Pubblicato il 12 dic 2018
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Track: Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (feat. Jex) [NCS Release]
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  • I'm afraid, I'm very sorry.... But fuck Marquez

  • The music totally kills the video excitement 👎🏻👎🏻

  • Rossi Penakty

  • Rossi you are a pig! Leave the motogp, you are a ridiculous! You are finished jajajajajjaa

  • 93 is the best pilot, looks like that drive a rally car,brilliant!

  • Rossi pengecut main curang mental tempe

  • no no no no Rossi, Marquez crashed because your foot kicked his handle bar, DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY rider you are Rossi I was a fan but not now. In 1999 you conspired with Caparossi to win the 250cc title but running road block against Harada Dirty racing then, dirty now. you need to retire

  • E qui nacque il " bimbo minchia " …..per tutta la vita bimbo minchia.!

  • there was no needfor music in this video !!

  • Rossi being a total dick there. He knew he would not be able to beat Marq on a fair race.

  • Marques a jouer et il a perdu

  • Why this stupid music?

  • Me encanta Rossi y es mi ídolo pero hay fue un auténtico hijo de puta. Se vio muy superado. Muy mala imagen para por desgracia

  • Rossi past his best ,shows Marquez why Rossi still the GOAT

  • Pantese tembak mati rider seng model koyok ngono kui....

  • complimenti al 46. un'intera carriera cancellata con un calcio.

  • This is the moment that Rossi loss his Motogp World Champions because Marques was helping Lorenzo become Motogp World Champions.Unrespect for Marques

    • rossi dragged or pulled marques to the edge of the corner and made him to fell by him self it is awonder ful and magic revenge by the doctor from marques

  • I was Rossi fan, but that was not good riding? wtf dude markes made a tone of crash situation during race and fall down because of that

  • Fucking Rossi.

  • Rossi loser 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖


  • It's ossmm video. It's a on more link i think u visit it frind

  • The music could’ve been edited down a lot quieter 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • gary spencer The owner can’t because then it would be copyright unfortunately.

    • Down to mute.

  • Era una bella lotta , peccato che l,asino Valentino ha deciso di scalciare.

  • I think wat marques did to rossi 2015 is UGLY. . Not wanting Rossi to get his 10th title. . This ll be a black mark for marques all his life. . Even if he beats agastini. . But honestly 2015 belongs to rossi

  • nonton 2019

  • Aqui murio la leyenda de vale.

  • Which circuit and year was this ??

  • Without music it would be way better!

  • Rossi waited for Marquez in the corner and kicked him because he can not win against MM !! Rossi is a shame for MotoGP

  • What a clown Marquez, people they know that he get 2 titles doing tricks with Lorenzo

  • Annoying music. Too busy on the ears.

  • Marquez ruined this sport...

  • 93FC

  • Kaki rosi setan

  • No Rossi didn't hit Marc he said get away from me 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Rossi deliberatly run Marquez off the track! No question of it if you look at the slow motion. He made no effort to avoid contact or give Marquez room. Giacomo Agostini wouldn't ride like that, nor would Mike Hailwood, Phil Read.

  • 7:28 Rossi deliberatly run it out wide and pushed Marquez off. Rossi should be disqualified from the race. Rossi has done the same numerous times to Max Biaggi and also Casey Stoner, so you can't let that sort of behaviour to continue on unchecked. Otherwise it creates an environment of every man for himself regardless of pyhsical contact. If you can't pass cleanly without physical contact or forcing someone off the track, or creating an imminent high speed accident on purpose then it shouldn't happen.

  • An unbelievable example of talent on a freak of nature level!

  • Incredible, Rossi is born for this, get out line, or get in line!

  • It is awesome but I can only hear bike racing not music.

  • Plz dont add music bcoz we cant hear that monster engines

  • Fuck marquez

  • Rossi is GOAT

  • That was a jerkmove from Rossi at the end, he completely cut-off Marquez and in the replay it also seemed like he kicked him in the head.

  • sad moment for me

  • Luar biasaa

  • 93

  • That was the day, Marc lost all of his chances to become a legend....He is great rider, but he will newer be a legend.

  • Here's a thought. Leave out the damn music, so one can actually listen to the announcers and the awesome bike sounds.

    • Eriq-the Great loved the music first song added to desperate intensity

  • Question! (riding dynamics) "If" riders didn't hang-off, same bikes riding upright, how much would it slow them down? Of course lying on the tank, just no body positioning.

    • The G's on your body is quite a lot when you are in a turn. So the positioning also helps w/ you being grounded. Both to the motorcycle and the pavement.

    • Short story is it results in a crash. High side or low side would depend on the circumstance or sequence of events that occur when you start your turn entry. High side crashes throw you, low side crashes you basically go skiing across the pavement. Most likely low siding though...if you could pull it off without a crash, your speed wouldnt be affected so much but your handling is very compromised. Your goal is to keep your weight on the inside of the machine.

  • Too bad Valentino decided to play dirty, it would have been nice to see them end the duel.

  • What the f**k were you thinking adding that ridiculous background song.

  • Maledetto figlio di coniglio

  • Remove controls to Marquez he would not finish a single lap. Remove it to Valentino, he would win every race.

  • Skrg mah diasepin mulu rossi. Mending pensiun aja pak rossi. Makan kacang sambil nonton Gp kan enak

  • Rossi takut kalah sm musuh beratx mainkan lututx.

  • VR PUERCO tiraste a Márquez y no ha sido la única ocasión. Jódete perro que ya tiene 8 títulos mundiales y tiene 14 años menos que tú 🤣🤣🤣 disfruta viendo al mejor piloto de la historia arrebatando todos los títulos que tú ya no conseguirás 😌

  • Jelas berani bettle laah .. Jatuhpun gk ada pngaruh di poin marc .. Coba klo sama2 kejar poin .. 😂😂