Binging with Babish: Squid Ink Pasta from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Pubblicato il 30 lug 2019
This week we return to the wide world of anime for a hotly-requested jet-black delicacy: squid ink pasta. While it smells like the great pacific garbage patch, cuttlefish ink is a visually dramatic but orally subtle way to introduce some seafood flavors into your favorite pastas. Just be sure to explain its concept to JoJo before you serve it to him.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • OH NO!

  • This guy is the Vsauce of cookingg

  • Hamon requires breathing in order to work, so breathing is just a JoJo reference also, water is a great hamon conductor so water is also just a jojo reference


  • Babish. Please. I need Abbacchio’s famous piss tea.

  • Oi Josuke! I used 「ZA HANDO」to erase all of the normal comments, aint that crazy?!

  • Tonio would like to know your location

  • I show this to my squid Now he's speedwagon

  • I dont think id put tomato puree in there, id keep it simple, oil, lemon zest, parsley maybe

  • He’s so hot and he can cook!!!! 🥰😘😍

  • road roller da!

  • poor squidward

  • kinky

  • Very Nice Ceasar-Chan.

  • is that the alien from prey

  • these fans in the comments ruined the show

  • Next make the plant appraisers dessert. From part 8

  • *cries in Ika Musume*

  • Yare yare daze

  • Make tonio water


  • Ink pasta is literally italian cuisine.

  • NIceeee

  • *T H I C K S L U R R Y*

  • I’ve been scrolling for ages and haven’t found a single comment without a JoJo reference lmao

  • He's gonna have to cook a lot of part 5 characters

  • Is this a motherfucking jojo reference?

  • Sorry Jojos, but I only remembered Ika Musume when I saw the ink pasta

  • YOU UTTER FOOL SQUID INK PASTA IS THE BEST IN ZA WARUDO (btw I’m not calling all of y’all utter fools)

  • 2:17 ROADA roller**

  • 3:01 when I find the source

  • Everyone:wheres the piss tea Me:wha-

  • *is that a JoJo's reference*

  • yay jojo reference

  • I’ve been feeding this shit to my miis on tomodachi life for the longest time lmao

  • Paper Mario did it first.

  • w h a t t h e f u c k

  • 「Spaghetti Nero Di Seppia」

  • Please make Hot Cola from JJBA part 3.

  • Everyone is asking for piss tea but forgetting the shit baby food.

  • Yeah, I know that the guy that decided to harvest squid ink is weird, but what kind of sick fuck put ink into pasta?

  • *NICE*

  • I must say that you sometimes look like Ryan Reynolds for some reason

  • Thank U editors, very Niceu captions

  • Make Tony’s foods

  • Do the pasta from part 5 next

  • Noice a jojo recept

  • Adding Jojo in the title.... *clever clever man*


  • I’ll do all that stuff just for Joseph. Naizu Naizu.


  • yes yes yes yes...

  • 4:11 just triggers me

  • Wait is that a jojo refrence

  • It’s 2020, and I’m waiting for him to recreate Filthy Frank’s Cake Trilogy: - Vomit Cake: A cake made without mixing the ingredients, instead someone eats all the ingredients and vomits them into a pan - Hair Cake: Someone (probably not Babish) gets every hair on their head and face shaved and put into a cake alongside cigarette butts and snot rockets. - Human Cake: Find bodily fluids and other materials from famous IT-tvsr, Frank himself added: Jontron’s Bile, KSI’s pubes, Pewdiepie’s Ass hair, Jacksepticeye’s pubes, Joey Salads’s piss, Anthony Fantano’s toenails, Vsauce Micheal’s Spit, etc. Please keep in mind that Frank had the help of Idubbbz and Maxmoefoe to both make and eat these all, as well as help from Anything4Views and HowToBasic.

  • He put it in a STAND mixer. It's not the end of THE WORLD.

  • i still dont know if he's serious or not

  • You should have made a DONNER KEBAB

  • Please do the Bell Peppers and Beef from Cowboy Bebop

  • Excuse me are you tonio Trussardi?