Binging with Babish: Crème de la Crème à la Edgar from The Aristocats

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2019
Oh Edgar, you sly old fox. Drugging and kidnapping kittens for profit, you rapscallion. Spiking milk with barbital like some droog from A Clockwork Orange, you madcap rascal. YOU COULD'VE HURT MONSIEUR ROQUEFORT. I'm glad he tied your shoes together.
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  • Just so you guys know - that girl laughing at 5:06? That's Jess!

    • Melanie Monroe What? That’s the dish from the show, what are you talking about?

    • Wait who is Jess

    • Andrew why crackers and milk? Could've taken same thing and made icecream as opposed to hot milk kinda boring

    • @スペクター. No idea, I only know freedom units

    • @Annie B...... grams?

  • Man i totaly forgot this and how hard i was wanting to taste it when i was a kid .

  • How much crust could a pie crust puff if a pie crust could puff crust?

  • If you added corn starch it would basically be Guatemalan manjar with is a milk custard

  • Goose from the office

  • I'm emotional about this, and I only sort of know why

  • 1:16 sorry I think my brain just stopped working

  • This is the internet I signed up for.

  • France takes the most anti depression pills sooo...

  • I rewatched this movie just a few weeks ago! A childhood favorite and an under appreciated movie.

  • You can give your cats a little but only as a treat

  • Watching this suddenly made me think of the movie Mousehunt! STRING CHEESE!!

  • And rats eat anything

  • Why kosher salt?!!!! Regular salt would do jus fine😡 kosher my ass!!!

  • *E*

  • You and 'You suck at cooking' sound so similar you'd swear you were the same person, even the cadence

  • Unpopular opinion: Ritz crackers taste like cardboard 🤷🏾‍♀️



  • Note: I wouldn't recommend using barbiturates on cats. According to David Taylor, one of the first zoo vets who had to work with this stuff because they didn't have anything better, it tends to accumulate in the liver because cats take very long to process it. And for the love of god, don't use morphine, it doesn't calm cats down (or dolphins, if you ever wondered) but rather sends them into some kind of hyperactive frenzy.

  • this has always been one of my fav scenes, i loved watching edgar eat them

  • Cosby makes Creme de la creme a la Edgar normally

  • Tiny whisk stronk

  • 1:41 hey what the heckity heck was that Babs.


  • I think it was a digestive biscuit

  • Yep, my phone is definitely listening. I mentioned this to my sister on the phone the other day when we were talking about how much she used to love this movie. I see you remembered the drugs. 😎

  • As a kid i thought this was going to be more like a mushroom soup

  • Omg u did it!!!

  • Oh wow ...

  • I made this at midnight*without the sleeping pills* and it was great

  • The auto generated captions perfectly match the voice over, explaining how robotic this vsauce lookalike sounds like

  • Honestly old school animation like that looks so much damn better than the animation to this day still.

  • You know what funny i thought you where making the milk XD

  • Make a chocolate whipped cream to go with the hot vanilla

  • Am I the only one who's mind immediately went to epic rap battles of history, I think its the 'Ivan the terrible' one?

  • Why did I always think it was a savory dish? Kids don't know nothin' about nothin'.


  • Yak nog from how to drain your dragon

  • No. Dear God, please no! That was clearly a rich tea biscuit! Not a ritz cracker!

  • When I was a kid, every time I watched aristocats, I wanted to taste it too! I’m SO happy you made this video!

  • I’m a normal person, I see Babish i click

  • Okay but does that first recipe legit work? I can’t tolerate ingredients in real ritz crackers but I love them

  • Nib dick

  • honestly i would let the thing thicken a bit , just before it would turn into a pudding or curd consistency and it could be perfect to scoop with the crackers and add some bourbon or cognac to replace the pills...

  • yo forgot the sleeping pills

  • I've been waiting for these for so many years

  • You just did what I pretended to do basically my whole childhood. I’m totally making it

  • I LOVE THIS! I've wanted to taste this since I was a kid. We just got disney plus and this is the first movie my kids watched. I remember how good it looked when I was little. So I googled it to be silly and this came up. I WILL be making this for my kids😊 THANK YOU! ❤

  • *did you actually put pills in there*

  • Babish, any recommendations on alternatives to cling film or plastic wrap? I know a damp tea towel doesn't always cut it but I'm desperate to cut plastic out.

  • Replay button 1:42

  • God that's been awhile since I've seen that movie

  • Omg yum

  • I watched the aristocats last night and I missed it and I saw this and gasped

  • Missed an opportunity after adding the sleeping aids to pass out mid episode

  • When you meet the new kid at school and find out he claps on the plan 1:42

  • One thing that you can trust, when you watch Babish videos: Kosher Salt. Everything else might be different, but Kosher Salt is always there.

  • I agree