Blac Chyna Sets the Record Straight

Pubblicato il 15 mag 2019
Blac Chyna makes her "Wendy" debut and opens up about her rise to stardom, relationship with Rob Kardashian, motherhood and her business ventures.
Blac reveals how she started a friendship with Kim Kardashian and why her relationship with Tyga ended.
Plus, Blac talks about her relationship with her mother and how she ended up with Rob Kardashian.
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  • she seems so sweet omg. very different from her mom

  • My girl❤️

  • kylie really got all those fillers to look like chyna

  • Gave me a totally different perspective on her. Thanks Wendy

  • She is so Beautiful and I love the way she speaks, soft spoken.

  • I've always liked her and I like her more than any Kartashian

  • well done Angela, good to hear directly from you, nice representation. Nice to hear you speak well of both baby daddys, thats just class right there.

  • DAMN those BANGS r giving me anxiety!

  • Oh wow not very many celebs are open about having plastic surgery done

  • After the whole rob situation I lost respect for her and thought the same thing as Wendy but now that she’s talking and clearing things up, this woman seems very humble and just a genuinely good person, I now respect her ✊🏼

  • Like after this video I change my opinion on her like she’s so real like there’s just something about her that just flows

  • Wow she seems very sweet.

  • #powermoves

  • 😓😖😩ppl r dumb af

  • I think she was lying about the cheating, but talk girl

  • You black women are so silly. We will always be on the bottom with you.

  • I feel so sorry for her. Her mom is such a piece of trash.

  • Love you cha

  • Nice ❤️

  • She is beautiful

  • Oh wow she is smart.Lovely love it.

  • Her voice reminds me of Jennifer Lopez & she has a very similar sort of presence.

  • She hella nervous

  • Wendy's a energy vampire but its nice seeing celebs on here

  • Is she the skin whitening person

  • Wendy don’t be so desperate. She is not been able to talk properly.

  • I like it when she says" YES MAM" humble......

  • Chyna is so sweet I could just see it in her voice ❤️❤️❤️💕

  • This was a good interview, I watched it twice. Never kept up with this kind of stuff, glad I started watching her show.

  • I didn’t like chyna at first but the more I watch her and listen to her and see through the celebrity, I’m finding that she is real! Like super sweet and caring!

  • Chyna handled this well, because some of the questions Wendy asked were very unnecessary

  • Yep I love black China now.... She's sweet and cute....

  • Wendy is rude as hell

  • Geez, I hate how Wendy tries to put down other women. Chyna carried herself so well. Classy!

  • I love chyna’s suite.

  • She's so well put together

  • Wendy is shady

  • Trash

  • Wendy, thank you for doing this interview, Angela deserves to be seen in a positive light.❤️

  • She has a really good memory, you can tell this family really did had an impact on her

  • I feel like Kylie was a homewrecker, whether she did it on purpose or not. Because Chyna and Tyga were engaged and they already have a son. Then came Kylie... and that kind of ruined the opportunity for Chyna to have and give her son a typical family. One that can give a sense of normality in her life and that of her child.

  • I'm just scrolling through shii and ended up here 🤣🤣... Love Blac Chyna tho

  • What was her business it wasn’t mentioned?

  • Why can’t they get some natural people on? Women who are totally natural. This plastic surgery is cheating

  • So she’s famous for stripping? What was her business then? She’s plastic fantastic too then

  • So it's actually him who got her pregnant to pin her down to him, not the other way around like his family and the rest of the world were saying.

  • Tyga was too young

  • Wendy is jealous

  • Wendy is gross.

  • Wendy looks like a horse

  • 🎥🎼💿™️TBE💿🎼✍🏾🎬

  • We have the same name :)

  • Wendy doesn't seem sensitive to Chyna at all. She's pretty crude and brash

  • All the kids from that whole family is gonna be really f***ed up . Hopefully someone in the family will become conscious and change the whole family dynamics. Otherwise our future sure is gonna s**k

  • She can't see!

  • I like how calm and honest she is. Very unapologetic wow

  • Saddest part about it is she couldn't even drag Kylie for the utter disrespect, she just had to hold all that hurt BUT What goes around comes around thats why Kylie a single mom herself now #Karma #TheKardsScrewEveryoneOver

  • Honestly i never cared for china but this interview presented her in a different lite...i actually like her based on this interview.

  • People can say what they want about Chyna but she has a strong backbone to be able to go through all that scrutiny by Kardashian fans. It takes 2 and they both acted a fool. I hope she keeps on keeping on. She isn't a dumb girl and she is a hustler I can respect that! 😁😘

  • Wendy you're the moooooodddd!!!!!!!