Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
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  • Tried full assasin comp and won easy. Last rounds i only lost 1 or Max 2

  • The algorithm is working in your favor, found you through suggested videos. You don't need these titles man you're doing fine.

  • Akali and shyvana is sooooo op

  • dude is crazy. rageblade pyke is hella good. With any tear item like sojin, he's a BEAST

  • yo fogged I literally just got the most insane comp you would have ever seen

  • These titles are just cancer. They're worth a dislike alone

    • @Shatterstar _ amazing answer ! :) Now I know what kind of great minds get drawn in by these clickbaits - 8 Emojis in one sentence, your edge truly makes my day pal :D

    • ItachiEspada 😭😭😭😭 me hate words, they stupid, i dislike them and they no make me happy, need to be cool like me😭😎😭😎

  • Me: Best team possible!! Me the next day: Hold my beer 🍺


  • what is this game i missed the memo

  • Imagine you actually took those Blitzcrank's each time you had the chance - you would have had one super strong Blitz, or maybe even two.

  • Oh my god...the number of times you didn't take Blitz, only to comment that you really want him but never get him had me nearly punching my computer screen.

  • "I feel like the lulu" Fuckin cancer

  • Fire whomever does your titles or else I will unsub. Really hate these titles.

    • John Locke 😭😭😭😭me hate words, they get me so sad & so mad.😡 me want u change now, no more do what works, change for me or i will get so angry me will leave😡😭😡😭

  • I enjoy Fogged's content, but these titles make me insta dislike.

    • BAITHOVEN 😭😭😭😭 words are stupid, me no likey, i dislike & make things harder on u cuz i enjoy ur content but no enjoy words😭😭😭😭

  • You clown I don't want your fucking ugly face on the mother fucking map DUDE. Nice video keep it going like this. Suscribed

  • This mode is so rng based

  • how do you play that is not in the uk yet?

  • You suck at this

  • But... where is tryndamere???

  • Show off pirate 3 gunslinger 4 next please

  • Its official. LoL became Hearthstone

  • I think the lulu is doing work ! not even joking

  • Anyone else see that 6 ads?

  • fog more like fag

  • how much do you weigh you fat fuck LOOOOOL

  • Still win playing that bad..

  • I like your videos, fogged, but I really do wish your editor set normal titles instead of this. feels like a throwback to 90s internet ads

  • I had a Sorcerer game with one T2 Akali With Frozen heart and Guardian angel to Harass the enemy backline and slow the ADC attack speed. Her damage with the Sorcerer buff was pretty good as well!

  • You seem like such a square, no offence.

  • I am disliking every TFT vid until... Fogged stops playing? No! Until this channel resumes regular uploading of actual league videos. ;P Heck, I'd even be happy with less frequently than before he started, as long as there are still League videos rather than exclusively TFT content. And yes, I understand, TFT just came out for beta testing, and it's Riot's first ever game(mode?) that's not a MOBA. But I've already seen people play DotA atuo-chess, and I find it boring. Same with TFT. I'd probably watch Fogged play other games besides League, just not this one. And this game is all the channel's content recently, so there you go.

  • 25:19 Hit-Kill OMG Chogat 1x9

  • Can you please go back to regular league jesus

  • Is he gay or something ?

  • Nope the Best Como is asasin + imperial but with draven that have item that make him asasin So he get bonus so its 4 asasins and 4 imperial 8pp izi to get... If we gave dracen the crit items it makes him a monster with this asasin buff(+350% crit dmg)

  • look about right for one of my league games -gets 1 shot by fed rengar- D:

  • The moment he uses old akali Picture xD

  • How do you play if pbe login times are so delayed?

  • Honestly these titles make me not even watch the videos anymore....

    • TheHawk686 😭😭😭😭 me no watch anymore, words hurt my eyes to much, why words are bad, change for me cuz i important😭😭😭😭


  • Please play regular LoL again!

  • Xd

  • You will be the nb3 of tft if you dont stop uploading your tft videos with the title "best comp/team possible"

    • Yollomaster Inswagginees 😭😭😭😭 me no like words, they stupid, u better change or u might become rich & successful, change now cuz i say so, i warn u😤😭😤😭

  • Can't get anymore creative with the titles?

  • at least akali is good at something :D

  • Nice akali on the thumbnail.

  • Virgen

    • Manu Hernandez whats a virgen? i know what a virgin is, but virgen? or are u just stupid.

  • 11:10 i thought there were only 13 champs how so many

  • Why do u have old akali in ur thumbnail T_T

  • Why you gotta use old akali art for thumbnail, getting me upset man :(

  • I might come back to league because of this mini game. seems more fun than the actual game

  • Do you know why you have to wait so long to be able to log in to the pbe? I see an accountant who says I have to wait 20 hours for me to let the client in.

  • will there be more champions?


  • This guy's voice makes me want to stab myself in the ears. He sounds so condescending with everything he says....

  • Keep them coming!!!!

  • akali sitting ontop of the t3 garen silencing him low key won you alot of games

  • Bruh how did you even get on the pbe

  • when i played ppl who went the full assasin teams did well the first half the game but fell off when ppl got tanky or stacked items on mages like kass and sol or adc's like vayne and lucian (tho the comps would still insta kill one or two units, but then die themselves)

  • Your clicbait is cancerous af, unsubed

  • man pathing in tft is kinda bad, makes units afk alot. pathing in league is a lil wonky and i see they are keeping it the same in this one.