Billie Eilish - everything i wanted | Reaction

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
Billie Eilish everything i wanted Reaction. Billie eilish reaction video.
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  • Creative ass genius!!!!

  • I really like your reactions, you instantly catch the lyrics and intelligently comment on them. The only thing I would say this time around is maybe have another look at the video (not necessarily as a reaction), it’s not as simple as it seems if one is focusing on something else like the lyrics etc. Look for the visual beats, which start right off the bat. It’s brilliant!

  • 2:50 “As Lonq As I’m Here No-One Can Hurt You” ...That Hitted Different !

  • Thank you for the comment about people being more inclined to sit by and record something rather than jumping to help. Such an accurate description of society these days, sadly.

  • fin e us

  • yo doc this is what joe said about em ..pleeeeease react to it

  • I’m curious what an Eminem and Billie Eilish collab would sound like?

  • Can you please react to this song

  • I needa Eminem ft Billie!

  • There’s a documentary called The Bridge about a guy recording all the jumpers from the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s got more jumpers than any other place. There is a scene of a photographer stopping the girl next to him.

  • you're are soooo good, i love your reaction, you're so pure with this

  • you really just said nothin but facts ! had to subscribe for that , nothing but love & positivity 👏🏻

  • Huge credit to her brother Phineas who co writes all her music and plays piano he doesn't get enough credit

    • Tyler Roach and produces all of their music.

  • Is this the first time he’s reviewed a girl? Correct me if I’m wrong

    • Doc Rich My bad Doc, keep up the good work

    • no, i've checked out billie before, young m.a, b.simone, nicki minaj, jinjer's lead singer, morissette, janis joplin, selena, lady leshur, etc...

    • He’s done Snow Tha Product a few times, not sure about anyone else though

    • harvey clare "corrects you"

  • you should check out aesop rock. pretty much any of his music but to pull a random song out id say "tuesday" from the album malibu ken, its his most recent stuff. skelethon is a great album.

  • Pls react to difficult lyrics by eminem it's a proof tribute

  • Thank you for reacting to this. Billie wrote this song after having a bad dream of committing suicide and no one caring. The chorus is exactly what her brother said when she told him about the dream. I wish more people would give credit to Finneas. Him and Billie are a team when it comes to writing songs and creating the instrumental. Will you react to the songs on her album "When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go"?

  • Love how you listen to all types of music instead of just rap like some other channels

  • Cmon new AK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #732Buzz

  • last part of your reaction, your words, they got me in the feels. Thanks for spreading the love and exposing the hate.

  • I love your energy it makes so much fun to watch your reactions!! I love billie to my cores!!!❤️

  • why tf do you got your eyes closed? this is not a audio..

  • Ok Doc I have a challenge for the Doctor. Please react to Bee Gees 'Too much Heaven' and let us know if you have ever heard a Better Male Vocal in any Era or Genre. Great reaction 👍

  • React to West coast legend DJ Quik

  • 👍

  • Can you react to Nightwish nemo or something from Nightwish

  • This is such a powerful song but then the video comes out and you're left speechless a fan now

    • Nicki Yeary agreed 👍

    • @James my ears love all music and no judgement to any style. Music is is stunning...and not meant to be stuffed in a box

    • Nicki Yeary believe it or not some people attacked me in a rap music video because my profile pic is Billie, they don’t know that it’s possible to like different types of music 😂😂😂😂😂

  • React to The Weeknd - Blinding Lights please

    • Julie XO that video was sick!

  • First!!