Bob Arum devastated to learn of Patrick Day’s death | First Take

Pubblicato il 17 ott 2019
Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum joins First Take and shares his thoughts on the death of junior middleweight Patrick Day, who died of a brain injury following his most recent fight against Charles Conwell. (3:11) Arum also previews the upcoming fight between Artur Beterbiev and Oleksandr Gvozdyk.
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  • So we just ignore the fact this is manslaughter orrrr...

  • where’s Stephen A to roast him

  • I agree with same day weigh ins. Theres no reason for fighters to be cutting 30-40 pounds to make a weight class. Shouldnt Have to cut more than 15 pounds from walk around weight.

  • Sad to hear a young man gone like this RIP

  • People getting paid to run their filthy sinful gossiping opinionated mouths, VERSUS those who fight risking their lives in the arenas of America-Rome. This world STINKS REEKS of WICKEDNESS

  • RIP

  • bare knukle is safer

  • R.i.p. I feel sad

  • I hate MOLLY

  • I have a suggestion Boxing should be a 9 Round contest. Most injuries happen usually in those late rounds when they all gassed out and trying to finish the 12 rounds.... With this the fighters are safer and can always go for longer period..... 3 rounds in 3 fights is another fight.

  • God bless Patrick Day and his family . Hard to hear these things, very sad .

  • Patrick Day is from an immaculate family .. He didnt need to Box are fight ,with his Education .. but agaist his parents wish he decided to put his education on hold & fight ... But what a loss .. I cannot hold back the tears .. This is a massive waste of life .. Patrick Day . R.I.P We wont Ever forget you ...

  • Simple rule, make a rehydration clause!! I bet you a lot of fighters will move up in weight quick Tank Spence Charlos Mikey Garcia is he fights 135, Regis all them gain more than 10 pounds in the weight over night what a shame

  • Why bob look like a puppet on that chair ?

  • Bob is really old.

  • I don’t believe that same day weigh ins is the answer. Fighting more dehydrated and depleted will only make things worse. How about making guys within 10lb of their natural walk around weight which would make a lot more sense. Guys need to start fighting as close to their natural weight as possible and stop trying to cut so much trying to chase a size advantage.

  • Couldnt disagree more, if the weigh in is on the same day you’re more dehydrated during the fight. Can cause serious brain injury that way

  • So, why is Jermell Charlo paying for the funeral? Why wouldn't Top Rank pay for it's fallen soldiers.

  • Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of boxing is repetitive punching to the noggin. You can't make it safe.

  • THE REAL ISSUE IS. PROMOTERS ARE NOT MATCH MAKING THEIR FIGHTERS TO THE LEVEL OF THEIR COMPETITION. You have fighters who lets say is elite amateurs, they turn pro and quickly they match him up to dudes who is set up to be destroyed. thats dangerous in itself.

  • Rest In Power will be missed.....never forgotten.

  • Nobody knows who’s gonna win because nobody knows who those fights are, Bob. Lol!!

  • Refs need to a step in when someone is hit behind the ear. That’s where the first shot landed. That’s the shot that did it. One good hit in the back of the neck back there and you can either end dead or brain dead.

  • That Old man seems like he has a couple of dollars in his bank account

  • Was shame hard call for ref but he was getting hit some full on shots after a fake jab and down twice when didn't even see them coming then punch behind ear and his guard down he was going sideways not even looking or any guard that's stop point as these were full on flush punches he didn't see coming 3 was enough 6 was well.....

  • Why don't they use head gear in professional boxing like they do in amateur/Olympic boxing? Do we have to see the fighters' faces? I'm not sure changing the date of the weigh-in would've mattered in this case. I don't think it was the knockout punch that killed Day, but the fact that his head bounced off the canvas like a freakin' basketball. Maybe, just maybe having on some head gear would've reduced the severity of his fall.

  • Am a big boxing fan 🥊 I love the sport and this one hits my heart it saddens me to see some one lose his life 😔

  • Fight wasnt a pickem fight. Well actually it was. Pick the guy with brick for hands and thats who is gonna win. Beterbiev. They always say every fight 50/50 bs. I know it wasnt. I put a rack on it i was so confident of the winner

  • Why can’t they where those head gear they use in practice sparring? Like it would help protect from head injuries like these (although it’s been somewhat uncommon). Like Olympic Boxers wear them too.

  • I know he meant no disrespect, but it’s a little ridiculous people are still noting how “articulate” a black fighter is. “He’s a black beast, but boy can he talk good!”


  • BOXER are LIKE A Gladiators from roman they ready to Die in Ring or Colliseum

  • 20 lbs of water weight? That's crazy!

  • Can someone explain to me why they have the weigh-ins a day before the fight rather than the day of the fight it don't make sense.

  • i cant help but think if the corners were more caring this could be prevented, instead of sending Conwell out to knock day out just tell the fighter we got this fight won just box him in this last round

  • They should made illegal catch weight and. No hydration clause

  • He was hurt, he started to go backwards, got caught with a solid shot and his head hit the canvas hard. I agree with Max on the weigh in but it would not have made a difference in this case. Also, if anyone tries to use this as a case for making boxing illegal, just know that this would force boxing to go underground and we will see many more deaths

  • I do not believe this Bob Arum was truly devastated by this young brother's death ... may the creator keep this brother's soul

  • 😂😂😂I love how they ignored Stephen A

  • If Jalen Rose died ,I’m sure she wouldn’t talk that fast 😂😂😂