Bray Wyatt returns and attacks Finn Bálor: Raw, July 15, 2019

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Bray Wyatt has left the “Firefly Fun House” to introduce Finn Bálor to all his new friends … including “The Fiend.”
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  • Brey wayat vs Brock Lasner that is my dream match..

  • I hate the fiend

  • Finn Balor dark attire looks amazing not the stupid demon attire

  • Bray Wyatt appeared on my birthday BEST GIFT EVER!!!!

  • Omg

  • The Fiend , Devil With Him !

  • 😲😲😲

  • eu amo wwe sou do brasil

  • Sister abigail and the fiend

  • And in this Moment is bray a universal champion

  • It is not scary it is funny his mask is just like a joker


  • Idk why, but I find the screaming effect when The Fiend is shown so genuinely cool for some reason 😅

  • Who is here after "fiend attack " to daniel bryan..

  • خراا

  • No one can stop bray wyatt

  • That pop still gives me goosebumps.

  • From jobber to superstar

  • Bray Wyatt is the new universal champion

  • This is why Finn turned heel Bray got in his head

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Who's here after the fiend won the universal championship last night ?

  • Who's here after the fiend won the title at crown jewel

  • The New Universal Champion dammit!!!!

  • Demon vs Fiend WrestleMania!

  • The fiend should be the face of wwe he must be the face of wwe

  • 3 months. How far has WWE botched this.

  • I think the fiendBray Wyatt hates Finn Balor

  • The most deserving candidate to break taker's streak.. WWE have made such a bad decision I tell you

    • @Reaper IOS Alright. 1. Bray has a supernatural element to his character (stated above). He's no mere mortal. 2. The fans generally have a strong connection to Bray's character and the person behind it (Windham). It's a very rare connection, one that is deep and very meaningful. That's because he's understanding of a lot of things that surround our everyday lives. 3. Bray's gimmick takes human nature as well as it's 'light' and 'darkness' to a whole new level that not even 'Taker and Kane have taken it. Behind everything he does, he has a deeper message that has to do with society's norms and how they can conflict with human nature. 4. Bray is charismatic. This also helps in terms of connecting to the audience. 5. Bray has the ability to change an atmosphere in a similar way to 'Taker and Kane. Even though they way that they do this is similar, they are all completely different. They are respectively unique. 6. Bray has a story behind him. It adds mystery to his character in a similar way to 'Taker and Kane. 7. Bray's in-ring work almost always tells a story. It's a slow, methodical pace similar to, yet very different from, 'Taker. It's a part of the deeper message point that I stated above. I personally love it, but that's my opinion. 8. Bray IS his character... or his character IS a big part of Bray's personality. Only very few details may be slightly exaggerated, however, Bray Wyatt is a part of Windham. 9. Bray's character has the ability to last a LONG time, similar to 'Taker's/Kane's character. The mysteries surrounding it and his methods all add up to this point. 10. The Streak was ultimately a story of The Deadman's undying persistence and perseverance. Bray also share those qualities. No matter how much you try to put these two down, they just get up and keep coming back. 11. It would've helped establish Bray as the New Face of Fear; the one and only Bray Wyatt. 12. Overall, he's one of the only ones to keep the portrayal of the dark element in wrestling, and life in general, going. 13. Especially with his current character, it's actually believable if he were to do so (if it existed in this form when The Streak was still intact). 14. It would have added to both 'Taker's and Bray's respective characters instead of just Bray taking from The Deadman. This was one of the problems I had when Brock and Roman beat him; it seemed like they just took from 'Taker and they never really added a deeper layer to his character. Though, they did add to his story. 15. Bray is one of very few people that can change/evolve with his character. Similar to The Deadman. I have some more, however, I just noticed that this is very long (sorry!). But alas, these are some of the reasons why I think Bray would've been the best candidate to Beat The Streak.

    • @Reaper IOS his reasons for bray is same as mine... Lesnar will always be my 2nd choice (no intention of pleasing you) becoz he was a ncaa and ufc champion + taker respects and acknowledges him as his rival too.. you are wrongly assuming that we wanted bray to break takers streak at wm 30..maybe wm 33 or 34 would hv been good time .there would have been enough time for developing heat between taker and wyatt.. and also i remember the feud between taker and lesnar in early 2000s.. there were always atleast minor interference of paul heyman.. undertaker defeated both lesnar and big show on smackdown multiple times in same night... Also brock was already given enough push after notably dismantling cena, triple h and many more..(lately goldberg too)...lesnars bare fist and kimura lock brutality was already portrayed powerfully enough..... peace

    • @Samden Sherpa I never responded to you XD (sorry!) No problem at all!

    • @Reaper IOS But anyways, are those your reasons? Or are there more? I'm just interested, that's why I ask.

    • @Reaper IOS Wait, what? I said he's been putting over Lesnar since the 2000s, not losing. Though he's lost clean to Lesnar plenty of times, he's had victories over Lesnar (most of them DQ, but still wins nonetheless). I know about SummerSlam as well, but that wasn't my point. Putting someone over=making said person look good. 'Taker has done that for Lesnar many, many times (even in the SummerSlam match you mentioned as well as their Hell in a Cell match).

  • no

  • The fiend came under the ring 0 : 24

  • Finn said back in 2017 that he would be ready for whenever Bray attacked him...


  • Who is here after that Hell in a Cell disaster

    • Preach

    • Me. That end put such a damper on what was a pretty good match/story. That end was objectively horrible. WWE creative/Vince pretty much exposed themselves.

  • The fiendwyatt


  • Брей лаят не струва

  • This was in july 15. My birthday is on july 15.

  • Anyone else here after NXT?

  • He Can Never Be Like The Undertaker And Kane ( Impossible )

  • When did he change?

  • What's his music's name in background. Should keep that as his entrance theme

  • The Camera man deserves to be Champion

  • Thats right babie! Yowiwe wowie!

  • Making us of a potential jobber What happens to Bray after this storyline gets boring personally I find it stupid but then again at this point he will take anything it’s called alimony payments Lol

  • When it was time to push him they fed him to the 51 year old Undertaker. I hope he succeeds in this new gimmick.


  • bray wyatt disgustinggg ,devil is youuuu,,go to hell since the hell fits you . disgusting mask i hate you from the deep of my heart really think that you are the hero bray wyatt you are nothinggg and u don't know fighting. you look like a 👹

  • The era of the fiend

  • Gozo mi vida al que me molesta

  • It's awesome how Bray has the Firefly character and the Fiend altar ego, right up there with faces of Foley might be better

  • Go vs the demon

  • Now..let finn balor unleash the demon king, i wanna see them fight

  • Just watched again. Goosebumps. Moment of 2019 (so far). Easy.

    • hope the Fiend win The Universal champion at hell in a cell that would be Awesome

  • WWE edited this so bad. I'm grateful for your copy.

  • This man goes to destroy wwe

  • Man... *Bray* looks badass 🔥

  • Delete his social media.. so people can take him seriously

    • That's actually a good idea but it's 2019 and pretty much everyone knows how wrestling works so for Bray to delete his social media is a little off

  • Icon is back

  • Only one baby face that can beat him. Ricochet. Look at what he does so well in the ring

  • Soon as the lights went out, I already knew it was Bray. I was so happy but was like ohhh no.