Blown call on Harden's dunk isn't what cost Houston the game vs Spurs - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Pubblicato il 4 dic 2019
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss whether the bad call on James Harden's dunk was truly the cause of the Rockets' loss against the San Antonio Spurs, or could it have been Houston's struggle to make their shots.
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Blown call on Harden's dunk isn't what cost Houston the game vs Spurs - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • What did you think about the Rockets' loss to the Spurs?

    • 11-38💩💩

    • Russ triple double.... go go go russ. I' m with you all the time.

    • This is typical of the cry baby Rockets. I can see replaying the last 2 min MAX if that should ever happen. But the last 7:50 of a game???? GTFOOH!!!!

  • U can’t not fix something because y’all BEEN wrong. That’s just wrong hhahah what kindve Logic is that. Don’t fix it cause then we have to fix everything else correctly. Makes no sense

  • Today's NBA - 50pt game, half of them from the FT line.

  • 10:17 whaaaat

  • Y can’t the first take segments be this long

  • 7:09 Jakob!!!!

  • NBA refs ain’t sht...they are also for sale (allegedly👀)

  • We going to go back and fix all the foul calls that were dives by Harden?

  • These 2 fools were 56/1,000 from the field & they acting like a missed call on a damn dunk decided the game. Wtf? Both these clowns can kick rocks

  • 24 outta 24 free throws .... gotta admit - that’s incredible.

  • Some point there gonna eliminate refs.... At that point The NBA will be trash 🤷♂ or some cliche sport you see in a movie

  • Skiiuuup

  • Shannon is rockets biggest hater . If this happen to Lefraud he would have a heart attack

  • Houston got a dunk for two points from a back court violation that was not called. So fair is fair.

  • The game should be replayed. It's only fair. How can a bunch of professional refeeres making hundreds and thousands of dollars a season not see that the ball went through the ring? Plus not letting D'antoni challenge the call is just rubbing salt into the wound.

  • Harden, the refs give you more than enough calls EVERY game. Go sit down

  • I swear the 3pt shooting craze has robbed some teams of all sense. When you're shooting so horrendously from the line *GO GET YOUR POINTS IN THE PAINT!* Blowing a double digit lead while your big stars play like garbage and then whining about a blown call - especially when it was the whistle going your way all night that gave you that lead in the first place - just comes off as entitled whining. Honestly, this whole thing just brings to mind some rich snot talking down to someone with the old, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" line. It's pitiful.

  • They miss James Harden's traveling calls every game.. IJS...

  • Ok so Houston blew a huge lead right...what was the score at regulation???? THE SAME so if that dunk counted which it should have THATS TWO POINTS WHICH MAKES IT A HOUSTON 2 POINT LEAD GAME WINNING POINTS

  • The refs literally stole two pts from a made dunk. The rockets won in regulation.

  • They lost because harden shot 11/38 and Westbrook shot 7/30. There’s no excuse for that

  • Funny how no one talks about the over and back from harden, that counted.

  • How about we replay all 2 million free throws James harden took that game and see if every single one was ACTUALLY a foul. Smh rockets fans and organization stay whining

  • I mean they lost by the dunk not counting that should have would have given them 2 more points ...

  • I’m still amazed James Harden shoots that many free throws 🤦‍♂️

  • If they reverse this then the Mavs want that no call challenged and that win from the Lakers game when Dwight held Seth.

  • You can’t challenge a play that was a no call, at least that’s what they said during a mavs game.

  • Rockets aint even made the playoffs yet and already making excuses for losses.

  • you can tell they did not watch the game lol... rockets were up 22 and blew the lead. No mention on that.

  • Do they really believe that 2 pts are really gonna change the outcome.... really

  • All i hear are the refs are bias and when they are to judge a clearly open basket they cant get it right. On top of that they dont own up to anything they do and the nba are good with it.😬 Time to sub out theses guys. They waaay too comfortable.😉

  • people at the park i run at can shoot better than the rockets duo

  • Skip pronounces poeltls name well

  • Skip "Yaccup" Bayless

  • rockers win the game in regulation 117-115 refs" well yes, but actually no😂

    • Stop youre whinning you blew a huge lead.

  • If they replayed this game, then the nba showed replay every game. You have blown calls in every game.

  • 7:10 Me when I hit a shot playing ball 😂

  • over and back makes up for the DUNK

  • NBA has been a joke the past 10 years. Especially the Refs. As Shaq says, this is a cupcake era of basketball. Embarrassing.

  • Bro I don’t care what you people say about harden... if you go 11/38 You’re not helping your team, give any player in the league 38 shots, they’ll get at least 20... seriously harden is the most overrated player of all time. That’s just awful basketball

  • There was a backcourt violation that lead to two points for Huston and the refs missed it so should those 2 points should be eliminated?!

  • Houston blew this game plain and simple.

  • You ever heard of the three blind mices 🐁 that was the refs that night

  • Harden didn't get a call? Finally.

  • YAKUM!

  • The refs are a joke , but rockets shouldnt have given up that lead

  • This a call you simply CANT miss plain and simple the guys went 18/68 but their should be another basket tacked on PERIOD!!

    • No causs the rockets had a non call back court violation that lead to 2 points . So it all evens out.

  • For those who are saying the rockets are not a great team this season, you're wrong. They are the GREATEST DIVA TEAM 2019 - 2020

  • Is this really an argument?... it's almost comical... the Rockets were UP by 13 with 7 min left when the blown call happened...and then played 2 OTs lol

  • I agree that Houston did let that game slip from them but!!! They played OT. Forgive me for asking but if they had counted that dunk would they not have won by 2 points? Seems like some people need to retake simple math.

    • No causs the rockets had a non call back court violation that lead to 2 points . So it all evens out, divine justice you know.

  • Everyone says 2 points no difference, but forgot about momentum shift..

  • All I hear is they were up in points.. but nobody has mentioned how something so frustrating can cause a momentum shift.. big time.

  • Let's ignore the Russ travel into a timeout or the over and back pass to Russ then. Not a Spurs fan in any way.

  • This game is an outlier, we can't expect lonnie to go off like That again, and we can't expect Harden to shoot that poorly from the field bc he does not shoot below 45% on avg.

  • Skip And faggots. hack accounts in IT-tvs, that would wind itself views. nah you no one not need. Already more than 100 channels hacked.

  • I believe that the refs should be fined and forced to step up with the replay it was clearly made

  • 18 of 68 from the floor.lawd have mercy. If I was they team mate I would of cussed em out.

  • Spurs fan here, but heres the thing about james 11/38... he did make 24 freethrows, many of those should be act of shooting, if you missed these, they are still counted as FGAs... as bad as it looks, its still, let me say, a less worse, if you know what i mean...

  • It's a DO YOU session, Mike D'antoni doesn't have any control...that's who Carmelo Anthony left Denver to play for.

  • you almost finish the video without saying Lebron's name hahaha