Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
HBO host calls the BDS movement a 'purity test by people who want to appear woke'; reaction from the 'America's Newsroom' panel. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews
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  • I think that lady hair color is blonde not brown,,,,, she is dumb!


  • Self righteousness PC scolds are all the rage these days. How many in your family?

  • Can I ask why everyone here hates socialism? I'm just asking why you hate the idea. And yes there is a difference between socialism and Communism. Us Democrats aren't that far left, we just want our government to help us out more. Plus the idea of having cheaper or free services doesn't sound bad. So can someone reading this comment please explain your perspective? Thank you. I'm putting this on multiple videos for different opinions.

    • According to Lenin, the Soviet* leader, socialism is a stepping stone to communism. Socialism destroys innovation. Socialism destroys free market economies. Socialism destroys humanity. Socialism can't exist without free market capitalism.

  • She is siding with an anti semitic...Haha. what hatred she has for trump is so obvious!!!

  • Jessica really is a joke she can't be this dumb


  • Typical liberal on the panel, watch her lie and squirm.

  • I see Jessica all I want to do is stop watching

  • That chick in the white dress is an absolute moron! She can't stay on topic, she can't make a cogent argument, and then, when she gets shut down with facts, she apparently thinks that whoever shrieks the loudest, the longest, wins.

  • sure get free medical, but let them in live for free

  • she is nuts, they are letting kids be born and placed in a room to die

  • All these women don’t have a good thing about to say about America! So if they hate it so much then leave. Despite the fact we gave them a place to go and probably save the life of them and relatives. Since they are “experts” I’m sure the country they left could use their “expert” advice. What the hell are people thinking???😘💩 there was no racial slur here. How about telling you obnoxious teenage if they think than are smarter and know than, “if you don’t like it leave” And if they don’t appreciate this country, best in world to live, SHUTUP OT leave.

  • 'Boycott. Boycott. Penalize. Threaten. You don't agree with me so you are a cretin.' Repeat endlessly through a bullhorn.

  • This foreign, foul mouth piece of trash is just a racist trash bag. It's all she talks about "color"!!! She is worthless and irrelevant to her constituency. TRUMP 2020!!!!MAKE THE LEFTARDS CRY AGAIN!!!!!

  • Maybe she should be so willing to buy my toothbrush and toothpaste or is she bias?

  • She has to be"ONE" of the dumbest Biatches in this Country. As a taxpayer, I do NOT feel it is any taxpayers responsibility to pay for immunizations, tooth brush, tooth paste, diapers and ect...after all, they dont belong coming to this country illegally AND they come with cell phones most of them, therefore they should be bringing their own toiletries, it is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY .

  • Any little criticism of Israel or dual loyalty or anything and these people go crazy. Ridiculous.

  • grow up woman! Get over your emotion! This has nothing to do with being a woman! It's the fact that you are so emotionally destroying yourself, it's that you have a lot of hate! Grow up!

  • Is she joking? Children are d going to die at the border because the US government isn’t giving children flu shots.

  • Eat each other like the rabid dogs you are. The left is a coalition of groups with nothing in common save their hatred of the right. Take away the conservative boogie man, or in this case (even better) have a president who smacks them down like whiny children, and watch them go after each other. This selfish power-hungry ideology that cloaks itself in altruism has to end. There has to be order, there has to be peace, there needs to be stability.

  • That woman is dumb out of context all kinds of dumb things IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CAN LEAVE THE PUBLIC ARENA dont like American you can leave it bye..! Opps wait your brain worked whats best for yourself. Yall arent telling the whole story. They put posters up in s.a. saying everythings free work for all. Given cloths shoes CELL PHONES numbers to call. They get here and figure out they were lied to.

  • So when an illegal brings in Typhoid....we can't talk about that? When an illegal brings in Leprosy...we can't talk about that? When an illegal brings in Measles..we can't talk about that? When an illegal brings in the Plague...we can't talk about that? The entire LEFT needs to STFU because they have totally given up any moral high ground they claimed to have. They gave up intellectual honesty and frankly...any shred of SANITY.

  • Jessica is the devil!

