Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
HBO host calls the BDS movement a 'purity test by people who want to appear woke'; reaction from the 'America's Newsroom' panel. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews
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  • How crazy have Democrats gotten. They are losing support of people like me who would have supported most of their policies.

  • if youre going to bds israel bc of their behavior you should bds the middle east en masse

  • Why is congress full of stupid assholes!

  • Even Maher can be right twice a day.

  • It's funny that they call border security racist. But if we had the same issue with Canada. We would do the same thing.

  • When nerds lie they think everyone believes them !

  • The woman race-baiter on your show should shut her pie hole we are over it

  • I can’t stand David Assman he’s always trying to portray himself as some sort of diversity king.

  • Dont invite that c un t anymore !

  • When Bill Mayer goes against the left for any reason, it’s something to be said. I normally do not agree with him on most things, he got it right on this one.

  • This guy is trying to make a point my using Pelosi and Schumer get real. If you don't know that Palestinians are prisoners in their own country and then call someone an anti-semite for criticising Israel for their treatment of Palestinians then you havnt looked into it cause every country in the world knows about just not the US what a shock

  • Hey, Jessica dipsh^t..Those people at the border are not prisoners, they are free to leave anytime they want..

  • Who is this Jessica b*tch?? First time Ive ever seen her..And I hate her f'n guts

  • If she’s talking about race and color. Why didn’t she speak out against Clinton 94 crime bill?

  • Woah, that lady is crazy


  • The squad they are not it was Obama who put people in cages and now you have China poison...

  • You can’t have a welfare state and open borders. It’s a recipe for failure.

  • They eat their on.

  • Is Jessica purposely honking her voice to sound like a 12 year old? She’s really out there... she’s playing the victim as they all do on the left.

  • Jessica could not be more wrong.

  • 4:00 I stopped watching.

  • Don’t panic everyone: it’s only a matter of time until Ilhan blows herself up

  • This world would be better without both of them .

  • President Trump was telling everyone if you don't like America, then you can leave America!! I will add don"t let the door hit you in the a**.!!! The ExDemocrat

  • Palestine is the ghetto of the Arab world and Talib is a perfect example of why no country wants them .

  • That woman's not talking bout when Barack had Mexicans in cages

  • I love seeing leftists fight

  • If your a guy run away from this women, shes nuts and I like crazy girls. She's the type you wake up at 2 am and shes staring at you, then comes her trying to change you and because you don't want to be killed. You say yes dear your right, meanwhile planning your escape to Mexico where she can't find you

  • I don’t know one racist person. America is in fact past it and these people bring it up CONSTANTLY, it’s all they see. It’s crazy really

  • If this government breaks down during a civil war they better hide heh.

  • The Democrat Party is The Butt Pirate Party

  • They pull the card out when they know they're wrong deep down inside

  • The young female in white listens in parts of what she wants to listen and respond to with anger and so much audacity without a logical standard resolution, she has no time to be happy..and to self-centered to come in a tiny agreement with anyone on that table..

  • Can someone shut that dumb b**tch up please?


  • If you stay in your own country , you cannot be caged here, and our tax dollars help the people of our country. If you do not like our country and agree with our constitution go live somewhere else. Those people coming across the border are not black or brown or white, they are native to North America. People who break our laws are caged, therefore you do not want to be in a cage stay home. Our border is not about race, it is about population and jobs.

  • Hey Jessica, you're so concerned about these illegal immigrants children. Why don't You pay for their flu shots

  • 'They' have planned to infiltrate for decades. 'They' do not like you, the country, or anything we stand for period.

  • The fascism of the left and the double standard of the left.

  • Idiots like her are turning people into republicans everyday.

  • Could that token Democrat woman be any more blatantly stupid?

  • A lot of Jewish families in Israel are Arab and Northern Africa descendants, labeling every Israeli as "white" is racist.

  • That's what he gets for being one of them. . Who he doesn't seem to like it now.. Hey Bill, who's your country?

  • What about the homeless, wouldn’t you rather spend the money on feeding and clothing and vaccinating them before spending it on illegal immigrants?

  • sexism and racism..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Bill is going to lose his mind one day and vote Republican LOL! VOTE THE RADICAL DEMS OUT OF OFFICE NOW!

  • You must forgive Tarlov’s hypocrisy, she after all represents the hypocrisy movement.

  • Racism is just away to get ahead.

  • That's one nasty looking woman or is it a man?

  • He's not telling "women of color to go back to where they came from". He's telling people who seem to hate this country and what it stands for (who in this case happens to be women of color) to go back to their country. If you hate it here so much why are you here?!?

  • Sick ok the race and identity politics crap lets get over it

  • I don't get America's fetishization of the Israeli State, Israel certainly doesn't care about the US. - we don't owe them a historic debt - and we don't owe them political or financial support in perpetuity... I don't sympathize with Palestine either - so it's not that. It's that Israel pays far too great a role in day to day US domestic politics and foreign relations. I'm tired of hearing about Israel literally every day... It's like the Neocon version of trans rights. We have tens of thousands of more pressing, more relevant issues to deal with.

  • As much as I dislike Bill Maher he does try to do a good job of hearing from all sides even though he does have his own opinions that I don’t agree with

  • Solidarity with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle-East.

  • That lady in white seems really unfit for televised public discourse. Adding literally nothing to the discussion except a mirage of outrage soaked with tears of which you would expect from a woman in the third trimester of a difficult pregnancy 🤰 combined with a salty woman who just started her nightmare/train-wreck (for everyone else) of a mensural cycle. She came off as either of low intelligence or low emotional maturity. Unbelievably disturbed, imbalanced and irrational. I’m glad there weren’t any weapons lay on the desk or near by.. Like knives 🔪 suicide vests or perhaps a grenade launcher. I’m nearly certain she would have lashed out in a violent rage accompanied by unimaginable amounts of blood and even more still the salty, soggy, tears of the oppressed. this is satire. deal with it.

  • Jessica Tarlov is beyond clueless.

  • Wow she's fugly!!!! No wonder Palestinians are willing to strap on a suicide vest.

  • These Democrats are so racist!!!

  • I do not Trust any Democractic polition For thr next Election I will vote Republican. Staight across God Bless America