Bonus Binging with Babish: A Quiet Place

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2018
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John Krasinski's home-run thriller did much more than finally separate him in my mind from his character on The Office - it established him as a true leading man, a talented director, and owner of one of the handsomest beards in Hollywood. Whisper along this week as answer the question: can food be prepared both quietly AND deliciously?
Music: "unna" by Broke for Free
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  • the clean hands club is the premium club because its so good you just dig in

  • He’s wearing a hat inside. Wow Sawyer.

  • 80 decibels is really damn loud. Like, vacuum cleaner on full blast, traffic right outside loud.

  • You should have had no background music and whispered the steps and left the noise from your cooking to fully be a quite place

  • The background music is pretty loud, kinda distracts from the talking

  • Tbh I’m very clumsy and really noisy So I’d die within a week

  • Shhhhhh careful your making noise

  • nine out of ten times this is pure happiness. you always fucking rock.

  • Is sawyer andrews friend or brother?

  • Why didn’t the family use paper plates

    • You'd have to constantly find more cause any food left on it would get mouldy. Finding more would spend energy finding more paper plates that would be better spent on finding food and other supplies

  • Those headphones are $600! That's more than I paid for my first car... And I'm only 30.

  • I would fall asleep to this but I’ve been up all night so if I did I would wake up till like 2:00 pm

  • I was really hoping this video would be all quiet

  • Do oswald cobblepots roast from gotham 😂

  • Roasted smoked garlic: *exists* Babish: This is some serious gourmet shit.

  • Watched the entire thing with my speakers turned off before realising video wasn't intentionally silent.

  • I would buy the Dolby dimension headphones if it weren't for the fact that they are *800 FRICKEN DOLLARS!!!!!*

  • They filmed most of the quiet place in little falls new York. On main street. I live there and have lived there my whole life.

  • I gotta get this headphones for my Mom

  • I made mine with both lemon juice and vinegar, the vinegar was better

  • Not... how I learned... to clean a fish.

  • I love a good conservative film.

  • You certainly can cook better than I ever will, but I died a little inside watching you gut that fish, you popped the gall bladder and didnt even remove the blood line. Also if you cut it butt to gills you can pull everything out, including the gills in one pull. Use your thumb to push out the bloodline against the spine and wash it clean.

  • Banish Can eat roasted garlic with a spoon. But it's next level compared to smoked roasted garlic

  • 5:52 - And then the hands became- Wait a second, Babish nooooo!

  • 5:00 - *FATALITY*

  • I want to make this for my family. How much lemon juice should I add to the dressing?

  • He lowkey looks like ryan renolds🤣

  • Phill the flex tape guy

  • I was watching frasier when i clicked on this video. We are forever bonded in space and time. 😄

  • what im jealous about bald people is that they dont need to worry about headphone hair. its annoying, especially when ive used hair product to have it go up, only to get mushed by those dreaded headphones

  • a quiet meal from a quiet place created by a man who just wants to live a quiet live. ah, what a beautiful duwang.

  • what do you charge for being your room mate? I bet you could make a killing.


  • "I thought I heard fish" 🤣😂😅🤣😂😂😆😅😅😆😆😂🤣😂😂😂😆😆🤣😆🤣😂😅😂🤣🤣😅😅😂🤣😅😆😆😂😅😅😅🤣🤣😆😅🤣🤣😅😆🤣😂😂😅😆🤣🤣

  • He could have just filleted the fish

  • has anyone tried making this?

  • For an apocalypse meal, still looks really good.

  • Why not just eat it like a taco instead

  • You can make mozzarella to go with that salad out of powdered milk

  • Never took the poop out of the fish..

  • That fire place is solid bro

  • *_how do you hear fish_*

  • Sorry 600 dollars for a pear of headphones

  • Ok this sounds super stupid or whatever but what if the characters just lived behind the waterfall? Like there’s plenty of water and fish...

  • 4:17 I’m disgusted

  • now i want to get those headphones

  • He has a Herman Miller $4000 lounge chair

  • should’ve done asmr

  • You need a proper fish cleaning knife, makes the job of cleaning a fish so much faster and easier.

  • I’m disappointed in your lack of fish cleaning knowledge

  • You are as douchey and boring as Frasier.

  • The first bone snap got above 87 decibels. You would die within 5 seconds of cooking in the movie.

  • fudgepacking with babish

  • 1:14 😭😳ngl sorta me😭😭😭😭🥒🥒🥒

  • stealth: *100*

  • I'll never forgive Krasinski for casting the world's most adorable little boy for the opening scenes.

  • Let’s also assume they have a macdoanlds

  • Use your thumb nail to scrape and remove the bloodline inside the cavity of the fish. You will reduce the “fishiness” of the meat. That stuff is nasty and should always be removed.