Best 50 Plays | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Pubblicato il 18 giu 2019
Check out the best 50 plays from an action-packed 2019 postseason!
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  • I hate Indiana Pacers

  • 2:08 like a boss

  • GET 2k20!!!!

  • GET 2k20!!!!

  • GET 2k20!!!!

  • There is something ab the raptors commentator that I just like

  • Raptors winning the title well not this year the clippers will

  • what it doo babyy

  • The big tits woman by 2:09 rip haha

  • Where's Luka?

  • Yall missed Siakam breaking Embiids ankles

  • Not a single play from the nets series

  • Watch Patrick McCaw leave the Raptors and win another championship 😂

  • Whenever someone tries to tell y’all that this playoffs sucked because there was no Lebron, show them this and slap them

  • Dear NBA highlight team, Thank you so much for including defensive highlights. Let's continue this trend.

  • The rel big man kiw

  • Half of the video is thon getting shitted on by giannis😭

  • Joel embid went from flying to crying

  • Giannis was picking on thon maker

  • Giannis hang time is WOW 😨

  • Where’s lebrons highlights

  • Whats going on with my man in the Raptors shirt at 14:50

  • Kawhi could have at least given the Raptors the opportunity to defend their championship title. He played a whole country letting them think he was even considering staying in Toronto.

  • 0:04 I Love It

  • Let see that. 07-22-19.

  • Best plays looks like a normal game back in the 2k's......

  • lupit ng playoffs

  • Giannis travels all Time i never hear something about that suckers


  • That moment at 5:00 when Marc Gasol was the first player ever to be taken in by Embiids Pump fake😂😂

    • What do you mean? Embiid’s a great shoot and his pump fakes’ really good. He’s faked out a lot of people with that pumpfake of his

  • It should be called the greek freak highlights with other highlights added in 😂

  • Can't wait for playoffs 2020 best plays.. Lebron vs Kawhi act 3

  • Penes gordos negros y peludos

  • MAN kawai broke 3 people's ankles at 8:12.



  • 2:10 Lillard showed no love to the girl lol

  • Lol damn giannis really didnt like thon when he was on the bucks huh? Lol

  • smh,, so shook rn

  • 스테판커리 섹시하네 나랑 나중에 결혼하자

  • I feel bad for Lebron but I think Clippers going to win 😭

  • 15:03 Even the security guard is looking on!

  • It sucks not seeing Lebron on these videos

  • Should've been way more Fred Vanvleet 3s against the Bucks and Warriors in this highlight package. #thedisrespect

    • Straight up disrespect by the NBA.

  • 5:39 the crowd only politely applauded that monster dunk. you can even see on the reverse angle there are so many empty seats

  • Andre of the most under appreciated players out here!

  • 2:11 Damian just passed by a gorgeous lady

  • 3:00 espremeu a laranja !!

  • 7:34

  • This was a treat. Shout out the editors for putting this together. Didn't realize how much i missed lol

  • Aka Giannis Highlights

  • 5:34 mccollum airlines!

  • Joel reaction at 0:26

  • iM a kawhi fan , but damien lillard is a fukin burnin spear thrower

  • Your last number of like is who you are in the NBA. 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. LeBron James 4. Kawhi Leonard 5. Kevin Durant 6. James Harden 7. Donald Trump (Lol) This is only for fun.

  • 1:32 Ganja *White* Night & Buds. The arena knew that slam was coming

  • What a postseason

  • 2:09 - asian man what's good brah. 2:10 - hot ass chick and mom hold my beer.

  • Isn't is game winner of Kawhi , he travel

  • Lol the Nets had no highlights to be shown