Biggest Punts Ever Captured | NFL Punters

Pubblicato il 23 apr 2014
A 60-yd punt with 5.85 seconds of hang time. Marquette King of the Raiders and Jake Dombrowski of the Bills hit a few of the biggest football punts Kohl's Kicking has ever recorded while at our NFL Training Session in California.
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  • So that’s marquet king??

  • I just hit 36 miles 2hrs that good

  • I can punt over a whole football field

  • Dang it I thought this was soccer :(

  • There is a better video where they kicking into end zone around 75 yards at side angle. Pat wins it.

  • He has to think NFL players are getting blocked and tackled he's not

  • Never understood why a spiral mattered when kicking. Don’t you want it to be hard for the opposition to catch it? I can bang these kicks out with these guys. I’m looking for an opportunity. I can hang with the best of them. Soccer balls are a little heavier to hit.. I’ve been nailing 55+ since I was 13.

  • This makes me wanna punt a football

  • Good kick

  • I can punt 35 yards and I'm 14 n I look like a 18 year old. Can punt high and long and still 35-yard punt.low and long 40 yards

  • i wore normal shoes and kicked a 31 0_0

  • Our punter yesterday with us up 18-12 and 40 second left in the game his heels were on the 25 yard line and he punted it to the opposite 8 yard line. Greatest punt I’ve ever seen and he is a defensive end who just started punting

  • Never have I been so entertained by punters

  • Marquette on IR, lucky not to get cut this year.

  • I kicked a soccer ball about 5 years ago. It should be coming down in about 10 more years.

  • When a 57 5.28 punt is small, you are freaking insane

  • Ray Guy-like

  • My hang time is around 3 secs. And I thought that was good?

  • I guess they have never seen Pat McAfee

  • Those look like my high school kicks.

  • Why am I watching this?

  • Marquette is sure a great punter, but this year Townsend will be better!

  • I did a lot better than any of you all Amateurs I kicked one 1500 yards Yep 1500 yards and I am not fibbing. I was in a helicopter and my doors were open and I kicked the ball out and wow the freaking hang time was unreal. But no one will pick me up for a NFL team. Bummer

  • Wow 😲 can’t imagine those kicks cause I am like 10/11 and I kick close to the height of that

  • My friend kicked about as high as that but except on the ground Is that good?........

  • Final tabling MTTs and punting stacks thats what I'm all about

  • People saying aussie punters are better are dumbasses... the best aussie punters went in the nfl and did worse than these guys, the aussie ball is easier to kick and the statistics show it

  • how far should a 9th grader be able to punt?

  • its not that far, the average Australian rules football play can hit that all day everyday, and that includes the 2nd string teams

  • Imagine getting kicked in the nuts by these guys 😲😵😵😵

  • 3:04 I randomly guessed the hang time and got it perfectly

  • 2:05 this dude must bench 500

  • I'm in 6th and I can punt 39 yards with a hang of 3.92 is that good?

  • My longest is around 50 and I’m still practicing and in highschool

    • We have training and exposure camps across the country. Keep an eye out for our spring and summer dates soon on our website.

    • Kohl's Kicking Camps where is it?

    • That's great! Would love to see you at a training camp this spring/summer!

  • Anyone ever see that episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang tries out for the Eagles and Dee hits a huge punt in tryouts? The scout even says "holy s***" when she hits it. That first punt from Marquette reminded me of it lol

  • Pat McAfee could beat these guys easily!

  • is that Randall Cunningham?

    • @Chris 020509 he said he is going to play another year

    • ECWnWWF who the black punter? Nah he Marquette king of the raiders well I think broncos rn or retired

  • So close

  • Is the yardage accounting the 12-15 yard dropback in punt formation?

    • +Matthew633 We do not include this yardage. We measure from the line of scrimmage.

  • Great kicking !!!...Some serious hang time... just out of interest...check out 'Ben Graham's' super bomb of 105 meters

  • Where's Conor mcgregor at?

  • Damn the longest I've ever kicked it was 53.33333 yard . I only know that cause it was side line to side line

  • King is ripped for a punter, looks like Reggie Bush out there

  • any time someone takes stats off of a hand held stop watch i get a bit worried.

  • I kicked a 65 yard punt in a game and 60 yard field goals the first time I ever tried it when I was in 8th grade

    • The varsity coach from a different district was recruiting me a whole year before I was going to go into highschool and told me he was going to put me on the freshman team and see how I did and then bump me up to varsity mid season if I did great. Sadly enough, a few days earlier I agreed to move out to Cali to live with my dad. Dumbest decision I ever made.

  • show. me. the money.

  • 65.85 5.65 5.71 5.69 5.45 5.39 5.41 5.35 5.37 5.15 5

  • It's weird watching this video and realizing halfway through that it's your home town. I mean aside from being embarrassed that it actually took me that long to realize it, I was also confused about why two NFL punters are kicking at a random D3 private college

  • King was not in the NFL 3 years ago. Right?

  • hi

  • this is nothing, back when I was 8 I kicked a football and it still hasn't came down with a hang time of 7 years

  • 👱🏿king that's my punter

  • Marquette King all day!

  • lmao I can beat that. Hold my beer.

    • @ur real dad lmao xdxd

    • Been Exposed, so I Deleted My Account. L

  • Being a punter must suck because you only go on the field when your team failed...but at the same time a good punt can win a game, not directly but pinning the opposition within their 5 can make such a difference

  • Marquette gets that ball so high. He's one of the best at it. His hangtime must be ridiculous.


  • mf hit a 70 yard punt

  • Is it harder to kick further with an American football than with an Australian football, because some of the 12 and 13 year olds in my team can crack 55 meters (60 yards) and the biggest kick we have had in AFL is a 105 meter kick (114 yards).

  • "i kicked a football this morning. should be landing any minute now" pat McAfee haha

    • Trevor Bullis lol I remember that quote on a nfl films vid of punting