Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob's Burgers

Pubblicato il 25 dic 2018
Bob's Burgers isn't always about burgers. Sometimes it's about a giant pancake type thing called a Dutch baby.
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  • A very causal Babish.

  • I clicked so fast when I saw thisss

  • No matter how you say it, telling someone that you’re making a Dutch Baby is not going to sound right.

  • The way Babby helps the lil engine along tells me he’s perfect father material.

  • i love dutch babies :D my grandma always makes them for christmas breakfast

  • Maxmoefoe ruined freeform cakes

  • That feeling when you have a cast iron skillet and a blender, but no oven.

  • lol chefs are so obsessed with cast iron skillets ive made this tons of times in a cake pan, works great. i like a glass pan so you can see it rise (its quite the show)

  • Gekoloniseerd

  • I grew up eating Dutch babies as my mom got the recipe from a lady she cleaned house for in college. We usually top ours with power sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice but I’ll have to try this version.

  • This is a Yorkshire pudding.

  • Babybatter slathered with sugersperm. How poetic.

  • My mom used to make dutch babies every Sunday. Man that brings back memories thanks babish!

  • Huh, it's just a Yorkshire pudding covered in sugar.

  • I'm Dutch and I have never heard of a Dutch baby

  • Ok I actually had these growing up but my parents called it claghorn, but they said they had also heard people say Dutch pancake. Anyone heard of claghorn?

  • You can't even taste the baby.

  • My gf and i are both Dutch, that makes it even easier to make a Dutch baby.

  • Definitely making that

  • I think I’m going to make this today.

  • Holy shit the preemie line Xd

  • They ought to call this the Juvenile Diabetic Coma Cake.

  • Dutch babies, or as we call them, German pancakes, were eaten Fridays during lent. Suggestion, add some lemon juice, fresh squeezed, to your glaze.

  • Dude you’re the new Bob Ross. Smooth voice and great recipes. You rock man

  • i wonder if anyone watching is dutch

  • I read the title as Dutch Bois from Bob’s Bois I-

  • Is the molasses an optional ingredient?


  • *stops eating* _Wait, that’s what a Dutch Baby actually is?_

  • OMG that choo choo got a smoke smoke OMG cuteness overloaddddd

  • Looks like a giant Yorkshire pudding, except for the cinnamon.

  • This with the banana chocolate icecream is so good

  • Congrats on 6 MILLION!!!!

  • Actually this isn't how we make our baby's yours looked gross

  • I am simple dutchman, i see Dutch i click

  • You use dutch sirop for dutch babies, which main components are molasses and sugar which will replace the molasses in your video

  • I usually just smother mine with jam * hangs head in shame *

  • TOTALLY MAKING THIS!!! Thank you!!!

  • No relation 🤣👌🏻

  • Haha I loved that episode.

  • Alls ya need... was that a letterkenny joke?

  • 0:31 Soupy easy to make

  • My home town has a spot called The Pancake House and they serve a pancake very similar to this only it is a Cinamon Apple pancake. Tonnes of cinamon, brown sugar, huge apple slices and a tonne of butter on top. It's like eating the face of God.

  • You’re such a Dad(dy).

  • 0:57 still a dry clump on right side

  • Linda said it came out in 22 minutes and he made his in 2???

  • Is Dutch baby a breakfast food? Nobody eats what I make for desert... Actually they might eat healthy.

  • What size pan?

  • Hey! It's Christmas now! Yay!

  • Huh it's 2019 already

  • I just made of these like 20 minutes ago and it didn’t rise nearly enough as it did in this video. Still pretty good though.

  • Making this for Christmas breakfast, thank you.

  • I love that train

  • What would be a good substitute for molasses? Say... something that people actually have in their house

    • Molasses isn't exactly a rare exotic ingredient. If you don't already have a jar it's readily available at grocery stores. I often see it at convenience stores too.

  • My dad makes something called "German pancakes" and they're just about the best breakfast food in the world. They look just like this. I guess this food just goes by many different names.

  • What else did he make with the Dutch baby are those potatoes

  • Dutch... Baby batter. Huh

  • Watching this while eating potato chips and Swiss cake rolls feels like watching weed videos sober

  • 1:16 with extra c r e a m

  • Who cares about the food? I want that train that shoots little poofs of smoke.