Bias In Medicine: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
John Oliver discusses the roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment.
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  • Mike Pence says that pesky menstrual cycles in women can be completely fixed with some simple electric tickle therapy. You can believe him, Jesus is his homie and told him so.

  • I was told that because of my lady hormones, I can't get my tubes cut until I'm older. Apparently there is great concern that I'll go insane with hormones and want to be pregnant in about 4 years. So until then, I can't get them cut because what if I can't make up my own mind? Clearly I'm just confused because thinking is too hard with my fragile female brain. Even though invitro and adoption are both still on the table.. This was by an older female doctor who CLEARLY had children and thought all women will want children. She was so shocked that I wouldn't want kids. I've also been told that even though my periods cause me to bleed so much I almost pass out sitting down and the pain is often so intense I'm on the ground in the fetal position crying, it isn't ok with my doctor that I take Excedrin the whole time to decrease the swelling (thus decreasing the bleeding) and lessening the pain.

  • Is john oliver trumps plan to reduce immigration? Every week is something crazy and I don't want to live there!

  • First baby I had was in central AZ and I almost miscarried... Doctor told me it was for the best and just let me continue labour in the hospital until my father in law stepped in and backed him into the wall with threats. My twins are now fifty.

  • It figures Western medicine isn't even based on real science, just the same white patriarchal hegemony. I'm sticking with Voodoo.

  • I realized lot of my "knowledge" about skin differences came from Reddit skin care threads😳. I found pretty comprehensive study about skin differences on Fitzpatrick scale (Skintype I to VI thing) 😰but it uses very unfortunate racial terms quite a bit despite being published in 2006. 🤓Study itself seems legit, but lexicon is what it is. 🙀

  • I have to say I am surprised about this information I work in the health care system and really the mortality makes me heartbroken

  • So glad John Oliver is mansplaining to me about this issue. I love tuning in and having this chipmunk looking human talk down to me about whatever his staff thinks are important this week. If this show was any more formulaic it would be on a chalkboard of some British dipshit classroom. Truly enlightening.

  • 1. I already see more Asian and Indian doctors than white ones. 2. Larry David is Jewish, not white.

  • Reasons why robots should replace most jobs including doctors nurses & cops because the amount of racism and bias is ridiculous

  • Im an indian muslim. I had eczema all over my eyelids. I went to the doc and she was biased. As muslim i wear the face veil. She made fun of my face veil amd told me i had eczema cos i wear that thing on my face. I told her i dont wear it all day long just an hr or so when i go out. But she cont. to make fun of me. I ended up giving her good in front of her other patients until she was sorry.

  • Sad that I have to watch comedy shows to get actual information.

  • As a Hispanic I must say they described our view of pain accurately

  • Are you the very same Samaritan soul Christ described in the New Testament? Do you create degeneracy to remove cornerstones in order to replace them again to make busy work for yourself? Work without faith is dead. The Catholic letter of St. James will explain it to you, if you're motivated.

  • Good discussion. A lot of the difference in medical study participation has been remedied in the past 20 years, but it's true that a lot of the research that came out before that (and which forms no small part of the medical curriculum) was based on studies conducted mostly on men. It's not only that doctors are people, and people have biases. But doctors are often old people, and old people often have fixed ideas that are resistant to change. And that is both in terms of biases and in terms of medical practices. Doctors often throw hissy-fits when hospital policies infringe on what they say as their own unique expertise, and as a result evidence-based practices replace outdated ones more slowly than they should. Standardization of practices is a fraught topic, and it's hard for the layperson to see why. Surgeon A won't do Procedure X in an ambulatory setting if the patient has condition Z, but Surgeon B will. It's a lot like the electricians who have been looking at my house recently. They're all licensed, but one walks in and tells me that everything in the house is a fire hazard, it's going to take $40,000 and I have to take out all the walls. The second one says that the first one was exagerrating, the walls can stay, and he'll do it for $20,000 no problem. Third one looks around, thinks the existing electrical work was pretty clever and the first two guys are trying to squeeze me for cash. If you go to one doctor, they say you need a surgery. The next says "start with physical therapy." The third says wait and see and gives you painkillers. The fourth says you're seeking pain medication and sends you home. They're all credentialed physicians, and they all think they're God's gift to medicine, and if the hospital comes down and says that everyone who presents with your symptoms should be referred to physical therapy as a first-line treatment, doctors 1, 3, and 4, will threaten to retire. It's absurd. There doesn't need to be as much variation in treatment as there is. That's how the bias gets in--because it's doctors going off their own instincts and the treatments that they personally know and endorse, and not doctors using evidence-based protocols.

