BEST OF JUNE 2019 in The Voice

Pubblicato il 2 lug 2019
In this compilation we spotlight the BEST performances of JUNE 2019 in The Voice.
1. Sheldon Riley sings ‘Frozen’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Paz Hanim sings 'Figures' (The Voice Israel):

3. Yahto Kraft sings ‘Royals’ (The Voice South Africa):

4. Jack Vidgen sings 'Hello' (The Voice Australia):

5. Brenda Carolina Lawrence sings 'At Last' (The Voice Italy):
6. Uni-Ma sings 'Believer' (The Voice Israel):
7. Tasché Burger sings ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (The Voice South Africa):
8. Atanas Kateliev sings 'Impossible' (The Voice Bulgaria):
9. Zeek v.s. Lara sings 'Lovely' (The Voice Australia):
10. Naomi Giladi's sings 'Freedom' (The Voice Israel):
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  • I still think that Sheldon should sing the phantom of the opera...

  • Sheldon and Jack are the best! Austria is good for talent

  • Why are there no voices from The Voice of Arabs, each of the videos😐

  • Why are there no voices from The Voice of Arabs, each of the videos

  • Why are there no voices from The Voice of Arabs, each of the videos😐

  • 6:55 o cantor parece o Ken da Barbie kkkk

  • There is no country named “ Israel “ , Id really know where these auditions came from kkkk,,,,,,, savage killers .

  • My wish to the world is no more fighting. Instead, sing. The talent that is around this little blue planet that we ALL LIVE IN is fantastic. How about we all get along. Talent Talent Talent. is everywhere. 🎩

  • When sheldon sings frozen... It just... I can feel it... It hurts:)

  • Jack Vidgen, it was pretty Awesome😍😍

  • The best Selection............

  • why judges looked until they press!??

  • 0:27 what a shit!!

  • It's Palestine you bitches ...

  • He sang Hello with a little too much joy..its more of a mellow song

  • The Israel is terrorist


  • 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • I love all great voice

  • I dont now men, every year i get back my fe in imanity thanks to this momentarily random people.

  • The girl from Italy was awful. They must have crap music If that’s good in Italy.

  • Its really F-in sad that even in something like this that has nothing to do with politics theres always a few in the comment section that have to change that. Yes eventually if they havent done their service time they will need to but if given a choice Israelis would rather be on the beach then in Lebanon, Syria or the gaza, etc. They want peace while u arabs/muslims want to terrorize the planet. Good that the world knows the difference and will always support Israel. From an American of Israeli background. And if u Palestinians instead of supporting terrorism use the money thats given to rebuild your future state u would have peace

  • I hate george

  • 5.19 he's so sassy

  • すごい!

  • That hello ...

  • Babe from Israel sounds and kinda resembles Jesse

  • They are all winners ... Incredible singung .. amasing voices 😊

  • first one is Shinigami :))

  • sorry but .... what is israel !!!! i've never heard of it looool

  • OMG.. her voice so unreal (2nd singer).. much love!!!

  • Australia 2014 is more better and the coaches are amazing. FROM Philippines

  • That girl Lara from Australia 🤯🤯🤯

  • Italy had me 😴 😴 😴

  • Lol @ 2:40 they actually let them say the F word live 😂🥴

  • петушня какая - то ...

  • Israel é demais

  • Love israel audition

  • Muito bom, sensacional.

  • Israel's girl voices is wow ....

  • SHELDON ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Чувак с ковриком на голове, нет?

  • der Dicke aus Südafrika is ja übel, der hat doch nix by the best of zu suchen

  • Girl from india wow

  • Yesterday i farted in a bus and people turned around felt like i was in The Voice..

  • Fuck israel

  • Jack Vidgen ❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️

  • 3rd singer imitates kz tandingan

  • Yallah, yallah Israel 😂

  • Oh my the first onw hit me so hard 😍

  • The girl in the second song her name is Paz hanam

  • a lot of gays in australia

  • JV got the most unique voice the best cover of hello.

  • Is it just me? Or paz hanim really look like Anne Curtis?

  • 7:28 that face xD

  • Zerek berek.... Блин, запутался в комментариях... Где наши? 😬

  • I saw white walker i click...

  • Am I in a junkyard to hear some tin cans colliding and sending out tinkling?

  • The best one es sheldon r

  • El me hipnotiza...