Bernie Leads Yang, Buttigieg And Warren Among College Students

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
There's a big group of Democrats out there looking to send Trump back to the golf course, but in order to do that, they will have to win over some college students first in this edition of "Doin' It Donkey Style." #Colbert #Monologue #Comedy
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  • Bernie!!!!!

  • Andrew Yang. Humanity First.

  • All of these corporate goons are lying about the polls. The truth is Yang is way out in front with anyone who sits and listens and isn't hopelessly ideologically entrenched. Yang dominates the internet - Bernie might be pulling up a far away 2nd place but nobody else is in site. That's the truth folks.

  • #Bernie2020

  • #BigCoatGuy2020 hahaha

  • Big coat guy 2020 😂🤣😂


  • Late Show ever shown anything intelligent on Yang?

  • Guess what before Jane Sanders bankrupted Burlington College. Carina her daughter was funneled students and money to Vermont Wood Working school she Co owne's with her husband. 500k in student money was embezzled off Burlington College. I wonder if Bernie will hug and support the victims of the sexist attacks his Bernie Bros did to citizens. So Bernie has lots of scumbag sneaky supporters. The kind of sociopaths that think they are immune and justified in their attacks. " Please show us on the Teddy bear where the bad Bernie Bro touched you " 😂😂😂😂

  • Omg Pete absolutely has RA energy

  • Yang is def fun funny. Too silly. Watch Andrew's interview after the last debate *Adrenaline Gone Wild* Yang was high! High on serotonin. Whatever you think of his plans, Yang will not be #46 POTUS. Please #VoteBlue =)

  • ima donate to big coat guy's presidential campaign. someone give me the link

  • Yay Bernie! He is the only one who gets my vote! Maybe Pete shouldn't be corrupt and then he would get votes.

  • BErnie 2020

  • Bernie....while you still can....a candidate like this comes once in a lifetime!!

  • Bernie 2020 🤗🤩🥳🤪😜

  • So can we agree not ALL media is in on this blackout of Bernie? Clearly Colbert and other comedians acknowledge him regularly

  • You ought to endorse Bernie, you sell out. He likes all the stuff you preach on your show. I can't decide if it's because your own taxes would go up, or if the people who own your channel dictate what you can say.

  • Yes because Bernie is a political hero for decades

  • Kimmel had the whip cream thing in unnecessary censorship. Came out pretty funny...

  • Go Bernie!

  • Everybody send a postcard to the White House. "RESIGN"

  • Maybe college students know, as many of us, that Bernie is the only one with a solid record of fighting for ALL Americans and know their entire future is dependent on Bernie to save their lives.

  • Bernie or BUST 2.0!!!!!

  • Another college student here. #1 Yang #2 Bernie #3 Tulsi -Footnote: 2016 - #1 Bernie #2 Bust

  • Yang was high AF, ya'll.🤣

  • they accidentally made an innuendo that yang and the kids.

  • Yang for President!

  • I just know Big Coat guy would be a better president than Trump 🇺🇸

  • But how many of the college students will actually vote?

    • More than before Trump... if they're allowed to and not disenfranchised by Republicans.


  • How can we avoid saying something too postive about bernie Lets diss on the other candidates


  • Yang is just a tax and spend idiot who thinks money fixes everything instead of using his brain anyway.

  • Watching in over and over again Loving this Yang's campaign scandal! The big coat guy is Zach the Guardian! Thank you Steven! Yang2020! This is the kind of hot-headed scandal I can definitely live with

  • TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clearly Andrew Yang is from the Golden Deer house.

  • is stephen tipsy?

  • #YangSTRONG #YangSMART Freedom Dividends IS NOT A HANDOUT, do your research...without us as customers who buys things on Ebay or Amazon...they wouldn't be a billion dollars companies, SO YES we want our shares of the investment! Because had they been paying their taxes all these years...the government wouldn't of been as greedy(maybe) and not raise taxes on us or cut fundings from educations!

  • Good point Buttigieg is not really experienced enough to order around and take importance over doctors, generals, Seal teams and scientists. It's supposed to be a big job for the top boss to do.

  • Funny how Colbert went from being the best late-night political satirist to being a centrist stooge unwilling (unable ? = advertising $$$) to do what's right.

  • This poll puts #AndrewYang2020 in 4th of the Democrats, and this poll includes the President in second place. Here is the link with the full poll slide within the video. #YangGang

  • Bernie Sanders is the only one that will beat Trump

  • I like how they show a video of Andrew Yang with voters, but not Joe Biden. Please watch the MOST LIKELY democratic nominee call a voter at a local gather "fat":

  • Bernie's leading with college students and working families because his policies work for them and he fights for them. Mayor Pete works for 1 billionaire donor: McKinsey and ignores college student's problems of massive debt., health care and income inequality. Pete's a fraud.

  • I would never do what yang did .. only done it to girls

  • Jon Batiste gives me life.

  • Comment

  • Clever graphic that quickly covers up Yang ahead of Mayo Pete. You serve your masters well. #yangmediablackout

  • "Why are they kneeling?" I love it when Stephen goes for a joke.

  • #feelthebern #bernie2020

  • It is interesting to observe, how Colbert tries to promote mayor Pete and make fun of Sanders. Papa Stewart would call BS on that.

  • Yang is the only one even taking about doing UBI which is inevitable in order to transit to a RBE. Please check out this and more with The Venus Project!

  • Whoever wins the INDEPENDENTS has a CHANCE at beating Donald Trump....America is not ready for socialism (whether you believe it works or not) yet. Bernie and Warren are not going to win the independents. Yang actually has a chance at it.....Democrats, choose wisely

  • 1:38

  • Mayor Pete, Andrew Yang and the rest are big fat Zionists. Bernie isnt. #Bernie2020

  • That nod to filming multiple episodes in one night...

  • Bernie is, perhaps, the most authentic candidate in the field...

  • Im so over with talk about politics. 3 years is quite enough. Can we go back to having Colbert going ‘undercover’ with pubic, and we can have a break and a great laugh? Colbert is fantastic with these, love them!

  • bernie sanders 2020, he has a no bullshit mentality and I like that.