BEST BLOCKS From 2019 NBA Preseason

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
Check out the best blocks from the 2019-20 NBA preseason!
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  • Blocks are good. 10-23-19.

  • Did they give credit to Giannis for that block? Cause that wasn’t even him that made that play but the commentators talking like it was Giannis lol

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  • What I dont understand is why nab players have gumshields when basketball is a non contact sport???

  • That Bam Adebayo Block 💪💪

  • bam's gonna be great

  • If you get blocked... Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • Go to china. Sellouts.

  • was Deandre on this video?

  • Man, white boys getting denied like bad credit cards

  • Communism will always lose libtards

  • NBA hates America... "Chinese have BIIIIIIIIIG PENIS" - NBA CUMrads


  • Fk China and fk the NBA

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    • @Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer you're a harmless npc liberal who won't do shit. Fk your liberal revolution with MAGA condoms puto

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  • Ban the NBA for bowing to Communist China's demands. THIS IS AMERICA.

  • 3:32 “nO sOuP 🍲 fOr yOu”

  • 4:26 when Mr. Rodgers ain't want you as his neighbor no more

  • Where's zion getting blocked by murray?

  • That philly guy really was the best one here man wasn’t afraid of possibly getting dunked on and blocked 3 attempts

  • this is free season

  • Where's the Fox block???

  • Ben Simmons fucking hawked down Terry! Lmao

  • Just wanted to say that the NBA sucks and free Hong Kong

    • @Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer , NBA does suck and free Hong Kong

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  • They playing in China or the US??

  • 3:50 am i tripping or did he say nigga?

  • 1:58 giannis is a blocker

  • Commies

  • 1:18 did I really just hear that

  • Stand with Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  • get off of my lawn, says the white man

  • listen to 3:50

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  • 2:42 Kawhi play for 2 teams now

  • I am love the Basque Ball regards from Venezuelan 💪😀😁👍

  • For a second there i thought Aminu is Kawhi 😂

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  • Steph curry blocking kcp🤦🏾‍♂️

  • It would make my day if I could get to 10 subs

  • respect.. nice to see Curry here

  • FREE HONG KONG. The NBA stands with the genocidal government of China AGAINST democracy!

  • Having DJ and THE FRO guarding the basket for us is gonna be scary for the rest of this league, LeChina and all of em better be careful...

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