane in 1997. Legitimately Horrifying Character that has a Unique Story AND Has the BEST in the Buisnes today under the mask in Bray Wyatt. This Character has Unlimited Potential and Has 💸💸💸💸 written ALL OVER IT. If WWE Book The Fiend Bray Wyatt wrong and screw it up, then I will 100% STOP watching for good. UNFILTERED UNAPOLOGETIC TRUTH🕇🇺🇸