Best Fails of the Year in 2019 (So Far) | FailArmy

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
2019 is going by fast! Check out the best fails of the year! We have put the cream of the crop all in one gigantic fail compilation featuring skateboarding fails, basketball fails, hilarious pranks and more!
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  • 1:33 - When somebody pauses your game right in the middle of your dunk.

  • Dumb ass with the milkshake blizzard

  • 2:14 I can't even😂😂

  • Nikez bien. Vous étiez cool ava't

  • Most of this was achieved with teen stupidity and alcohol

  • 5:22 running way from my responsibilitys be like

  • 1:08 that guy for real stupid

  • 5.15-5.21

  • kein geschmack

  • 2:13 lol the way the girl screams😂

  • 2:13 what is this?

  • 1:53

  • 7:11 that is easy and fun to do, I do it whenever I eat Pizza, Tacos, and Burritos. My mother and coworkers don't like it though Lol.

  • 4:40 lololol I can’t.

  • On some the clips u should go back on it throw slomo

  • 7:08 i best win!

  • The bodybuilder fail was was the plug sticker one..

  • 1:53. Your parkour is trash

    • They are french :D

  • except for some secondes BULL

  • 5:03 thats what she said.

  • Almost choked on my starburst

  • I remember when u was original and didn't post the same videos like 6 times and cutting it differently

  • 5:50 how did that crack

  • Man I love gravity

  • Cringe 😬

  • 4:24 lol

  • None of these made me laugh

  • 😊😁😂🤣

  • 4:55 😂 I’m dying

  • 6:40 that is the farthest thing from a fail I have ever seen

  • 0:25 where the board at tho

  • Pls could you watch my video . It’s only 5 seconds so it wouldn’t take any of your time . Please , it would really help

  • Chick in airport is cute

  • Stopped following this channel about 2-3 years ago when it started to be really boring and not funny at all. Came back to see whether anything changed since then, but sad to realise that the channel has never been this low in Yt history.

  • 4:41 godzilla sounds

  • Lots of clips are repeated from your other videos. Crap content.

    • Techie Yeah that’s kind of what the title implies...

  • follow my


  • 5:44 heard kannada😍

  • that dudes lucky he didnt break is neck with the tire

  • You might say that guy was trash at parkour

  • I screenshoted Most of them and save them in notes so my family can see it

  • Anyone have the original video link? 1:29

  • ??

  • 5:17 :D:D:D

  • What’s that place at 2:15

  • 4:54 why was his initial reaction was to shove it in his mouth 😂😂😂

    • Force of habit 🤣

  • My my cousin's watched this video

  • 1st video yum. I love sticking my dick between my girls ass and humping it anyone else do or am I the only weirdo

  • 6:40 I deadass though that he was swimming

  • What even happened in the last one

  • 9:04 There is no need to kneel for a prom date. Simp.

  • Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the, floooooor!!!!

  • I love how people think they can do things but can’t 😂😂😂😂

  • 5:36 - oh the phisics, always her

  • 1:47 - Everything have a purpose to be there hehehehehe

  • 😂😂😂that mallet to the face! 6:48 🤘🏻😂🤘🏻😂

  • 0:24 Instant Karma

  • There is no bigger eye sore than a trampoline with a dumb net around it in someone's yard.

  • 4:22 I felt that....