Binging with Babish: Backpack Recipes from Marvel's Spider-Man

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2018
More than once, Peter Parker takes a 'swing' (sorry) at hanging up the web shooters in favor of a skillet and spatula. And without wishing to spoil the entire game for you, he apparently makes a hell of a curry. Can he, however, atone for his failures in dumpling-and-wheatcake-making? Let's find out!
Dumpling wrapping technique:
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  • Very authentic recipe ( the dumpling ) I’m Chinese ^ and that’s how my mama make dumpling 🥟

  • the only reason why i watched this video twice was because spider-man reminds me of my friend who literally i ruined his life and now i’m crying so i need to make these foods so i can just eat my feelings..

  • I have never wanted something more than I want those dumplings right now

  • Is it just me or do you watch his videos and not even cook what he is cooking and just enjoy him showing people how to cook?

  • You don't need to pre-beat the egg before putting it in the dumpling filling. U r welcome..

  • at 4:05 wouldnt adding water to the oiled pan cause for some hazards?

  • When I make dumplings I am 100% using this video as a reference

  • No no no all wrong. Pizza time

  • Ya yeet seven club.

  • You know good and well those are potstickers

  • The wheat cakes are such a reference

  • Fun fact the name of the dumplings he made are called gyoza (jud-szu, soft u sound) my famil makes them for Christmas and whenever my grandparents visit! The recipe is fairly accurate but you can add a few more things in it to get more complex flavors! Well done to the producers of the game!

  • Ginger is a must of dumpling filling, I had anxiety when I saw you adding garlic but no ginger for the longest time

  • Babish cheated on tiny whisk with tiny spatula Tiny whisk: “BABBY HOW COULD YOU!?!” You broke his cute little heart

  • I’m gonna make those pork dumplings using your recipe for the filling and my mother’s recipe for the actual dumplings Nothing special flour, water, eggs, optional olive oil, no measuring my mother’s dumplings are pretty much just pasta that’s been balled up and boiled to dumpling consistency

  • When you over whip the egg whites they change in texture they’re kind of grainy and dry with all the liquid collecting at the bottom I don’t blame you for not knowing that you never would’ve fucked up thad badly

  • anybody else think he is sad?

  • I destroyed this entire game 100% completion. yea.. im fuckign dope

  • Get well soon

  • Make mega beef bowl from persona 4 or big bang burger from persona 5

  • Loved the video and your channel! I also have a video (or videos) suggestion! Quick note, I have not been able to watch all of your videos so you might of already made one of them. Ramen from Naruto or the Meatpie from The Seven Deadly Sins if you could find the recipes?

  • I mean peter loved those pancakes because aunt may made them for him all his memories revolved around them. Does it even matter if they tasted good or not nope. It was the thought that went into everything she did for him

  • Maybe I'm just a fatass but I don't see how every dish you make doesn't go the clean plate club

  • Request for- Literally any dish from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Anything you can get from Crusty Sean's food truck in Splatoon 2

  • Is Spider-Man’s voice Ben 10?

  • 2:18 garlic chili what now?

  • Ima just ignore the fact the dumpling looks like a calzon.

  • 1:38 (National anthem of America plays)

  • "I am an adult" "I am an adult" "I am an adult" "I am an adult" "haha. cock sauce."

  • Y is Peter burning down Michael Jordans apartment

  • I love cock sauce!!🤣

  • Aunt May approves

  • I thought spidey said “weed cakes” at first lol.

    • maybe he did...maybe that's why he liked them so much

  • I thought his name was actually Babish this whole time.

  • The best way to fold a dumping is actually not to wet the whole outside, but only half of it. Trust me. I have asian parents.

  • You should make tiny whisk merch

  • That’s pretty awesome for a first try with the dumpling wrapping. Mine looked like calzones lol

  • Why is no else questioning how he got a good first wheatcake the first is always the worst

  • Did he say spicy garlic cock sauce

  • Can we just take a moment to realize "garlic chili cock sauce"

  • Did this man just say cock sauce

  • I just love the shot of you leaning on the mixer and chilling, fighting the sickness.

  • “If you wanna make dumplings this is a great place to start” Guess I’m grinding for backpacks

  • Got the Spider-Man game for Christmas, loving it so far. Waited until I found the packs for proper viewing. Nice job.

  • Your dumplings look like pirogi

  • Never thought I'd hear Mercury sound excited about a pancake recipe. That's something I'd expect from Nora.

  • Chili WHAT SAUCE?!?

  • Aunt May would be proud.

  • As an aspiring chef with autism I have to say you inspire me quite a bit thanks for the entertainment and the practice I honestly I think I'm going to buy your cookbook

  • Chinese dumplings... i think they originate from poland in this form. Original chinese are i think in a form of a ball

  • You know as many times as I played marvel’s Spider-Man I didn’t know that these are actual recipes. Great video

  • @jeliah nation

  • @jeliehnation

  • I'd like to note that cooking isn't always about the skill or "how good" a recipe is and that those wheat cakes probably just reminded him of his aunt and home which made them something he was always fond of.

  • I’m gonna go and actually tr and make these West cakes never had them before but they seem nice

  • "Stiff... but not dry... what ever that means.." ;)

  • Also that’s not how u fold dumplings your not supposed to wet the outside of your wrapper and that u shouldn’t use your finger instead use the back of a spoon. I come from an Asian family and it’s a tradition for our family to make homemade dumplings but my brother can never do it (he’s two and a half years older than me) to where my mom soon gave up and gave him the “ crappy way of folding a dumpling” where you’d just connect the dumpling wrapper to make an X at the top.

  • i want a gif of babish resting on his mixer while it just constantly mixes for 10 hours (outro)

  • Doesn’t the “Stiff but not dry” part of the wheat cakes mean don’t make it too foamy? Like if you order dry coffee it means all foam.

  • he doesn’t know about the deathly Neplease dumplings. eat is today and blow it up tomorrow. repeat again😂