Pubblicato il 5 mag 2019
cooking with emma is back (for now)
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-emma chamberlain


  • her channel is so fun

  • mines 23rd may

  • Rae where u at

  • I honestly hate that icing... its gross

  • Does Emma not know she can test the cupcakes with a fork ???

  • Gemini twin💫💫💫we are NOT EVIL

  • I am a Gimini too😂❤️

  • emma is the single ONLY youtuber i actually think is funny like i laugh out loud in real life

  • Surprizing

  • this was posted a day before my birthday lmfao

  • She kept trying to make them vegan and that’s why they didn’t turn out right

  • She has a midlife crisis at 17. Is that a good or bad sign.😂😂

  • I turn 25 next month and am not married and still in the know! There’s hope girl

  • Emma:my birth day is in may22 and I am a ♊️ me:omg me too we have the same birth day

  • I dont care i would still eat those cupcakes with her saliva on them lol

  • Who else actually sung happy birthday, I diiid | |

  • Your welcome

  • Omg moooood I was born on May 28th nothing special either 😂

  • Don’t ask why I am watching old videos 👌

  • I love that she fucking cough and said hi

  • You're my spirit animal.. my inner beast and my zodiac sign. All in once.

  • Bitch am a Gemini and ia agree whit everything emma said

  • I'm 25 and I can confirm I don't know shit

  • when she had that midlife crisis, like I stopped the vid bc I was having one too and Im litt freaking out rn. Can anyone relate?

  • She finally uses eggs omg thank god hahaha

  • Who else is on an Emma marathon rn ?

  • did anyone else see the picture on her fridge, FRIGGING. GORGEOUS.

  • Me and Emma have the same birthday

  • I hate my birthday every year my mom hits me for no reason, my twin yells at me and I just cause bad luck I wish I wasn’t born!

  • tgis many likes is how many happy birthdays to emma

  • Me almost 25 thinking I’m in the know 🙂

  • my understanding is that Geminis are two faced. They have dual personalities so can betray easily (gemini is the twins). You can kind of see it in your vids. like for example you contradicted yourself in this vid. and in another video you were shopping and contradicting what you had said before about what you wanted to buy.

  • You're literally influencing a generation of children to be degenerate and stupid. Good job! !!!

  • Trash

  • I’ve been at basic training for the past 5 months so I’m here to catch up


  • The montage was so awkward Love the cupcakes thou the best Creation yet Love you❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you get to sleep all day😊

  • I actually sang Happy Birthday! Happy birthday Emma

  • how sang happy birthday

  • when she says i'm probly gonna die soon YOu got me laughing man 8:56

  • My birthdays may 21

  • Emma being Gordon Ramsay for 22 seconds from 00:32 to 00:54

  • U shoud use every time cake mix cause they are very easy to cook

  • Omfg we have the same birthday❤️❤️❤️.

  • I’m on a emma marathon lol.

  • i love geminis !

  • Whoa my birthday is 2 days after yours mine is May 24th

  • Why is this so funny? I was dying every time she showed each finished cupcake

  • i feel ur pain my birthday is on may 14

  • My birthday is my 23 uwu

  • I legit wa singing happy birthday for you and I need right when yo said thankyou

  • You did this on my birthday may 5

  • hmm I wonder who SHE went on a dip line with........WE’RE GOING TO VEGAS!!!😂

  • Who else actually sang happy birthday and literally felt like everyone in your house was judging you ✋🏻

  • "everyone thinks Geminis are insane"😂😂bruh I'm a Scorpio I feel you

  • "why are these in my f***ing oven"....they're supposed to be? 😂

  • My birthday is may 5th i am a tuaris and bitch dooo i start drama😂😂❤💗💓💕💖💙

  • when emma's humor literally makes u shit yourself when u have a tummy ache. fml tingz......i just shit myself in my bed tingzzz

  • You know why people think Geminis are evil because Donald Trump is a Gemini LOL. I think

  • just buy a cake at walmart