  • As a researcher in the medical field I just want to point out that while we don't like studying women because of their pesky hormones, we don't really like studying men either due to pesky genes, pesky diets, pesky medical histories etc. We prefer to study the highly inbred offspring of a single mouse from 1921 called the C57/BL6. So women are not just men with pesky hormones, they are huge mice with pesky genes, diets, medical histories AND hormones! ;-)

  • america is such a horrible place and americans are often so, so racist. its so hard to get most to even believe or accept this.

  • What a god damn disaster the American healthcare system is

  • I like John Oliver's videos, but he is contributing to the opposite. Instead of encouraging people not to even think about skin colour, he is making them believe it is of utmost importance (which is not at all). Race is a social construct.

  • Funny, but the science in favor of 'implicit bias training' is shaky at best- more like a scam. And Wanda was funny, but pretending that simply being a black woman makes her an authority on this subject is ridiculous. It's also highly unlikely that these studies can entirely control for socioeconomic factors. I don't doubt that bias exists in medicine, but this is a highly oversimplified, biased, and cherry-picked presentation of a very complex subject, and one that supports a specific ideological perspective.

  • I found your religion John Oliver. It's called onolatry. You worship the Ass. I mean, you don't worship, you just spend every waking moment thinking about how to ape another's voice to create false images to attack in mimicry. ASS!

  • I don't know how many of my female friends got sent home because their pains were patronizingly assumed to be "women issues" or "women's emotionality" - makes me so angry to think about

  • How do you research your topics? They are so thorough. Can you pls tell me how?!?

  • But they do treat blacks and white different when it comes to blood pressure amongst other treatments

  • Racist leftist assholes made white men the new bourgeoisie and everyone else the new proletariat. Neo-Marxist cuckolds.

  • I have an objection, could be nit-picking.. His reference to a pictures of a male having a heart attack are from movie and TV shows. The most common symptom for both men and women is chest-pain. ( The extra symptom that women feel is nausea. A wrong diagnosis from one or a few doctors doesn't equate to bias in Medicine as a whole. I remember an episode of LWT where John spoke about science he was referring to how alternative medicine applies this sort of reasoning.

  • Our president thinks it alright to give substandard care to children of central and south Americans... and as goes Trump so goes the a third of America (give or take).

  • the more i hear about how corrupt this country is, them more i consider trying to save up enough to move to new zealand.

  • I'm a white dude from the South. If it ain't bleedin', I ain't going to the doctor....

  • Just out of curiosity, is it not even remotely possible that some doctors can be biased in the opposite direction? Like against white men? Are the judgement of women and person of color doctors completely objective and unbiased? I really would like answers to this. Because this episode just stinks of too much ideology.

  • I ghtought sex is a social construct - other people said that studies showed bias training was ineffectiv. Now sex matters and bias training works?

  • '.....assigned 'male' at birth...' stfu with that silly shit John

  • OMG! I can relate so much to that. I was going to various doctors asking to check my kidneys as I felt that something was wrong. Each morning my face was a bit bigger like filled in with water. And 5 times doctors refused to send me for tests with an argument "You don't have any problems. You're too young. Stop imagining nonsense and come when you have real problems." 3 years later I ended up in the emergency room with a huge pain in my stomach and got diagnosed with a kidney stone which was stuck on it's way out. That was on a trip in Ukraine and doctors advised to come back to Poland and do an emergency surgery there as I would have it covered by my insurance. I went to the Polish emergency room straight from the train. They gave me pain killers and sent home. I asked for the surgery and they told me "Are you a doctor? No. I'm a doctor and I will decide". I was coming back to emergency each day, sometimes twice per day, as I couldn't stand the pain. Each time they were sending me home after some painkillers which worked only for 2 hours. After a few days when I came, they refused to treat me at all as I was coming way too often. I had a pain attack directly in the emergency hall and fell down on the ground as I was not able to stand and bear the pain. To say that I was screaming from pain is nothing. The lady at the reception told "I'm not buying this. Stop that acting". Only after other patients started a scandal one of the doctors came and picked me up for a treatment. I ended up having at least a basic treatment. 3 weeks later when the pain was still there (almost 5 weeks after it started) the doctors agreed that it's not normal for a kidney stone to go that slow and approved the surgery. I will never forget how one of the doctors said "the fact that you're loosing conscious because of the pain means nothing. Maybe you're too sensitive and can't stand a basic pain".

  • This story is bullshit. Black nurses never gave a shit when my mother was suffering from a kidney stone for 20 hours in the waiting room. You know what is the problem? Dumb worthless nurses, we gotta start purgeling the useless ones.