  • Jessica needs to Go Back To Where She Came From!

  • Jessica, you dont think theres a problem at the border.

  • Welcome to 'the post racial America' that Obama gave us.

  • This tarlov twit is a special level of stupid

  • Oh, you might find that you agree with Bill Maher more often than you think. He's a pure Likudnik.

  • Americans ain't really worried about racism.

  • It took America 300 years to beat racism down, then you throw your front door open and welcome another 400 years worth of problems. Your no smarter than the rest of the world, in 50 years there will be the mother and father of a Third World War, not that it will all be fought at home, but it will start at home over the larger part of the world, every country that opened their doors will experience combat hither to unseen. The enemy will be as in the war of 1775, except this time the American people will be walking in a straight line and beating on a drum, while the enemy hides behind trees and picks us off one by one.

  • America is dead. July 3rd 1776 to Oct 3rd 1965

  • Trump said Go fix your own country *then come back and tell us how it's done* Dementiakrats ignore that part.

  • Oh Jessica. If you weren't so hot, I would hate you.

  • Teach her something

  • Fox is mainstream media but they will try and convince you that they are not

  • This is awesome!!! Liberal Bill Maher and Tlaib going at each other because of her anti Israel policies and her not liking his criticism of her.

  • I believe there is a happy alternative to these shelters/cages/whatever you want to call them. Providing anything more than basic necessities is not the government’s responsibility. There should be allowable donations from charitable organizations to provide supplies above and beyond basics. Medical charities could support giving immunizations, religious/secular charities to donate food, blankets, clothes. And then, for kicks and giggles, take a survey of the political leanings of every volunteer to see whether more democrats or more republicans care about illegal immigrants.

  • Ive never been racist but the DEMS say that we are . Is there something wrong we me? Ill have to ask a DEM what im doing wrong

  • talaib hates this country and the people in it why is she an elected official?

  • Democrat Mascot = *Jackass* Republican Mascot = *Elephant*

  • That Tarlov lady seems off to me. Super emotional, and combative in all her arguments. Perfect example of a progressive liberal/socialist.

  • Don't fret talib. I had already stopped watching the show.

  • Ugly against uglier, the choice is yours. Both are very uneducated and dumb!

  • Excuse me, but you are illegally entering another country and you were too stupid to pack toothpaste and we're the bad guys because you didn't pack toothpaste for your kids you put in harm's way?


  • Get rid of the retart. Why do these news segments have one retart on the panel.

  • jessica you are in the wrong country you need to be in mexico or somewhere else

  • i agree.... nobody should watch bill maher... he is a big jerkoff

  • Talib is one ugly potatoe 🤔 she is so frumpy

  • Anti Zionism is pro semitic.

  • its the same way about the whites and Indians back in the day.the Indians must be right because they are brown.

  • it doesn't matter the color lady when you're a stupid person and you do stupid things you will be called out just like you just did by saying person of color why don't you say a woman of color neither one of those things matter what matters is what you do and what you say.

  • Wow that dem has no problem with killing of children as long as it benefits her...she probably doesn’t even cry at school shootings

  • What an embarrssment bill maher is .l suppose the south african boycotts were anti white . Listen to the things Netanyahu says on a regular basis , no prevarication there. The dismal vote on bds just shows the stranglehold israel has on congress.This is only surpassed by zionist control of the media ( yes the internet as well.) Its not about race, its not even about religion, its about a corrupt network of power and money; its not jewish, its israeli zionist.

  • So bill only acknowledges the wackos on the left when it effects his show wow such a hypocrite

    • he says what his limited fan base wants to hear

  • I fully support her.

  • People are not detained at the border because of their race. They are detained because they decided to break the law. If you want better conditions there, then stop whining and call your Congress Members and demand they resolve these issues and fund the border.

  • You have to have a drivers license to drive. You have to have a permit to carry You should have to get your American Citizenship if you want to live in this country.

  • Have a few Mexican co workers that are more white than all these folks on this video So skin color thinking is really weak And yes they are also blond hair and colored eyes too NOT EVERY MEXICAN HAS BROWN SKIN !!!!