Bodybuilders try the NFL Combine Fitness Test without practice

Pubblicato il 4 dic 2019
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Bodybuilders try the NFL Combine Fitness Test without practice
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  • camera man killed it

  • 4.52 I get Matt is pretty fast, but it was hand-timed

  • 2:10 who else thought he was really finna bring out tom brady

  • You guys should do the Murph workout from CrossFit.

  • I love the chemistry’s 🔥 👬 they should made an a booty challenge

  • Bench press test is an explosive test. Mike messed up by going So slow

  • Brady quinn did 25 reps as a QB

  • football soccer cleats...

  • Err, beg to differ. The last drill (13.01) was a DQ for not making it through the conned finish gate - out of bounds! 😏

  • matt, your elbows didnt go much straighter than 90 degrees. you woudlve gotten kicked from the combine.

  • The shuttle and L drill were done completely wrong lol

  • Are you guys gay are something

  • Y'all need to go to an actual NFL practice and see who taps first. I got faith in you dudes...but I also wanna see y'all take hits

  • Do the police fitness test, it requires you to get pepper sprayed

  • Mikes reps on bench press were wayyy cleaner, he actually locked

  • Is this dude gay?........

  • guy who did bench should do it properly

  • How about russian Spetsnaz training course?

  • Stepped out of bounds DQ

  • There are NFL Wr's bigger than these jokesters

  • Small ass bodybuilders

  • I’m a sophomore that can’t do more reps and more weight than him 😂😂football ain’t that easy

  • Increase athleticism, stamina and speed. Then both of y’all could pass for a decent/good Middle Linebacker in the NFL

  • "Bodybuilders"


  • 0:53 YEAH FUCKIN SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There 20 yard shuttles they didn't even run through all the way lol

  • Y’all gay?

  • 4.52, that’s probably around a 4.7 in the normal combine, but still flying

  • In the combine they let you bounce the bar so you both handy capped your bench. Most of your measurables were way too low to be draftable. Short shuttle wants as close to 4S. Equal or lower than 4s is elite level. three cone should be as close to 7S. Equal or lower is elite level. 40 time is body comp dependant: For your sizes you really are targeting 4.5S to 4.8S(assuming your both 182.88cm + and 90kg+). Anything under 4.5 is considered elite speed for your size. Those are the measurements that matter. All the rest are just context builders as it relates to football skill for your agility, endurance, and strength.

  • Not sure why this was in my recommendations but at what point do the bodybuilders get on?

  • Bench like 5 for both of them. They were lckng out towards the end

  • Gotta stick the landing in the broad jump. Those didn’t count

  • WHY is this surprising? Body builders are typically in terrible physical shape... they just have muscles! Most don't even have an ounce of athleticism in them either.

  • You got like 7 reps you butt cannot come up from the bench and lockout rarely everyone of michales counted

  • AFL is waaaay more hazardous than NFL. And they do it in short shorts and tank tops

  • bodybuilders would get destroyed they aren't real athletes

    • David Kinsel you are ignorant if you think so, every nfl player is basically a body builder with their lifting, idk why you have to degrade them and say they aren’t real athletes, they are doing things with their body that you will never accomplish

  • try a real NFL camp

  • Lock out????

  • they would be majorly disappointed if they actually did the combine.

  • Boxing workout next 🥊

  • Go up against george kittle.

  • dude hit a 4.52 what?!

  • Adding the perfs from a basic 6 rounder in the NFL Draft for comparison would have been sweet.

  • The plates are 20kg not 25kg lol

  • Please do a rugby fitness test

  • @MattDoesFitness If you get the required likes, do the Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Forces Aptitude test. It consists of (in the order as written): - 2.8 kilometer run under 12 minutes - 40 push-ups under 2 minutes - 60 sit-ups under 2 minutes - 50 body weight squats under 2 minutes - 8 pull-ups, no time limit - 10 kilometer run under 45 minutes - 10 kilometer battle run with 15KG pack, no water under 60 minutes - 2 kilometer swim - 10 kilometer kayaking - 30 kilometer march with 35KG pack - 4 kilometer swim - 20 kilometer kayaking Best of luck if this gets the most likes guys!

  • Hi... love your fitness test videos!! They’re so great... for your next fitness challenge... what about the UK police force fitness test??

  • It would have been cool to include the average results by position for comparison purposes

  • Ok look I’m no expert but that form on the first guy was absolute shit from what it looked like to me, is that the form official nfl players use?

  • 4.52; 27 reps and a 9'9'' that is actually pretty damn solid.

    • sean jaszczur 24 reps is really good for a linebacker

    • @Seb Hub its def good but the shuttle and 3 cone times kill it all

    • @sean jaszczur its def good. but the 8.18 3 cone kills it all

    • @sean jaszczur ok want to see you doing that, can link me to the video then :)

    • Seb Hub it’s not good lol

  • Should try the MLB and NBA combines.

  • the stance at the beginning of the shuttle and the turning when changing direction irks me lmao. Shit's been hammered in my brain that turning slows you down alot

  • The kent falcons captain is a andrew schulz look alike damn

  • Big up Falcons and uni of Kent

  • Gay friend guys are so funny =D

  • I counted only 4 on the first guys bench didn't know we counted half lock out reps

  • I was waiting for this one.. Thanx Fellas

  • Captain falcon!

  • On the broad jump you gotta land it