Best Of Honda VTEC!!

Pubblicato il 9 gen 2019
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K20 Turbo testing @0,4-0,5bar antilag test #2


B20vtec Turbo 463hp dyno


MUST SEE!! Turbo Civic Embarrasses Shit Talker SICK!!!

Outro music was provided by NCS
Song: Turn It Up
Artist: Anikdote

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  • Honda needs to make more rear wheel drive Vtecs!

  • ★★★★★

  • Fwd burnout is one of the lamest thing ever existed

    • I'm not meaning to sound rude or anything I'm just saying

    • @Riku Lähteenmäki you know just because you've owned cars and motorcycles doesnt actually mean you've done burnouts

    • @The StangTruck17 ive had my drivers licence little over 15 years now and owned many cars and motprcycles. So u can guess have i done any burnouts

    • Have you ever even done a burnout in anything

  • 誰が一番バカか、ただのバカ対決?

  • I laugh at 7:20

  • Nsx squad at malaysia guys😎

  • 6:36 a goddamn crv boiiii ! wonder what kind of setup he done with the car.....

  • red car at 2:31 definitely heard this guy coming, "hmm let me change lanes and die real quick"

  • nice

  • Kick

  • 3:52 it sounds like civic from nfs payback thoo🤣🤣 now heat is come out👍👍👍

  • 0:39 OOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!

  • RJP headphone users

  • Just so you know I only subscribed for Honda content 😘

  • 4:46

  • Nice .. watch my channel and subs :)

  • 2.23min demmmmm

  • Lo de el bonete me paso aajjaja

  • Upset that the new civic si has no vtec but a turbo instead

  • 0:36 My earsss, owwww, broooo, I have some high quality skullcandies and WHEW I about DIED

  • Japan forever ♥️

  • as powerful as supra

  • You don’t simply experience VTEC, you try to survive it.

    • VTEC = Virtually Torqueless Engine Crutch. Why do losers chose to spend wayyy too much modifying the most garbage grandma cars ever made?

    • Um ok unleash all 120hp

  • 2:25 clear music...

  • 6:27 moving forward.

  • Morgz : i copy MrBeast Powestroke : i copy BoostLust

  • R.I.P to my phone speaker

  • bad boostlost copy

  • "Nigga just got embarrassed nigga!" .. best moment ever 😂😂🔰🔰💯💯

  • 0:45 wow 🤯

  • But nissan r34 always inside my heart😃i have one...

  • Vw gol compilation pls

  • your font style sucks and is barely readable

  • Yes sir!

  • Never underestimate the power of a Honda can reach specially if the Honda is a NSX Sleeper

  • 2:47 xenon headlights?

  • Apparently they make boost gauges for V-TEC now

  • wtf. that hurt my ears i use headphones hahaha lmfao

  • 0:01 the moment when v-tec hits and has a powerful stroke (thats both wordplay and a joke dont take it to seriously)

  • I laugh wen i see "R.i.p headphone users" lol like shit aint nun loud nuff 4 me lmao

  • In 6:36 the guy loooked like he was shifting like a ricer

    • qlwz modzz 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Elvin García37 ride that gear till you get traction 🤣

  • Redline everyday 😍

  • 1:15 sounded like a jammed printer trying to punch a fucking hole into the paper. i love it

  • 2:03 that NSX sounded absolutely wicked, almost aventador like but with a slightly different tone

  • Good thing the channel isn’t called torque stroke xp jk love the vid

  • 4:51/4:58 best shit ever de da de

  • i lowe you

  • Assholes.. They make a car like rocket and killing people

  • “VTEC” *has turbo Honda’s with VTEC Killer Cams etc* smh

  • VTEC. Hold you steering wheel for dear life from torque steer 😊

    • @Jackson RRXT I hear u. Hondas were the first thing I started modding. VTEC. Bwahhhhhhhhhhh

    • Eh, it's not THAT bad...

  • 6:02 I can believe that is at Malaysia Bcs that a proton wira past by 😂

  • Would be title better as best of 2 step

  • 7:05 Cocaine abuse🤖

    • PullTab Fever that nigga str8 embarrassing with his Honda Civic slow ass🗑bucket

    • 9:09 IS COCAINE ABUSE!!!!!!

  • Selling the s2000 after 10 years of ownership. Best. Car. Ever. Can’t convince me otherwise. 10 years of ownership and not a damn thing went wrong on the car

    • Nsx?

    • Honda's man. Can't argue with the results. My CBR is a beast. My TL was wonderful to drive. Love my ISF now but there's always going to be something special about my TL.

  • Honda owners: what is traction

    • Vasilis T omega lol

    • VW owners: why the check engine light always turns on? Lol

  • dude, choose a different font to destroy

  • 2:32 ok that’s better 😂 I’ll admit my car can’t do that

    • Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • That's that bad it's evil.

  • 🤙😎🤘🥃🍺🍻