Pubblicato il 12 dic 2018
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Track: Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (feat. Jex) [NCS Release]
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  • Wtf rossi?

  • Full suspense race

  • I didnt notice pedrosa and lorenzo

  • Sejak saat itulah sy mulai gak suka sm rossikil krn ternyata dia gak bs bersaing secara fair play jg ternyata dia punya mental kerdil.

  • That was intense

  • Rosi lo patio es un cobarde

  • I hate rossi than marquez.. Marquez is the best

  • Good job Rossi

  • Hate the song of shit

  • Marquez yeah

  • Fatto bene

  • "One is 22 , one is 36" 😮 mind blown of the young man's talent. R.I.P. N. Hayden also 🙏 cause he was a great rider and my last name is Hayden (not related)

  • 6.40 a fucking dog

  • This is one for the History Books

  • Marquez estaba jodiendo a posta se nota

  • Man on commentary Rossi didn't intentionally tangle with Marc Marquez Lol it's completely visible he pushed him with his knee this is a biased commentary FU nerd

  • Ve fizik kuralları diye birşey kalmadı.

  • Rossi is good but kicking Marc not cool at all. Both are brilliant riders

  • bagus dan lebibagus

  • KunTravacy!!!

  • Fabio already break the Pedrosa Fastest Lap record...Pedrosa 2015>Fabio 2019

  • Song title? First

  • 12 seconds of that music...and I'm out....fucking idiot!

  • Kicking was against the rules right?

  • The best ☺️

  • Narrators are so annoying I want to hear the engine not middle aged men's voice.

  • 💪46💪

  • Rossi is a bitch

  • Valentino rossi x siempre mi favorito 🏍️💪✌️

  • Stop that fucking music


  • My goal is rider

  • Rossi Tossi, cry baby sore looser, just admit it Rossi, you are not the champ anymore, you do not have the riding skills Marquez has, so now you resort to dirty tactics to win, shame

  • is it allow to shoot some one like this ?

  • Is this road rash? Hahaha

  • Everyone thinks this is a battle, but in reality MM was passing (with much contact) then slowing to block Rossi and letting him pass, then to pass him (with much contact) again. The people that can see that always say "why would he help Lorenzo?". The answer is, He did it to help himself. He wants to beat all of Rossi's records, and didn't want him to win another championship.

  • to everyone says its a good battle they are wrong...marq just harasses rossi, its stupid to do this king of fights with 18 laps to go, if they kept this up, they would had run out of tires and finish at 7-8 place. both of them could had won the race if they didnt mess up with each other

  • Rossi ass holl .

  • 6:42 rossi kicked marc out

    • @Slim Shady hahahah hai perfettamente ragione

    • Giovanni Pietrantonio andranno tutta la vita a pensare in questo modo, non ci possiamo fare nulla, saranno rubati pure i tifosimerda di marquez😂

    • Wymiatacz Plays go watch a video about it, there’s an italian video, just put subtitles

    • @Wymiatacz Plays before insulting me, you must go to an oculist... Marquez went into Rossi's leg, making him lose his balance: Rossi, in order not to fall, in recovering the balance that Marquez had made him lose, accidentally hit Marquez's handlebar, causing him to fall. So, Marquez caused his own fall with his riding. Before talking, look carefully fool


  • When Rossi said come on I am damnnnn... Bruh

  • V guy

  • 8:18 rossi push marq use 0.25speed to look rossi always break rules have another race with marq rossi just ride short cut to be champion

  • No wonder he got so many haters though he got many world titles now

  • Wtf with song!!!

  • Rossi

  • Background music is annoying 😡😡

  • biker kick the other biker at the moment fall..............7:22

  • oh wtf this is pretty cool

  • I wish they had left out the music. Let us hear the music of the bikes.

  • Rossi = trash. I remember seeing this live. Guy should’ve gotten 5-10 years for attempted manslaughter.

  • How?

  • geez damm retarded music over commenting...

  • Honda is Honda

  • I'm I'm

  • Good

  • 46 the best =)

  • ใช้เข่าดันแบบนี้ผิดกติกามั้ย..???..

    • @DUCATI 959 PANIGALE 🤣

    • @Namwan mini ไม่รู้ไม่ต้องตอบก็ได้ แหมนึกว่ารู้! 🤣🤣🤣

    • ไม่รู้สิ

  • 8:34 justice kick !

  • *What does it mean when Rossi up his left arm?*

    • @Dave auf dem BMW Marquez isn't without fault. But ya, if someone pulled that on me I'd want their head.

    • If means Rossi is a punk as we see shortly thereafter.

    • Rossi took a clean turn and Marques tapped Rossi's rear. It's a slight tap but at that speed plus full lean you feel it BIG TIME. He's basically saying "wtf!". Losing to someone out braking, turning or corner shooting you is one thing but most ppl know to back off before you make contact. Rossi is known for his hyper aggressive moves if you press him and Mark was clearly doing that 6:25 moving into him off his line multiple times. Rossi's retaliation was extreme though because one of Marks moves was unintentional but when you're fighting it out that hard for so long tempers are extremely high.