Binging with Babish: Steak au Poivre from Archer

Pubblicato il 12 feb 2019
This week, we're headed back to the Archer archives in search of a tasty dish to recreate, and I could find none better than steak au poivre - even if it was served sans 'poivre'. We won't make that mistake in the BwB kitchen, as we recreate this French classic with some modernized veggie sides.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • Are we still doing phrasing? Still? It's been like 10 years.

    • @SvenTviking that is the best thing i ever read

    • You hold you fork like a drum stick.

    • What about that stake Gibbs and Jennie the female director on NCIS ate and talked about regular

    • Why do you sound like archer sort of

  • alton brown

  • “To make the carrots interesting, I’m going to add a half cup of bourbon.” Adding enough bourbon can make anyone interesting.

  • "In a little bit of butter and by a little bIt I mean half a stick" Didnt know babish was a a fisherman's life fan.

  • The way you hold a fork is infuriating. Had to say it....carry on.

  • YSAC: Freshlock salt Binging with babish: Kosher’s salt

  • can you do eggs-woodhouse?

  • Definite agree on the JW Blue. Way over priced. Give me a nice Glenmorangie Lasanta.

  • This guy really just said koshered kosher salt

  • im literally watching this while making grilled cheese lmao

  • Why kosher salt and not get regular salt?

  • more like Binging with Babish: BUTTER

  • Ugh I know medium rare is a good baseline or whatever but as a blue steak eater this caused me physical pain

  • It IS worth $200 a bottle

  • I’m surprised you found a section of Archer which isn’t violent, full of swearing or suggestive 😂

  • When you realise that North Korea is more hostile than South Korea

  • Does babish season his kosher salt

  • Butter with babish

  • Argh! I need more clues on how to do the carrots the right way! There were clues here but now I have to buy and ruin a few bags of carrots and a few sticks of butter and ruin a few batches. What a waste.

  • I dont even cook or try to cook its just something about the semi monotone descriptions that make me wanna binge every video. KEEP IT UP!!!

  • peppercorns are fruit

  • Yes. Johnny Walker Blue is worth $200 a bottle. But don't crush it in a weekend... don't be silly.

  • You have to add thyme if you want the meat to have enough time to call ok

  • This was like one of the first dishes I made when I was a kid. But I had to break down the beef loins.

  • Woah he called it a saucepAn! That's a first

  • Lana: And you ordered two bottles of Glenngoolie Freaking Blue??? Archer: Two? I thought I ordered three!

  • Enter the danger zone, I'm on this episode of archer today

  • Binging with Babish more like Binging with Paula Deen

  • 4:09 You're being disingenuous calling what looks like E&J Gallo brandy, cognac.

    • Nick J Or an Armagnac since that seems to be Malory’s brandy of choice.

    • Needs Remy or Hennessey

  • I thought the steaks were supposed to be coated in the pepper.

  • Carrots Suzette :P

  • Me: *goes to get a tissue* BwB: “.... like one my heroes says, is NOT Good Eats....” Me: *turns toward video* GOOD EATS REFERENCE! HE IS AN ALTON BROWN FAN TOO!

  • Thanks for doing this one, though I thought that Steak au Poivre might involve green peppercorns some how.

  • Omlette du fomage?

  • Glengulè Blue...For the best of times 🥴.

  • Yeah! Archer!

  • I missed the like button and hit the dislike but I fixed it I’m sorry.

  • Burn in hell you sob sweet carrots are the devils work

  • 3:37 cool whip 🥩

  • Benwah *Balls*

  • Archer is such a good and underrated show

    • @48956l i meant underrated as in nobody knows about it, if you ask a random person about a show like south park they would probably know it or at least have heard about it, not same for archer

    • archer is rated incredibly highly... it's an accurately rated show

  • Glen goely is glenfiddich lol

  • can't wait to make this for my date one day. gonna get it for sure.

  • Theres no reason to add zest of one lemon why does he always add it

    • Yes there is, it adds a slight hint of a lemon-ey flavor. Dumb fuck.

  • No one is going to mention that Babish is using Bison Filet?

  • 2:40 Captions: “Slow and _g e n t l y_ cook your carrots” *_g e n t l y_*

  • 2:20 Snapchat sound i think

  • Johnnie Walker Blue is not worth $200. but Johnnie Walker Black, is fucking tasty and only cost $30 a bottle.

  • He must love Stewie from family Guy . I swear every time he says which where he over emphasizes the H on purpose

  • butter + butter + butter + butter, enjoy cardiac arrest mofos

  • You mispronounced awesome person

  • the way he holds the fork makes me want to kill myself

  • My mom makes Steak Au Poivre, it’s so good!

  • Paula Deen is soaked from the butter. Paula Deen is happy

  • I just made those carrots for Christmas Dinner, I feel pride ngl

  • How do people watch this show? The animation is utter ass to be frank

  • Babish: *picks up peas* also Babish: *let's start with the carrots*

  • Mint in the peas makes them taste like toothpaste.

  • I'm making this today, just bought all the ingredients!

    • Imani Mann super cool! Have fun with your cognac!

    • @Wilder Posey Really good! The filet mignon was nice and tender (I got it from the PorterRoad website), loved the sauce, and the carrots where tender and sweet. I didn't make the peas cause I'm not a fan of them. Plus I got to set things on fire lol. But now I have a bottle of $40 Cognac just sitting on my dresser waiting to be used again. I'd definitely make it again.

    • Imani Mann Update? How’d it go?

  • Julia Child would be proud of this dish.