  • It’s baffling that they think men and women have the same bodies whereas black and white people don’t.

  • I reserve the right to call my period the curse because THAT'S HOW IT FEELS!! lol Seriously, some women go through hell during their periods, so calling it a curse seems apt (only if you're describing your own period, tho)

  • I actually liked this vid...well done

  • Late night beefs summarised.. Jamie Oliver= AT&T Trevor Noah=Spirit Airlines CONAN=?

  • You pay for healthcare and you still have those problems...and you are all right with that? Jesus, what a shitload of a country!

  • this is so concerning

  • John Oliver is an untrustworthy leftist shit. What if black maternal death is higher for blacks because of health problems (e.g. obesity). Would this unscrupulous leftist shit mention it? No.

  • don't worry though guys systemic racism doesn't exist in USA! FACTS AND LOGIC!

  • So his argument for race disparities in health care are measure by mortality rate but for sex it's not? Cause women have quite a large advantage over men in that respect.

  • Dont even know what this red coat cuck is on about this time but I just wanted to comment to say how much this guys sucks and isnt funny.

  • here is the solution get the people who wrote the books

  • Omg!

  • You don't have to be black or female for doctors to ignore you. I went to Overland Park Regional hospital a number of times for tachycardia. They kept sending me home. I finally went to Shawnee Mission Hospital and they properly diagnosed me with Tachycardia and Afib, and I'm now on meds that properly control that shit. If the doctor won't listen to you, find an alternative. You may not live near multiple hospitals, but I guarantee that it'll be worth saving your life!

  • But white men don't receive free healthcare

  • 80%+ of Pregnant Woman and Virtually 100% of African American Woman are Vitamin D Deficient

  • I have a rare type of epilepsy and doctors have come very close to killing me or causing significant brain damage

  • i'm in school for medical assisting and we go INTO bias! this new gen of medical workers is making progress already, trust me.

    • Good to know! Can you share what sort of training is provided these days and how long does it last? How is the training tested?

  • I legit broke bones as wasn’t given anything for pain until I asked a white person in the ER to ask for me to get something. This is 100% true.

  • Here’s the thing. Everyone laughs along in horror about the misapprehensions re “thicker skin” but Black People are going to have different reactions and responses than, say, White people, just like men and women express heart attack differently. Between Blacks and Whites skin color is maybe the most obvious difference but certainly not the salient one. If you added the hormone melanin to a white persons pharma - well I would like to see what happens. But it wouldn’t make a White personal Black. And many, if not most, of us are more than one thing. Your race, your sex, and your family history and any available genetic information all matter. In general, we are more alike than different, all of us. Medicine isn’t able yet to qualify what symptoms are absolutely biologically racial or gender based, absent sociological factors. Maybe because even though we are mostly alike, everyone of us is different. Once upon a time you could expect your doctor to be an old white man. Woman are now a majority of med school admissions in all but the most elite med schools. It signals what we already know. Doctors are going to be paid less and be less revered. Medicine will be “woman’s work.” After all, the women are the “nurturers”. Men will do the important work of CEOing insurance companies and deciding how much you gals get compensated. When it comes to race and sex some of the goofiest stereotypes are true. That means they are generally true, which means always always there are exceptions, too many different kinds of exceptions to generalize.

  • this is a bullshit video, i went to a doctor for a ear pain and got no treatment despite being a man

  • John Oliver is one of the funniest people in the world, according to John Oliver.

  • I was discharged from hospital after having an ovarian cyst and was rushed back in two days later with insane levels of pain. The hospital ran 4 pregnancy tests because they thought it was a miscarriage despite the fact I had just had my period and they would have seen any pregnancy in the scan I had two days before in the same fucking hospital! Anything remotely torso related even with a history of gastro issues and they give me a hard time about admitting it might be a pregnancy

  • I vaguely remember when John Oliver was funny.

  • Never realized how much I would love Wanda as a co-host on this show until now.

  • What else is fun.. having a mental disorder and trying to go to the doctor. I’m aware it’s not everyone’s experience but oh my god I actually had a doctor roll their damn eyes cause I was in just to “complain” about migraines.. “so how’s your mental health?” Under control bitch! Focus!

  • Can we just have our country updated right now please 'cause we're done with everything being written out by old white men

  • I trust Doctors about as much as I trust the Police and Lawyers... which is not much. When I go into the Doctors office i have this mindset. I am the client and he or she is customer service. I question EVERYTHING they say and make them prove it. Then when they suggest some sort of scan or test I ask them how necessary it is and are you suggesting this test or scan because you are trying to make the hospital money? Do i really need it? Why?.... bottom line is they are customer service and YOU are paying ... you are the client.

