BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

Pubblicato il 30 mar 2019
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  • Oops... baby brain! I've dated it Monday but this experience was actually Sunday 24th- Tuesday 26th! x

  • Did you have an epidural?

  • Everyone she contracted and her partner helped her and talked her through it I wanted to cry

  • So nice. Such a private special moment you decided to share with the entire world. Hope the kid has no problems with their birth being broadcasted

  • Why is her belly so flat looking?

  • I have three kids and when I was pregnant with my first I had to be induced cause she was late,lol by five days and when my two boys came along I didn't have the labor pains so I didn't know that I was going into labor,lol my mom-in-law was mad at me for not getting the pain

  • You’re so strong and having so much faith was beautiful to watch many blessings for you and your family ❤️🙏

  • Awwwww everyone noticed that she was listening to ocean eyes 🥺

  • what is the song at 18:20? congratulations bbg xx

  • Remember when she thought eating some damn dates was gonna give her an easy labor

  • Yep I’m getting an epidural I cry when I get migraines I’ll fall apart once I’m in labor

  • Did she have a dula? I’m only having a midwife and hospital drugs. I’m due beginning of the new year and there is no way I can do all natural. I don’t handle pain well

  • So beautiful!!! ❤️

  • Your story is so similar to mine! Second stretch and sweep the day before my induction

  • i’m due in a month and have been watching ya on repeat!

  • When your mom came in and prayed

  • Such an amazing video, made me so emotional. But I don't understand why someone wouldn't mind sharing all those personal moments online. Still very nice vlog though

  • LOVE. SO.MUCH.LOVE to you all. Thank you so much for sharing your story. ❤️💙❤️

  • This was the most beautiful video. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I’m equally scared and so excited to experience this.

    • I’m 17 weeks with my 4th and can’t wait to go through this again and meet my son. Giving birth is such an empowering beautiful experience❤️. God bless you and your baby.

  • Whats the Name of the Song in the end (23.47- end)?

  • Congrats guys. Nice Vlog

  • i started crying when i saw the baby. he's definitely the best gift that god has ever give to you. he's so cute ♥

  • My sister was meant to be induced today and she went into labor yesterday and gave birth in less than three hours from the time she went into labor which was amazing! It was so quick that she didn’t even have time to get an epidural so she felt everything!

  • This has been the most emotional and heartwarming birth video I have watched. Especially with the music.

  • I cry every time such a beautiful family you’re smiles in the end say it all so happy for you and Kurt love all your Videos 💜💚💙

  • I'm only 9 weeks, I'm terrified and this made me so emotional. It's so nice to have someone so supportive and loving by your side 💖 my heart goes out to the mommas doing this alone. We are so strong and it's a huge understatement.

  • This is a beautiful crying on how emotional it is ...and god your husband (or boyfriend) unsure on that is amazing and so helpful and ready for it ...glad your okay now

  • It was really dumb of her to not take the epidural sooner her baby would’ve been safer and under less stress. Seriously don’t support these women wanting to be in more pain than what’s needed seriously so dumb.

  • Omg this makes my cry 😩😩😩

  • I actually cried all the way through this !! ♥️♥️

  • When i was pregnant with my first child i was looking for as much information that i could have on giving birth to get prepared ( as much as you can offcourse ). This video was the only 'real' one i could find. It felt like i was there with you and i was so proud of you ( even tho i don't know you and never seen a video of you before). While i was crying my eyes out my water broke during this video. Before i was very scared and dindn't know if i could do it by myself. Your video gave me so much strength and i knew i could do this because of you! I wanna thank you for making the most beautifull video public and make my birth easyer. ❤❤❤❤

    • Ivanka j so just want to say I hope you had an amazing birth!! I'm thinking your love bug is here now or will be shortly. I bet you did wonderful. Proud of you mama!!

  • Was so emotional thank you for sharing! Lots of love from a 35 weeks🤰🏻💗

    • Pája Kyn thank you so much😘

    • good luck!! ❤ wishing u the best and to your baby too ✨✨

  • Omgggg congrats on your guys baby my baby was born 18th march and im BORN 24TH MARCH !!!!!! SOOOOO COOOLLL

  • Damn that's terrifying and must have been so frustrating, that lack of progression is now my new worry lol. Glad everything went well in the end and baby was healthy enough to stay with you and do skin to skin and breastfeed.

  • 🥺❤️

  • Awwww you made me cry! I am a grandma as well. It is so hard to see your child go through labor and in so much pain. I was with my daughter when she had her first baby, at home . Her birth team were 2 midwives and one doula.You were so strong ! Blessings to you and your family!

  • 泣いちゃいました

  • Super 👫👫

  • my birthday is march 25th and congrats i am so happy for you it is so cute

  • God bless him

  • OMG very cute kidz manshallh

  • My birth day is march 24th

  • You Guys Have A Beautiful Spirit

  • You Go girl! You guys were so strong. Me and my friend were praying for you. Love you guys:) Stay strong guys!

  • Focus to soundtrack love this soundtrack mom “all i need”

  • *subscribed*

  • i cried many times for this and i wasnt even a subscriber

  • Oh my god... congratulations guys and this made me so emotional. You guys are such a big support for each other.

  • ooh my pregnancy hormones cant handle this! i for sure cried. congratulations!

  • I cried while watching this! Some men are God sent

  • I almost cried while watching this 😭😭

  • I'm due in 3 weeks. This is my second time watching this. Cried both times you're so strong! My baby is also very small and I'm hoping I don't have to get induced looking forward to a non medicated birth but if I go thru anything like you I'd do the epidural too

    • Andrea V. Jácome congrats and good luck!!! Prayers for you and your baby

  • I'm due in about 4 weeks with my first (baby girl) 💘 I'm so nervous but so excited. Have been binge watching birth videos/vlogs lol

    • Morgan Renee Good luck💗💓💗

  • ❤️

  • Omg I cried so much watching this! It was very similar to my own experience just a year ago. I was in labor over 24 hours and was also very slow in dilating. It was the craziest experience of my life. Brings back so many familiar memories. Women are the most amazing, powerful creatures ever and we really should celebrate ourselves and each other more. Having my baby with a natural birth was 100% a life changing experience. You are a strong, beautiful momma and I am so happy that you both are safe and healthy!

  • I’m pregnant and I’m currently watching this and it makes me so emotional 😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • I’m pregnant and I’m currently watching this and it makes me so emotional 😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • I like your video, support me, thanks

  • I haven’t finished the video but her dog just wants her attention and that’s so cute 😂😂

  • Why is Kurt so amazing you are so luckyyyy