Brawl News! | New Brawler Buffy & Graveyard Environment?! | Halloween Update!?

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2019
Brawl News: Halloween Update Coming Soon?! | KairosTime
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Today we're going to piece some discoveries about the Brawl Stars world together with the latest episode of Brawl News! We'll talk about the possibility of a vampire-like Brawler named buffy, a Brawl-o-ween event, as well as a possible graveyard environment coming to Brawl Stars!
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  • For credit to all of the artists who helped with this video, check the description! Subscribe for OFFICIAL NEWS ► What are YOU hoping for this Halloween update?!

    • A new brawler

    • Mortis: I'm the bringing of bats not the doer of dishes.


    • but it cant be rare epik legendary or superrare or trophi road it can be just mystick we found out with my fryend that supercell probably at start of brawl stars want just 3 brawlers of every rarity(exept trophiroads and superrare) but after some times they want 4 brawlers of every rarity look:they add rosa ,bibi, sandy, every of this brawlers colect tge fourth brawler in every rarity but... what abaut mystic?

  • Ktoś z polski

  • Emz:am i a joke to you

  • I just love going back to these Halloween brawl stars theory videos and laughing knowing that they have it wrong.

  • Werewolf Nita? i think you just missed it.

  • Not

  • Emz:I'm about to end this woman whole career

  • EMZ left the chat

  • 6:54 *it exists¨ Rule 34: welll everyone in this moment know and will know what im going to do

  • KariosTime: hmm what about werewolf nita? Supercell:hmm let me think.... NEW UPDATE!!! WEREWOLF *LEON*

  • 3:52 the garbage is that a gravestone or just a garbage.

  • Why do you always guess such idiotic brawlers which are literally never going to come in game. Can't you stupid man just wait for the update

  • how is tick a pirate

  • 응 다틀렸고~~

  • Where is buffy in the new update?

  • So, no one will point out that poco is also in the undead group as well as the mexican group?

  • you forgot about the animal hoodie brawlers: nita, bo, and leon

  • Are we going from skins being something to collect to now a overflow of skins? At least make the sp ones higher. Golden bo and crow seemed impossible at first but people adapted hittjng rank 35 etc now giving away sp and people sho grinded wasnt worth it. AND no i dont own one or try for one but imagine I would feel shitty. Maybe have diff colors for diff ones idk

  • I really hope that concept art gets used because it’s bloody awesome

  • When is the update with the new brawler?

  • Who is Buffy new brawler is Emz

  • U were right with warewolf but it turned out to be Leon😂

  • lol bruh this news like very important

  • Not BUFFY!

  • Stupid feis

  • Who the hell is Buffy? It's EMZ.

  • Stupidule

  • Emz: Am i a joke to u?

  • Fake news

  • Please

  • Gems gratis

  • Your brawler will never come you idiot🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


  • hi Cara Simon

  • Not buffy but emz lol

  • Who is Karis Diamond???

  • Sorry Kairos, Enz was better than Buffy

  • Emz

  • I m love braver stars

  • Well done

  • Join the clan Austria™

  • If you turn on captions in to start, it says “Berle News.” I guess it’s Berle Stars.

  • Such cringe

  • Фуууу плогивт лайна фуууу

  • What if buffys super lowered her health but made an area of bats around her that healed her teammates and shot out but only did damage after shooting

  • Kairos brings the most credible brawl news, even better than brawl talk ;)

  • Hearthstone use to do this. If you look up disguised toast and look for him guessing the next expansions this is the technique that he used.

  • These skins etc are fake i seen alot in insta itsade by someone :/ but for bralwer idk (nvm i take my word)

  • The brawl news guy looks like he is having a midlife crisis

  • 9:12 can’t go I have exams

  • Everyone:YO IS THIS LEGIT A NEW BRAWLER??????? Twitter Artist:If this is real we going to ruin her.


  • what if buffy super turns her into a bat that can fly around and drain health

  • Videos just keep getting more ridiculous and cringy

  • Brawloween

  • Pams skin should be the turret as a pumpkin that says in quotes"Trick or treat" on top and she should have a machine that shoots candy



  • There better be a ghost buster pam skin or imma be real mad

  • What brawlers dont have skins?