BEST and WORST 1 VS 1 Brawlers! 1v1 Brawler Tier List (Brawl Stars)

Pubblicato il 11 apr 2019
Here I go over the Best and Worst Brawlers for a 1vs1 situation! This is very important to know to win more fights in brawl stars. I rank each brawler from 1 to 24 and put them in a Tier S through F, and go over what situations each brawler needs to be successful in a 1 v 1 in brawl stars. I hope you enjoy this 1v1 brawler ranking and thanks for watching!
BEST and WORST 1 VS 1 Brawlers! 1v1 Brawler Tier List (Brawl Stars)
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  • Which Brawler do You find the most success with in 1v1s??

  • Shelly 1v1 mknster

  • Why does Pam team so much,if she's so good at 1v1ing?

  • I think he killed me with El primo

  • Are you jealous of Shelly’s power?

  • Worst list ever.....

    • @BeryAb I know it's old but it's bad even for that time

    • @Andr3o n3dic That does not make sense at all. It's stupid to hate on a video that is outdated. I mean, because it's old, you can not blame it on the video itself.

    • @BeryAb i don't care i have my opinion

    • It's outdated you cement head

  • Where was Bibi in this list?

  • Video: *1v1 brawlers* Also video: *Has gameplay with Cory killing teamers*

  • shelly: worst basically everything explaining how op she is: *am i a joke to you?*

  • 3:23 god dammit you were wrong it's the ability to spin

  • No f tier brawlers Tick: am I a joke to you

  • Gene should not be that high he does so little damage at long range and someone can heal up behind a wall also

  • So I know I'm late, but this tier list doesn't really make sense, because it depends on how skillful you are with the brawler, and on the situation

  • And I thought Pam which is my first epic is bad..

  • I agree with you on piper! I tried to push level 3 piper to 300 in showdown and it was extremely hard.

  • dinamike clutch - 4:07

  • im suprised no one said this about shelly she can win with her band aid (update for the video)

  • *couch *couch where’s Rosa?

  • 2:41 it's normal Piper evertime got a low posicion(tradução:e normal isso a Piper sempre ficou numa posição baixa)

  • Where the fuck is Rosa?

  • I dont know why but this list just suck no offence

  • El primo is from the worst brawlers in brawl stars

  • *Tick has left the chat*

  • You missed rosa

  • Tu a un hmar

  • 1:02 Mortis clutched

  • 3:48 that play tho...

  • YEAH BO!!!! 💕

  • For me crow feels extremely powerful in 1v1s fastest movement In the game good range with good damage and poison and his super makes him able to assassinate any brawler that's been chipped or escape a bad situation

  • 3:55 Deymaj

  • How about you make a video for the people who don't pay to win and can't get star powers ?

    • @Raheel Abeed Alam I don't think that more than 20% of his viewers see this game competitively and are maxed out . So why not cover a topic which concerns a broader audience ?

    • That's not how the competitive scene of games work. If you're not maxed out, nobody can help you.

  • Lol I thought Shelly was the best

  • BS Community and me:Carl is broken ne needs a nerf SuperCell:"Gives him a buff" BS Community and me: am i a joke to you?

  • Dynamike's dynamite gets stronger if your too close to it

  • I just disagree with shelley

  • #1 Rosa

  • But u gay

  • 1. Rosa

  • Naw fam Shelly is op she counters Leon super well and a bunch of other brawlers

    • If you keep your distance, everything will counter Shelly. Even Bull and Primo

  • next best anti-teaming brawler i think best-jessie worst-leon😱😱

    • *cough* smoke bomb *cough*

  • I forgot last brawler for s tier. So i thought that’s Rosa and that was Darryl 😐

  • 8:03 he has the fastest moo speed. What are you talking about?

  • Dang coach. Usually spot on. But this vid was almost inverted for me. Colt can wreck most and get thru walls. Rico can bounce. Piper bombs are lethal. We are nearly opposite on this list my friend

  • Watching after carl buff

  • shelly should be better

  • How is shelly last?

  • Every body miss thiccochet

  • Penny's advantage is the money that appears in her attack that can make a burst damage

  • Good

  • He’s list is not giod

  • 1:04 illumination confirmed

  • Gene is trash

  • Seriously.... Shelly the worst 1v1 brawler.... ur "pro squad" Is sh**, shelly is the only brawler that can do wonders using her super, mortis it nowhere near B tier. 14:13 , if El primo has his super he can win almost every match up. Isn't the same with shelly because shelly can 100% win every match up she faces and btw gene is nowhere on the S or A tier. What did u smoke while making this list?

  • Rosa:Hold My Beer

  • LOL that Night witch mortis had 1 hp

  • The list is made by his preference not actual 1vs1 shelly is the worst and bull is 14 and darryl 4 just wow

  • i am groot

  • Bruh im a expert rico

  • 0: Rosa

  • Rosa comes she is the 1v1 monster