Best of Pokelawls 2018

Pubblicato il 1 gen 2019
Here it is. A 40 minute compilation of all of my top clips of 2018! I hope you enjoy.
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  • Slightly lower

  • What game was he playing at 30:27?

  • does anyone know what vigor's vrchat avatar is called

  • 20:48 eey thats my clip FeelsGoodMan Clap

  • what were all those girls actually freaking out about xD

  • 13:47 bro u need to play that game again

  • Anyone see Kokichi just waltz by at 4:00 ?

  • What game is that on July 31 2018

  • seeing all dem boys together again :)

  • I have a feeling Poke has become the bad guy from the good group in VRChat

  • Whats that chicken gun game poke is playing with xqc

  • 28:15 what's the background song???

  • your favorite clip

  • I'm seriously disappointed, Poke. I didn't think you could stoop this low, and honestly, all my respect for you has diminished to nothing. They say don't get to know your heroes, and today I learned this lesson the hard way. Your description clearly says this is a 40 minute compilation, when in fact it is 39 minutes and 33 seconds. Folks are just not the same nowadays.

  • The last one holy shit


  • 28:27 my favorite

  • 13:48 yo that was pretty dope.

  • "I told you i was 16" .... "Hello??" AHAHAH

  • Why tf is Alex in here he relays off of cow chop to live now

  • loli long legs will haunt me for years to come

  • The feeling that I was there PepeHands

  • 13:42

  • Animal Crossing music makes everything so comfy

  • Am I the only one who was shocked to not see any of banana and woops in this video?

  • 10:56 11:22 and 17:29 were my favorite

  • 18:30 poke sounds like Frieza😵

  • So many hilarious moments. The one that always gets me though is where you ask that short bodied person in VR chat that is on the stairs to follow you. They walk up the stairs and their legs are ridiculously long and you start dying of laughter.

  • Sanic the Armadillo

  • Holy shit the good ol days of vrchat

  • They way you ran in the mosquito repellent clip had me dead💀

  • 13:43 clip from where?

  • The clip at 11:21 killed me when i first saw it and did it again this time xD

  • What’s the vr game he was playing when he was making that beat at 13:50

  • First 12 minutes of this are great.

  • Mini was cool the few clips she has shown up in, is she ever around nowadays?

  • Anyone know the song at 34:16 ?

    • gino rosario It's Bliss on Mushrooms by Infected Mushroom & Bliss :)

  • Poke can u add me i want to show u my avatar it'sreally funny

  • whats the game at 30:26 ?

  • Best Clips are 1:47 and 6:33

  • love your vids

  • Now I see why Poke left OfflineTV. They are too PG for him. None of these moments would have been possible if he stayed.

  • 13:43 - 14:43 was the coolest thing ive seen in a long time

  • Where's woops

  • i fucking loved 2018

  • Vr chat "oh she's the good one" when you thought you were muted

  • The face palm was a madness 😂

  • Poke let's be friends. Im serious.

  • Much love Poke! Hope you have a great 2019 man!

  • Good old time

  • i loav u

  • yo can you actually release that song at 13:45 tho? lowkey fire

  • So many good memes came out of 2018 holy shit 😂👌

  • 14:20

  • my favorites 8:07 28:27

  • Vape nation

  • the music that was muted in the last video is not muted for this one... monkaS might get flagged

  • That clip wen you said Hi Mark

  • 4:14 plays it off well

  • Was Banana Bread wiped off the planet