BEST OF JUNE 2019 in The Voice

Pubblicato il 2 lug 2019
In this compilation we spotlight the BEST performances of JUNE 2019 in The Voice.
1. Sheldon Riley sings ‘Frozen’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Paz Hanim sings 'Figures' (The Voice Israel):

3. Yahto Kraft sings ‘Royals’ (The Voice South Africa):

4. Jack Vidgen sings 'Hello' (The Voice Australia):

5. Brenda Carolina Lawrence sings 'At Last' (The Voice Italy):
6. Uni-Ma sings 'Believer' (The Voice Israel):
7. Tasché Burger sings ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (The Voice South Africa):
8. Atanas Kateliev sings 'Impossible' (The Voice Bulgaria):
9. Zeek v.s. Lara sings 'Lovely' (The Voice Australia):
10. Naomi Giladi's sings 'Freedom' (The Voice Israel):
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