Binging with Babish: Steak au Poivre from Archer

Pubblicato il 12 feb 2019
This week, we're headed back to the Archer archives in search of a tasty dish to recreate, and I could find none better than steak au poivre - even if it was served sans 'poivre'. We won't make that mistake in the BwB kitchen, as we recreate this French classic with some modernized veggie sides.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • Are we still doing phrasing? Still? It's been like 10 years.

  • It’s about thyme we got a new recipe from Archer!

  • I prefer poivre vert for this dish

  • S&P the choice for me.

  • In 2011 there was a butter shortage in Norway. I believe I know why. This video actually got filmed in 2011, and Babish happened to be in Norway at that time.

  • Have you ever thought of trying some of the dishes from the film Burnt?

  • Make Latrines fortune telling omelette from Robin Hood : Men in Tights

  • Steak au Poivre without frite? Heresy! ;)

  • It is Steak Au Poivre, and Au is pronounced "Oh" . Steak A poivre would mean the steak belonged to the pepper as it it was its property and au means the steak is of type pepper.

  • Don't lie, you needed an exscuse to buy a $300 bottle of scotch.

  • Just wanted to let you know Babish that I made the side carrots and peas to go with your reverse-sear ribeye. Spent about an hour in the kitchen beyond the initial meat prep pre-skillet, and was running around and working up a sweat. But by god was it ever worth all the energy that went into it. Served myself and two other people and everyone agreed it was the finest meal they'd had at home in many years. I was in awe just how well the little touches to the carrots and peas could bring them alive flavorwise, and lighting carrots on fire was fun. Love your channel and love the instructions and flourish you give. Thank you for a decadent, 5-star meal, Babish!

  • Try doing it with whole green pepper corns next, same recipe. Trust me

  • What did that cow ever do to you to be treated so badly. At least you didn't cook it well done.

  • Gordon:salt and pepper Babish: kosher salt

  • I think you should do one exploring the drinks of Archer - Bloody Marys, margaritas, mellonballers, and of course Jager straight from the tap machine!

  • So you were recreating the steak au poive or what archer had? Cuz it's supposed to have a crust from the peppercorns isn't it?

  • Do PewDiePies swedish meatballs

  • Nice plug at the end there Mr White xD

  • Was kosher to kosher salt a Shane McMahon reference?

  • Come on that steak is way overdone

  • archer is not an awful person

  • Make a baklava 😊

  • Babbish....are you okay?.... How much of your blood is butter???

  • You paid 200 dollars for a bottle of liquor... IT-tvs money :)

  • I like your whisk.

  • Why is that first stainless steel pan so dirty?

  • Vegetable oil for the burgers? What vegetable? At least use a fat or interesting oil.

  • shout out to all bob's burgers fans !

  • so....peppercorn sauce...

  • Oh my god he made an Alton Brown reference

  • Anyone else notice at 4:43 that ol' Babby uses a METAL utensil on a NON-STICK PAN.... Alton Brown is disappoint!

  • Anyone else notice at 4:43 that ol' Babby uses a METAL utensil on a NON-STICK PAN.... Alton Brown is disappoint!

  • Carrots: are a healthy and nutritious food A whole stick of butter: “I’m about to end this man’s career.”

  • Carrots are also very good in apricot juice

  • *Thank gosh they got to know eachother*

  • How much butter is in that dish???

  • Just the Dinner Menu

  • How do you have a kitchen like that and not have a pepper mill? Fk. Not only are you resuscitating an annoying circa 1980 posh dining plate, you don't even have a pepper mill? 😂✌

    • @Eli Toll And sidenote, its a video. Stopping and going get one to do it properly isnt that easy

    • @Eli Toll I honestly didnt bother watching that long. I've made this more times than I can count over my short career as a Chef. I only watched because I was trying to figure out why he was making a dish that only privileged octogenarians order. Because IT-tvs. 😂

    • 3:20

    • At the time his pepper mill was broken.

  • How about the Sandvich from TF2?

  • in my country butter is expensive so if you can make something like this you are a fucking trilionare

  • Seriously, god carrots are really sweet, just add me lemon zest, or orange zest if you want that fruity touch

  • You a salty dog sir.

  • i think you were supposed to drink Glenlevit blue. Woulda been cheaper too.

  • 2:40 pssst... Good Eats is back

  • My ass has more color than that steak

  • you should go and try masterchef brother

  • Really Julia Childed it up in this one, butter banquet

  • Was that an imperical shitton, or a metric shitton of butter?

  • Steak au poivre without fries ? 😳

  • So what's the difference between this pan sauce and peppercorn sauce?

  • you sound like h Jon Benjamin

  • I'm super late but pretty sure that bottle doesn't look like johnny walker and pretty sure it's just glenfiddich 14 year. With this mistake you were inaccurate and bought a bottle that's over three times the price.

  • 4:09 that is actually E&J brandy not cognac.

  • I did not notice that you added the onion after the peas instead of before. Thank goodness!

  • Does anyone have an affordable alternative to the Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

  • Should that be _Bifteck au Poivre?_

  • I'm watching this while eating baked potatoes and onions. God I hate being poor

  • T I N Y W H I S K

  • "lets start with the carrots" proceeds picks up the peas

  • Cheryl