Binging with Babish: Larb from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Pubblicato il 9 lug 2019
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To Aunt May's delight and amusement, her mild-mannered nephew Peter orders Larb at their local Thai place. Despite her pun-centric lampooning, she'll soon discover that larb is the meat salad that'll make you less grossed out by the concept of something called 'meat salad'.
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  • I hope I did a better job pronouncing stuff this week. But I'm pretty sure I didn't.

    • Why do you hate Cilantro?

    • Yeah, your mispronunciation of coriander was egregious! :P

    • Binging with Babish we larb you either way🥰🥰

    • Hey,I'm from Thailand we don't really eat larb like that but I like it it better than normal larb :)

    • Binging with Babish I noticed the Steve1989MRE name drop and reference. I have an awesome suggestion, do a video with him. Begin with trying an MRE then make a better “babish” version.

  • แซ่บอิหลี~~~~

  • We’re making the sticky rice pudding tomorrow in my hs cooking class. I am both excited and dreading it at the same time.

  • Idk but isn’t it pronounced L-ah-b

  • I like you even more now that I know you also hate cilantro

  • Thats what this is called!!! A foreign exchange student prepared this in front of our cooking class, in middle school. And ooooooh my goodness was it delicious!!! That's it I'm making it tomorrow.

  • Im a thai person and their pronuciation of larb is killing me it legit is said as laab its spelt larb

  • Aunt May shouldn't look young, she should be old and helpless

  • Mark wiens is my spirit animal

  • "And there we go all of our [put] is [in place]" excuse me wut

  • Nice hisss

  • “Larb” pronounce it more like “lahhb” or “lop”

  • I Larb This channel

  • That lemon squeeze was..... uncomfortable.

  • I despise cilantro. Your cause speaks volumes

  • Fish larb with extra chili peppers over sticky rice has always been a favorite of mine. 🤤

  • It's not our damn fault you got the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. You goddam mutant

  • Can u make the casserole from Clarence

  • Alright, let’s get this out on the tray

  • As an avid coriander fan, I feel personally attacked

  • Nice

  • Larb with lettuce leaves is such a fresh-tasting dish! Tastes so healthy and wholesome

  • Actually it's pronoucing more like "Laab" [ลาบ] By the way you can also add some stink weed for more pronouce aroma and flavor.

  • i see spider-man: homecoming, i click;)

  • His hate for cilantro is increased in this video

  • I actually got a reference for once the Steve 1989

  • Its actually spell ลาบ

  • Opening from the back with a pen knife, discussing the gusset or lack thereof, finishing with quick 'nice'. Gotta larb this

  • L-Ahhh.. not Larb. It’s actually high end beef tar tar. But you can cook it to full. A lot of ingredients make this tar tar

  • Wait so the sticky rice pudding is basically a kind of arroz con leche right?

  • Nice 😉

  • You did steve1989 well.

  • I'm so, so glad to see my favorite food getting featured in a big movie! Thanks for covering it so others can eat it (or at least see how it looks for real)

  • That is lab moo used to lived in Thailand before thai food became mainstream

  • Finally! A cook that hates cilantro

  • I really appreciate IT-tvsrs who make their own captions. Very nice, and can be funny. *I appreciate you.*

  • Why does Andrew not like cilantro?

  • I larb that you hate cilantro as much as I do, youre awesome.

  • Ketan!

  • She's such a milf

  • The nice is pretty nice if you also watch steve then youll know why

  • I feel truly sorry for those who taste soap when eating cilantro, sorry to your genetics

    • That is rough I just love cilantro on my salads or soup

    • @Nobody Is it really? Well I'll be damned.

    • Forgot that was a thing

  • A hipster that doesn't like cilantro? There's a glitch in the matrix.

  • His dislike of cilantro is so sad. It’s delicious! How am I supposed to trust your pallet now, Andrew??

  • Youre right selantro is horrible

  • Whorshtashishtashireshe sauce

  • Why do you dislike cilantro? The Mexican community is upset.

    • Some people are born with a tongue that makes cilantro taste like dish soap. Andrew has made it clear in previous episodes of BWB that he is one of those people. I know his pain. I was also born with that problem.

  • It’s pronounced “lob”

  • The tastiest looking thing in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Marisa Tomei.

  • "No hiss...nice"

  • I was utterly confused as to what "larb" was, but then I realized he was cooking laab!! My family makes it with lamb!

  • Cilantro is amazing

  • First time I tried Laarb it was too much for my taste buds to the point it almost seemed chemical with the acidic sourness and the amount of chilli burn I got from it but 15 years later it's one of my favourite dishes I actually crave for it...also Laarb moo tod which is deep fried laarb meatballs are incredible when done fresh but if they are dry they lose the smack in the face laarb taste.

  • I was expecting you to say "Lets get this out on a tray" before you said "Nice"

  • eat the soap

  • You should invite mark Wiens and sunny side from best ever food review show to your show. 😂

  • Do any of you guys remember when he said "lets say inebriated friends" and later just said they're stoned on a different occasion in a different episode? I think it was a nacho one

  • I will eat your cilantro if you eat my coconut. 🤢

  • This man needs a larger whisk

  • น่ากินมากๆ