Ben Simmons is hitting 3s according to Tobias Harris | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jalen Rose, Ryen Russillo and David Jacoby react to Tobias Harris showing confidence in Philadelphia 76ers PG Ben Simmons.
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  • Are all these the same people writing the same shit every day? You guys are digging quarries to mine for dog shit. You should be fucking rich. Can't one of you do a 'day in the life of a tonedeaf, munchkinesque, IT-tvs Ben Simmons, poo-grain-slingin, microscopic boing-barnacle on Simmons bobblin scrotum, harlequin be'trousered genius?' I'll subscribe. I mean it. Link me up to your account. I want to see your mute, ear-wax nibblin, Christian, tone-deaf, pigeon chested, short-limbed, big shoed, knock-off, discount, giveaway, dollarstotí Loobradoe, rubber necking, water tower seeing, erect, cretinous, the flamboyant, uncooperative, uncoordinated, uncooth, unfriendly, poorly lubricated, under construction, underdone, mountain dew sucking, fat, dime picker upping, moist pizza, pizza dropping, pizza face, pizza haven ass head.

  • The Lakers were in shambles. Magic came, LeBron and AD came thru... Magic stepped down... Mission COMPLETE.

  • I saw Ben Simmons kicking 3's in the hoop

  • Ben Simmons is hitting 3’s according to Tobias Harris............when wide practice

  • My dad hits 3's. He's 50 an a mechanic.

  • Haha Cal and Jay podcast on PodBean literally saying the same thing

  • I'll believe it when i see it

  • bullshit clickbait title

  • He said Two... In a In a Row nigga.. Stop throwin shade..

  • Sure he is. 2/100 counts too right?

  • Yup, and Lonzo Ball can hit free throws in practice.

  • What do I have in common with Ben Simmons? I've never made a 3 pointer in the NBA.

  • Tobi just lookin for a new best friend since bobi left

  • Jalen is 10000000% WRONG. Jared Allen should NOT have been in fucn summer league.......HE IS A FUCN NBA STARTER ON A PLAYOFF TEAM THAT JUST LANDED KYRIE N KD......not the same era and Jalen hadn't shown what J.Allen has shown this far into his NBA career......horrible analogy Jalen! Smh

  • I believe it when i see it.

  • Simmons doesn't go from not shooting a single 3 in a game to being a 3 point threat in 2 months. Impossible.

  • Ben Simmons finally makes two 3's in a row in practice and his teammates have to brag about it

  • Yeah so what? He's hitting threes in the offseason..... big deal. I heard this same b.s. last offseason also. Lol. Hoed that work out. I have heard from people in the know, that he won't do things unless he can be the best at them. And because he knows he can't be the best at shooting threes, he hasn't wanted to do it.

  • I'm an overweight 5'7" guy with about a 2" vertical, 3 torn ligaments in each knee, and a bad back that quit competitive basketball after 5th grade because I was awful... even I can put together a streak of 2 or 3 3's occasionally in open gyms. I also can jack up 3's that go over the top of the backboard or completely airball. Let's wait to see if he can do it in an actual game lol.

  • Ben Simmons need to hire Mr. Scoot Scooter as his new shooting coach.

  • Look if Blake Griffin could learn to shoot, Ben has no excuse

  • 170 mil for a dude without a 3 pointer made? That should be the league minimum now lol

    • anujR magic didn’t have a three point shot initially.

    • deon yang shaq wasn’t a point guard and the league is completely different now

    • Shaq didnt hit threes he got paid

  • man up and take some jumpers DURING THE GAME. Nobody cares how many you make in practice. Its one thing for you to shoot a bad percentage, and a totally different thing for you not to even try.

  • Like in a game ?

  • Why Harris look 👀 and sound just like J Cole that’s wild

  • Let's talk about what the kid has going for him: - Best Floor game at the PG position in the league (passing, defense, and rebounds as a package) - The most athletic PG in the league other than Russ - Top Triple Double Threat at the PG other than Russ - One of the VERY SMALL AMOUNT of players who can defend all five positions - One of the top 5 floor generals in the league. With all these score first PG's, one of the rare pass first PG's left. - The biggest PG in league history. His primary position has been PG his entire career. Magic was the biggest until Simmons came down the pike. So DESPITE his shooting woes, he has all this shit going for him. It would be nice if he could AT LEAST have a respectable midrange shot. Enough of one to keep the defense honest. If he does that, then he could be a top 5 player in the league at some point. If he DOESN'T he can still be a perennial All Star and future HOFer. There are MANY PLAYERS in the HOF who AREN'T superstar level players. PLUS if u go by numbers, Ben is a TREMENDOUS all around player as it is. 17 PPG, 7-8 dimes, 7-8 boards are impressive ass numbers. Great passing, rebounding, and defensive PG. Just needs to up the ante with scoring skillset. The fact that he gets 17 PPG on 56% FG WITHOUT an outside shot or effective free throw shooting says a lot in A SENSE! It means AT LEAST he's hella efficient getting into the paint!

  • J cole gunna make the Sixers a championship contender

  • Yeah in PRACTICE

  • Tobias Harris sounds like J. Cole

  • I see him takin lik 70 attempts and makin around 25% of them tbh

  • Wtf tobias Harris sounds like J cole as well😂

  • Why was Jarret Allen in summer league!??? He’s the best player in the league!!?

  • The only time Ben Simmons shot a set 3pt shot was when LeBron stood off him and the ball went in the rim and then rattled out. Ben can shoot 3s he just doesn’t lets face it

    • He’s like 0/12 on WIDE OPEN attempts. He can’t shoot lol

  • He literally just needs to shoot 3s He doesnt even need a mid range. He can get to the rim almost at will, its just when he’s open just get a 3 up. I aint mad

  • Did anyone else see that pig flying this morning 🐷 ✈

  • Yu kno you can't shoot when Yo teammate brings up 2 3's yu hit wide open in Practice 😂😂

  • This guy is really j cole

  • Yeaa hes hitting 3s at the garbage can across from Susie's desk

  • Just because it’s philly... we talking ‘bout practice?!?!?

  • Arguably one of the biggest names outta Philly didn’t need no damn, “practice?!”

  • Shid he got a 170 mil extension without one so I’m sure he could careless about a jumper 😂😂

  • It is a good news if it is true and make that sixers money worth it.

  • 76ers still talkin about practice..

  • In 2k

  • He gonna work on his FT% too?

  • If it aint from Chris Boussard id believe it

  • Honestly I’ve seen him practice in person, twice. He bricks and air balls 3’s just like in the game. It’s not a psychological problem, he literally CANNOT shoot. He also shoots half court (or longer) shots one handed with his right hand. His father did a terrible job of showing him how to shoot, but even worse he’s shooting with the wrong hand.

  • And then he woke up

  • Dudes been in the league for like 3 years and is a wing and hasn't made 1 three lol

  • Lonzo's TURN

  • ROTY for sure if he finds a shot...

  • Hit 2 in a row? That fool is straight up lying lmao. Nice waste of 170 million Philly I love it!!


  • We've all seen Simmons hit multiple 3s in practice.. what about in a organized game with the lights, and cameras on?

  • Lol

  • Couldnt watch first take......Ryan Hollins is awful!

  • Every offseasons we see Melo hitting shot after shot but it doesn't translate to the regular season. Ben Simmons is nowhere near the shooter Melo is. I'll believe it IF I see it.

  • Simmons gonna hit more threes than Steph

  • By hitting 3s they mean he is making every 1 out of 10 shots🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Hitting 3s in nba games is different than training and one on one situations where you feel comfortable!