Bonsai demo by Danny Use

Pubblicato il 25 dic 2018
Danny Use did this Bonsai demonstration at the European Bonsai San show in Saulieu, 2018.
Music by Aydio


  • It is amazing! This bonsai has artistic ability to destroy the concept of the front.

  • So now that we have aquaponics finally gaining traction, I think it's time that bonsai enthusiasts and aquarists start mating and making epic crossover babies.

  • My OCD is going crazy. To much is going on in one bonsai pot.

  • Ini kalo di indonesia gaya apa ya namanya...? Asli hasile keren bgt😎🖒

  • Merry Christmas Oscar love the vid!

  • it will survives? Please post after few months, Curious to see how it will be look.

  • La roccia è molto bella, dinamica e slanciata. Anche il ginepro accostato e abimente lavorato in precedenza dà come impatto un bellissimo effetto. Trovo invece l'accostamento delle piantine alla base della pietra "troppo voluminose" rispetto alla leggerezza della pianta e della stessa pietra. Poco male, si può sempre ridurne il volume!

  • Wow super work.

  • Субтитри пишіть.

  • Waaww.... amazing From Indonesia

  • What a daring and courageous project, particularly in front of an audience. And he's not even sweating!

  • That's certainly different.

  • Ketekunannya mengagumkan

  • takie ładne było ,ale koleś musiał dodać gówniany dół ,i przesadził!

  • Wowed 😲

  • Precioso trabajo de Danny Use!!!!! Feliz año nuevo bonsái empire!!!!!

  • Amazing

  • Mind blowing