Binging with Babish: Larb from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Pubblicato il 9 lug 2019
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To Aunt May's delight and amusement, her mild-mannered nephew Peter orders Larb at their local Thai place. Despite her pun-centric lampooning, she'll soon discover that larb is the meat salad that'll make you less grossed out by the concept of something called 'meat salad'.
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  • I hope I did a better job pronouncing stuff this week. But I'm pretty sure I didn't.

    • It’s not pronounced larb with the R sound. It’s like laaaaahhhb lab almost lap

    • Binging with Babish just watched the episode your pronunciation is great. BTW I’m Thai and and did the same thing with cilantro too. And one last thing, the desert, in Thailand we have different kinds of mangoes, but I’ve never seen anyone eat sticky rice with that mango before. But great job recreating both dished.

    • When did you start pronouncing "sauce pan" as "sauce pn"?

    • I larb the movie and this channel

    • it’s pronounced “laap”, less accent on the “r” and “p” and “b” have a similar sound in thai/lao. Aunt May pronounced it weird for comedic effect, but you didn’t do a bad job otherwise!!! Thanks for repping my culture!!!

  • another STVE FAAN :O NICE

  • Steve1989 is a fucking legend

  • I just call it lAaaah

  • He doesn't have a rice cooker? Also, weirdest rice pudding ever. Shouldn't the rice be more pudding-y?

  • Oh please tell me youll do a cross over with Steve1989???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cilantro is good u crazy

  • Let get this out on to a tray...

  • 36.50 for rice???

  • I'm guessing your one of those people with the genes that make cilantro taste like SOAP. It really is a gene in your makeup that does that.

  • Are you a soapy cilantro/coriander taster too? Bleh!

  • Alright let’s get this out on a tray

  • I like the nod to steve mre with the bag gusset

  • Who else is here after spider man was taken out of the MCU?

  • I think Babish is the only one that knows what devil's lettuce should actually be

  • You should try it in Thailand It’s really spicy🌶🌶🌶

  • Surprise a American says herbs as herbs instead of the casual American way, erb dafaq

  • I know I’m late to the comment game but my dad is Laotian and he often makes this dish but I suppose there was a translation error because he always referred to it as “lahp” but I’m sure it’s the same dish but but instead of pork he uses thinly minced steak or beef and ribboned pieces of tripe

  • Ho man i'm from thai land you mark Larb is so right goodJob.

  • I hate silantro too

  • Sossp’n

  • I am allergic to cilantro so I can't eat it but this still looks good

  • i have the cilantro gene as well! little did we know that we are actually X-MEN

  • Oh my god we get it, you’re such a special snowflake for hating cilantro

  • the steve1989 reference

  • Lolol ok the steve1989mre reference is EVERYTHING

  • The fact you don't like cilantro confuses me.

  • Where’s the lunch tray?

  • Broke for Free brought me here... I've listened to him for a while and wanted to see if he had any music videos and the comments were filled with "binging with babish" so here I am!

  • "some - meuughhh- cilantro" I believe this is, in fact, the proper pronounciation for this species of soap, oops, I meant herb.

    • @Sean T. There's a plentiful variety of other herbs and spices out there, I'm not going to waste my FOMO on cilantro lol.

    • That's unfortunate for you

  • authentic lard

  • @steve1989mre rocks

  • I larb your videos

  • Lime!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!??

  • But ilke clnchro

  • Nobody: Babish: sospin

  • Babish, if you want to upgrade your Larb, I'd recommend you add some finely chopped lemongrass.

  • Does cilantro taste that soap to you too??? 😂

  • I larb your show

  • I would give that filthy wh0re free food and human pudding.

  • The way he added the meat in the pan ha

  • I am glad I am not the only person who detests cilantro.

  • why did i think larb was a crab lettuce wrap 🤦‍♀️

  • Oh, no. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • wanted to hit 4500 comments

  • nice

  • 1:23 The way... He... Uhh........... Uses IT?

  • Wow who would've thought you knew about @Steve1989. Nice. No homo, but man I love this guy! Lol.

  • As Thai.. when I see Lemongrass in Larb I shivers.

  • I love all the Steve1989Mreinfo references in your videos, they are simply "Nice"


  • My fellow Thais/Laotians... RISE UP

  • you gotta have cilantro in Thai food!!

  • Spiderman 😭 please stay

  • 3:22 - You’ve earned my subscription, good sir 😂😂 Watched a couple vids today, and I’m loving them! 😊

  • Not in the clean plate club if you don’t finish the cilantro.

  • I like to eat larb w/ cabbage

  • Bleh coconut.

  • A+ Steve1989MREInfo reference.

  • Bro I literally eat cilantro raw and on its own 😂