Bonus Binging with Babish: A Quiet Place

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2018
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John Krasinski's home-run thriller did much more than finally separate him in my mind from his character on The Office - it established him as a true leading man, a talented director, and owner of one of the handsomest beards in Hollywood. Whisper along this week as answer the question: can food be prepared both quietly AND deliciously?
Music: "unna" by Broke for Free
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  • Wait, why do you have to descale the fish if you're just going to skin it in the end anyway?

  • *proceeds to peel the skin off the fish Me: My disappointment is immesurable, and my day is ruined

  • Missed the chance to do some ASMR.

  • is wine vinegar considered alcoholic? im muslim and i plan on asking my dad to make this one day for me

  • >$900 headphones holy guac, no thanks.

  • I lived in central newyork

  • I thought the thumbnail was candy haha

  • I made my entire family dinner based on this recipe.

  • He didn’t thumbnail out the bloodline of the fish. What a rookie

  • aeugh

  • -testing-

  • I want those head phones but I can’t afford them

  • I'm so glad this video has subtitles because now I can mute it to really get that Quiet Place aesthetic

  • is it me or did i see the decibal meter go to 87.9 when snipping the fishes fins timestamp:1:12

  • Watching him gut that trout made me cringe.

  • bro i thought you were going to make this whole video silent and dead ass watched half of it without volume turns out i just had my volume on mute

  • why didn’t they just put those on the monsters

  • Iv never seen the movie he’s talking about but this shit is lit lol


  • My name is Sawyer too.

  • a quiet food sponsored by loud headphones.. nice

  • You should've did this with closed captioning and no sound lol

  • Can you make something from 'chowder'

  • Is Sawyer your boyfriend?

  • You forgot to soundproof yourself

  • this episode was better than the movie

  • That is one of the best integrations of brand sponsorship into regular IT-tvs content I've ever seen. Well done!

  • I have headphones like those but they aren’t wireless charging but they are wireless

    • Louise Belcher what

  • *cries in ‘I’m terrified of animal blood’* wHhhHhYyyYyYy

  • Where is Rashid😱

  • Me: I want to cook like Babish. Also Me: MAKES A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH

  • fish are friends not food

  • You left the blood line in the trout? ROOKIE

  • I love how Babish makes the food from movies and TV shows and I love how he narrates his videos

  • Heavy like video, but why No SANDVICH!!! HEAVY Need Sandvich.

  • There’s an easier simpler way to gut a trout😩 that one was painful

  • Raiding with Babish

  • Wouldn’t it be great if he spoke in sign language

  • best film of 2018

  • And then the hands became part of the clean arms club

  • This had so much potential to be a real asmr video

  • This looks delicious

  • I skipped the gross part

  • You forgot to clean the blood line

  • Was I the only one constantly staring at the decibel meter?

  • this looks so fucking good

  • Can't even see the fucking screen come nigga tf you doin

  • Who’s watching this in 2020 and can’t wait for A Quiet Place Part 2

  • missed a perfect opportunity for binging with babish: asmr

  • Can I see that bile spilled there? It will not be edible ....

  • You should've had the whole video be silent, and communicate the steps and ingredients through text on the screen

  • Rainbow trout was the first fish my dad showed me how to clean.

  • It’s called the quiet dinner

  • *_Im disappointed we hear sounds_*

  • Babish. Darling, not everyone is as filthy rich as you and can afford these kinds of headphones.

  • Playing music in the background is ironic for the circumstance

  • Would have been 10x better if he did this in sign language

  • Wait did you forget to take that fish's black and bloody kidney out? I wonder if it makes it more fishy than normal. The bloodline or lateral line gets pretty fishy tasting like rancid fat.

  • K O S H E R S A L T

  • I’d unhinge my jaw and slide the whole leaf into my mouth