Bills vs. Browns Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2019

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
The Buffalo Bills take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • 5:50 The guy in the neon vest 😂

  • refs cheated the bills clearly

  • 1:30 they need more plays like that its meant for short yard plays but like the WR did it was made big yardage play


  • Scoring Plays 0:40 3:40 5:08 6:24 7:19

  • The coach is retarted they do stupid plays they can just get 3

  • Bills are in trouble.

  • Everyone meet Chub the latest version of Marshawn linch

  • wayment holup how do the browns have chubb and hunt???

  • As a foreign, i don't understand most of the rule. But this sport look good. And as i see, the defend of buffalo is good

  • The Cleveland Oranges lol

  • Mayfield getting carried with any other QB this team would be blowing people out

  • That announcer was awesome!

  • Chub has no red zone ability other than that he’s freaky good

    • Joey Stickay you obviously haven’t watched most browns games

  • I feel bad for Chubb. That dude goes 100 mph every time he plays but unfortunately he's driving the Browns. I had high hopes for Cleveland this season but between Baker's antics & immaturity and an obvious lack of cohesion somewhere in the organization they're still the same old team. Good win, hopefully something will click & they can get all that talent to gel & live up to expectations. But I doubt it..... Sorry Chubb, but you're greatness is stuck in the mire of mediocrity.

  • The play at 10:24 looked like the ball slipped from his grasp, a buffalo bill player got it before it touched the ground, and he ran it back for the touchdown. The officials say that was a forward pass, but the ball was going in an opposite direction from the brown player's body before the bills player got it

  • that dumb ass look the kicker gives the field gold when they miss!!!!!! lamoooooo

  • Cleveland has the coolest uniforms in the entire NFL

  • Baker you're a faker

  • Refs cheated for them losers Browns....that is clearly a fumble recovery for Bills TD

  • Love how a hand off turns into an incomplete pass. Cheap

  • Cheap win.

  • Buffalo Bills and missed field goals .... at least this was not a Super Bowl game.

  • Why is mayfield hyped straight trashboy

  • When your 3-6 and your receivers still celebrate that much for catching a pass it looks ridiculous

  • Hell of a game! Buffalo gave it all they had

  • Field goal kickers be struggling

  • How can you hate on Baker when he has to put up with that O-Line every Sunday & still comes out to compete

  • Hahah what an unexpected outcome I’m late just checking on the browns lol

  • Horrible game

  • Good stuff👍

  • Cleveland needs anew coach or they will never win a superbowl

  • what the point of having odell he never gets the ball!!

  • Cleveland win games off of other teams with mistake.

  • Lol mayfield

  • Mayfield is kind of fun to watch like a Ferrari car accident. He plays kind of trash sometimes but also has some stellar passes every now and then.

  • so much talent in Cleveland, if them dudes decide to stay a season or 2 and work together, their gonna be beast

  • Take the points and stop going for it on 4th down

  • Allen is a terrible QB. Bills could be a powerhouse with a capable one

  • At least the Browns are winning some games this year. This is coming from a saints fan.