  • There is a biological difference between people of every race. It leads to different diseases and symptoms. To simply say that we are all exact same is a very dangerous precedent.

  • Sounds awful and all, but all you've got to back it up are 1-dimensional statistics without any other factor being taken into account, and anecdotes. Bias training has been found to actually be highly ineffective or downright counterproductive (, and demanding fewer white/male doctors sounds very discriminatory...

  • Really Wanda Sykes was sent home after having both her breasts removed with only Ibuprofen? I'm calling complete BS on that. I'm not denying gender and racial bias exist in medicine, but come the hell on man. She may be a black woman, but she's also a fucking celebrity worth several millions of dollars.

  • i mistakenly read this as basil in medicine and watched this confused af

  • John Oliver is basically a communist hit man who gathers a lynch mob of thought. He's a blatant hypocrite.

  • Kinda wish we would have seen more expansion on bias. like weight, mental illness, and being LGBTQ, but im glad this is out there.

  • I wanted to get my tubes tied when I was 18. I asked the doctor if I could get it done, and she said I had to be 21 to do it. In the meantime think about it, she was convinced I was going to change my mind. Nope So, 21 year old me is sitting there after the exam and I ask can I get it done. Again she said I need to think about it and talk about it when I’m 25. Come back and she said no she wouldn’t do it because she didn’t want me to sue her if I changed my mind. Now, I know you’re thinking- why not go to a different doctor? I live in the middle of nowhere and the next closest provider was two hours away. I didn’t have the money to drive back and forth let alone the time off during the week. Well, because she didn’t want to I got to experience a miscarriage. The thing I wanted to avoid. My marriage end that day, my depression got to the point that I think of suicide everyday. But hey, at least she got paid every time, just to lead me on that she was going to do it. If you take the insurance, do your fucking job. I can give two shits and a nickel about your views on life. If you oppose abortion or women getting their tubes tied, yet get a profession just for that... there are not enough words to explain why your intelligence is shit. You want to save souls? Apply at a church or stand on the fucking streets. Don’t waste space, when there are other people that have no issue with those things. Did your parents use your head to play basketball as a child? Don’t lecture me because you had kids, and regret not having the balls to say you just want to have fun.

  • but i thought there was no difference between men and weman

  • It's really disappointing he's not going to cover the axis of chronic illness/disability and medical ableism. That's become especially relevant given chronic pain management and people who need painkillers finding their prescriptions restricted due to the opioid crisis. (Also, body size bias in the medical community to the extent that doctors don't know/don't read studies that suggest weight-neutral or positive outcomes in some situations, or where weight loss is prescribed before any other treatment, including for cancer or broken bones. Or, as they do bring up, the problem of people being unwilling to seek medical care when they know they'll be treated disrespectfully or harassed or given substandard care.)And we need coverage of how ableism and sizeism interact with sexism and racism in medicine.(PS: I do ask for my dad, who is a white guy, to come in with me to appointments; I generally won't talk to doctors alone anymore.)

  • Dammit. I thought he was gonna call out opera...

  • Um... there are cultural biases regarding some concepts that nurses should be prepared for. For instance, some Japanese will tend to avoid the number 4 whenever possible since it's associated with death. These are real things that medical professionals should be aware of so they can give the best possible care. Note that I said SOME. It should never be a blanket thing. Treat all patients equally, but if you spot irregularities in their responses, ask a question or two. Do not deny treatment or decide you know before you take the time to find out.

  • Omg couldn’t agree more. Thank you for doing this segment. Took 9 years to officially get diagnosed with my disease.

  • Had a friend go to the ER because she was having severe pain in her pelvis. She said she thought it have something to do with her ovaries. The doctor said "maybe you're just about to start your period. Just go home and take some tylenol." The next day she went to see her fertility doctor (she had been having trouble getting pregnant, unrelated) turns out she had an ovarian cyst rupture..."just go home and take some tylenol" ok

  • Bias in late night tv.

  • This is why I go to Planned Parenthood instead of the hospital when I need a check-up. I’m way less concerned about whether or not I’ll be treated properly.

  • Did these women who had heart attack symptoms get a troponin checked? Did the get a stress test? I can’t believe that these doctors would just go off symptoms alone.

  • Propaganda bullshit

  • Try getting assessed for an adhd diagnosis as a woman, and believe me, they'll usually just attribute your symptoms to anxiety, depression, and/or ptsd. Essentially, it's not that you might have adhd; no, you just can't get over your internal barriers.

  • What do you call a Veterinarian who is so stupid, he can only treat ONE kind of animal? Doctor.