BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

Pubblicato il 30 mar 2019
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  • Oops... baby brain! I've dated it Monday but this experience was actually Sunday 24th- Tuesday 26th! x

    • Shanice younan ممن، ٩

    • This video was so raw and emotional, thanks for sharing. Needed a few Kleenex tissues!

    • Hej Sarah i like you

    • I am 4 months pregnant ....this video made me cry like touched the fear inside my heart of this specific emotional

    • Jesus

  • I would give anything to find the love your family has.

  • Who would down vote this.. blows my mind. This was wholesome

  • You are blessed with a great man. Most would head outside the room.

  • The fact that you slept through contractions makes you a beast mama...kudos to you!

  • wow... you're so strong Sarah... I honestly don't know if I could do this... The thought of the labor pains is so scary... So happy for you, I cried when it was all over lol Was glad to see you not in pain anymore

  • Love Sarahs videos! I just started my own channel, please feel free to check it out & subscribe!

  • Absolutely gorgeous video. 12 weeks pregnant and tears are flowing

  • Congrats to you both. Enjoy having your little blessing. And it's ok to have an epidural. You handle the pain for quite a while. I too had an epidural with 5 of my 7 daughters and 2 wear not able to.

  • Best moment being put on to and trying go feed... Definitely never forget my 3 angels.. beautiful to watch the happiness for others

  • Congratulations! I'm late but seeing your birth brought back all 4 of mine and my youngest just turned one!! He was my emergency csection and my stomach was so flat after I was like wth, with my other 3 vag births my stomach was still "pregnant". Your a rockstar, all moms are. Because those last hours pregnant really test you in every possible way b4 your holding your sweet angel in your arms. My nightly cant sleep cry my eyes out was worth it tonight.❤

  • I think I’ve watched this 3 times now. I love it every time ❤️

  • What a sweet man!

  • Can someone PLEASE share the name of the song near the end/during the birth/when she thanks Emily and Kurt? I found it once but cannot find it anywhere now. Thank you so much!

  • God bless you guys 💕❤️

  • I was crying for the whole episode! Sarah, you are such a lucky woman to have Kurt, he is a gem on this world. You two are such an inspiration and role models for our generation! ❤️ Thank you guys for sharing the happiest moment of your lives with us!❤️

  • This is the first labour video what i am watching and is showing all the pain.. To be honest, you scared me more than you relaxed me 🙂

  • Omggg ❤ i love how supportive her husband is... It's so sweet. You can't find that much anymore😍

  • Ahhh he was born 9 days after my birthday

  • Waauw, I have never seen anything so pure, loving and emotional. you are made for each other and the birth of your son is the proof.❤️

  • How do 1.7k people not love this video? What is wrong with these people?? It was just BEAUTIFUL

  • Omg 😭❤ I am 37weeks pregnant watching this and this has just brought me to tears! This is just beautiful and to see your baby boy cry and in your arms for the very first time hit me hard as an expecting first time Mama to be also. I cannot wait to experience this amazing moment so very soon with my Husband just as you two have. Just amazing. Thank you guys for sharing these special moments with ud all and God bless the three of you as a wonderful, new family xoxo I also have one question: what songs were on your playlist during labour? I really want some calm, relaxing music just like yours to help me get through too ❤

  • I watched this the moment it came out, and here I am watching it again at 21weeks pregnant. Of course I cried like a baby watching it this time. Still my absolute favorite birth blog.

  • honey you did AMazing

  • Her partner ❤️

  • T

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • watching this again, ugh Im getting so excited for my little man to arrive in less than 7 weeks

  • This is so beautiful! But it makes me sooo scared that I won't have anyone there for me when my time comes. I don't know if my partner is willing to support me like that. I have no mom. No good friends. I couldn't imagine doing this all alone.

  • Thank you for doing this♡ absolutely beautiful

  • I was not prepared for how emotional this made me!!! 😩 Thank you so much for sharing this with us because you most certainly did not have too!

  • Whats wrong with the baby’ head?

  • I acc don’t even know how many times I have rewatched this !!!

  • All the tears. 😭 such a beautiful video. Love and light to you and your family 💓

  • 30weeks preggos today.. i read comments and seen how people were writing "the praying scene got me😭" I'm like pppfftt yeh right.. next minute😭😭think someone was cutting onions near me👀.. such a wonderful blessing.. congrats😘

  • What an adorable birth vlog. I have watched tons of birth vlogs n have never seen b as supported ac much as Kurt was. Best wishes to you all.

  • You did awesome! Beautiful baby!

  • I had to watch it again being so close to fox’s birthday! So amazing, makes me cry of happiness and slightly scared for that to be me one day 😘

  • It has been proven that gout is more painfull than labour pains, why is this bullshit on my recommended list FFS.

  • Congratulations

  • Wow you were so lucky to have such a supportive partner and sister during your labor and delivery!

  • I'm 14 weeks pregnant and this made me so emotional. Such a beautiful experience.

  • Realest video on birth I’ve ever seen !!!

  • Crying .. 🥺😭😭😰 you’re awesome

  • The situation, when you are humiliated before you are fuckin born. Such an unfortunate child

  • This was such a beautiful vlog. It was so real and raw. I loved it. I know this was a while ago but I hope you and your family do well on you journey.

  • So emotional 😭

  • Todo para terminar en episiotomia y forceps, lo siento por tu parto. Que triste.

  • Think that's bad try hours of labor and then a c section. Double pain. Plus, they never really let you try natural again and can't have a large family. Sucks.

  • iv been watching birth vlogs for 2 days straight and this is the first one to genuinely make my cry

  • All the videos that I watched about giving birth, none of them included the moaning pain sounds, so the moment I heard you do it, it kinda makes me rethink if I really want to get pregnant. Like, I want to but, I know how period cramps feel like and I always try to go through my period without pain killers but sometimes the cramps are so painful that I just have to take pills, so when I get pregnant and get the cramps I won't even be able to take painkillers. Right? Like can I actually take pills when my contractions start? Or not? Anyway, I know that this video is like 10 months old, but I still just want to say, congratulations on your first baby, sending lots of love 🛫✈️🛬 💖💖💖

  • I sobbed so much while watching this video😭😭

  • Nope!

  • Absolutely beautiful to see the support you have and how you amazingly strong you are! Congratulations!!

  • This is the most beautiful birth vlog I've ever seen! As soon as I got to the shower scene I started balling. Seeing you in all the pain, while your mom prayed was hard to watch. I still can't stop crying! You guys seem like amazing people, I'm so happy for you! Baby boy is so cute as well!❤️

  • What an amazing miracle. Thank you Jesus

  • Naw when her mum prayed!! That’s so beautiful.

  • I want a baby so bad but I’m scared of child birth

  • this husband is amazing! Comforting her in pain, he’s wonderful. Definitely a real one 💯

  • Dad 90s zoom in 😂 so freakin cute