Ben Simmons doesn’t deserve a max contract… right now - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Max Kellerman and Ryan Hollins debate whether Ben Simmons is worth the 5-year, $170 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Max Kellerman doesn’t see Ben Simmons’ production being worth a max contract.
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  • Nah bro Ryan is speaking facts for the first time

  • Max just brought up great points

  • So max just said Dlo won’t be an all star again but says that Ben Simmons is a mvp type of player when dlo avg more points then Ben & just averaged 1 less assist per game then Ben mind you Dlo is only a year older like huh

  • If Ryan Hollins was on the thumbnail or title I would never have clicked on this video.

  • Max is funny. He forgot to mention that Simmons easily is a MUCH better rebounder , passer, defender than EVERYONE he compared him too! Harden Curry and Kyrie are literally HORRIBLE defenders! Not in the same league as Simmons in every single aspect of the game except shooting ! And Max is always talking about how no one respects Defense but are always confusing the top players with the top scorers !! Hypocrite

  • Ryan says he compares to LeBron but then when they put a couple of fantastic 3 pt shooters around him he can’t get the same kind of pass and shoot play going as LeBron, give me a break. This man should not have been given a max contract until he had shown some level of improvement because his passing is no where near LeBron/Magic level, his shot is non existent and that screws with Embiid’s ability to play and he’s been turnover prone when you put an elite level defender on him. Need I mention all the turnovers forced by Kawhi and Siakam during last season?

  • Ryan Hollins shoulda finished college, illiterate ass dude

  • Ryan Hollins: Philadelphia is a small he talking about Philadelphia, Mississippi ???

  • Just send him to the wnba

  • I don't agree with Steven Jackson often but he's right on this one, Ryan Hollins has about as much credibility as I do!!!!! Who is he to talk about elite level talent?

  • when ryan does not get it :)

  • Young dudes don’t deserve that money 💯 earn it !, Ben Simmons hasn’t

  • He’s worth a lot but 170 mil is just a little too much

  • As much as I hate Hollins, I understand his argument for when Max lists PGs better than Simmons. If Max wants to disprove Simmons, he should have been listing PGs with contracts less than Simmons. In a sense of "Simmons is being paid more than _____, is he worth more than him?"

  • Who do y'all hate more? Ryan or Molly

  • U can tell how irritated Max gets when he has to debate Ryan

  • If I knew Ben was never gonna develop a jump shot wow would I have traded him lol u need to SHOOT THE THREE AND MAKE THEM!!!!!! he’s why they couldn’t smash the Raptors!! It stayed close cuz he only had dunks and layups haha

  • Collins is doing this to build his brand as an analyst and as a commentator/personality. It’s common sense since he’s not in the nba anymore, so what he can do is be controversial. 👍🏽

  • I don't understand how Ryan Hollins is employed. He is one of the worst NBA players and analysts of all time. Who does he have dirt on? Do they just run him when SAS is gone so that way no one suggests replacing SAS?

  • Only clicked on these videos to see Charly 🥰 but have to put up with Ryan Hollins 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hell no the guy can't even shoot , who the hell compared him with LeBron , magic y'all crazy he didn't do shit in the playoffs

  • Ryan Hollins go work in the back where nobody can h hear you!

  • Ryan is a scrub. He is not even WORTH sitting there.

  • Where is Stephen A. Smith this new guy SUCKS!!!

  • Ryan gets a ton of hate on these threads, but of you listen to him, he won this debate. Max is overthinking the question, he said Ben Simmons is worth it in market terms, but not production. Ummmm, that means Ben Simmons is worth it lol...Max is literally arguing against himself

  • No no the ? Is this.... no no the ? Is this.... I agree no but the ? Is this.... WHAT THE HELL🤯🤯🤯

  • Please get rid of Hollins, like an annoying wasp that won’t leave through the open window

  • Oooooh! Max is dropping the U word

  • Replace Molly with Charly and Ryan Hollins with Stephen A and we have a good show.

  • Hollins' argument is very weak.

  • Where the fuck SAS at? I need my sports fix in the dead season but i'd rather self immolate then listen to Ryan fucking Hollins!

  • Agreed

  • how is he not worthy of the deal when he is still growing this is every teams gamble. he could sign a mediocre deal and then explode from 3 pt line then has to wait years to get what he deserve bullshit give the man his money and stop hatin

  • I’m a Soxers fan and would’ve never gave Simmons a max contract! Dude won’t shoot outside if 8 ft and he’s not a consistent scorer.🙅🏾‍♂️

  • That weak ass nigga don’t deserve no max contract wth Lol. He can’t shoot for anything not to mention he doesn’t do anything in the playoffs. Embid and Butler did all of the work. He hasn’t hit not 1 3 pointer since he’s been in the league

  • He can’t even say Tobias Harris seriously 😂😂😂

  • I'm convinced Ryan Hollins is victim of the multi universe. He needs to find his way back to his universe where everything he's been saying probably makes sense. Either that or he's a crude victim of Mandela Effects.

  • Can we not have Ryan on the show LMAO this dude really seems like he doesnt know what to say

  • Just realized Ryan Hollins was in this video. Sorry Max, can't watch this diarrhea.

  • Max is right Ben Simmons doesn't deserve that kind of money in my opinion simmons is a little above average player I can understand why management is giving him that kind of cash but that's a waste of money

  • Why doesn't Ryan Hollins understand the simple concept Max is clearly explaining. I think he's just arguing for the sake of arguing.

  • Id rather Jrue Holiday than Ben Simmons, heck, I might even take Lonzo Ball or Simmons to

  • Ben simmons finna shock the world! Mofos sleep as hell on my boy! Shot finna come through!

  • If he can shoot he deserve more but he can't that's why he dont deserve that 170mil playoff time teams will just exposed his weakness

  • When Max started naming point guards and Ryan looks scared because he knows messed up 😂

  • Where is SAS? and why is this Guy trying to Horribly teach Max instead of having a respectful arguiment and don't call your studio patner Buddy.

  • Ryan Hollins does'nt deserve any contract ESPN has given him.

  • $170 million wasted

  • He compares to magic Johnson but can’t shoot dumb ass

  • Ryan Hollins u are a complete joke my goodness phony as hell i mean seriously go away u Uncle Tom

  • die hard tryin Ryan hollins play highlight, end up found none =(

  • He called Philly a small market....Yeah so much nonsense.

  • Every off season Simmons is said to be working on a jump shot that we never see during the regular season

  • Ryan Hollins is garbage

  • Fuck this shit.

  • Ryan Hollins still in this show????? Better take this garbage out!!!!

  • Ryan Hollins is the biggest idiot in basketball .... I can’t stand him

  • Ryan Hollins: hUr duR!

  • Crazy he’s getting paid more than shaq did when he went to the lakers.

  • Hollins: "You're comparing him to max contract players" Isn't that the whole point of this debate? Get this dumbass out of the show right now.

  • If Kobe was playing today. He would ask for 200 plus million.

  • Kobe is better than him but yet the 76ers passed on kobe?

  • Ryan Hollins is about as annoying and dumb as Rob Parker....

  • Ryan was actually right this time.

  • hollins is full of shit

  • Too much money to offer Simmons if he can't even get a shot off the blocks. However, if they ever trade him they will want alot for him or just to match his ballooned contract!

  • I swear Ryan never understands what Max says. Max already said he'd give Ben the contract but just that he doesn't deserve it yet.

  • I usually watch this show every morning but haven't watched and won't, until Stephen A Smith is back. Gotta watch Max on IT-tvs highlights.

  • Ben simmons would slap curry.. post any of those pg...they cant guard him... there too small

  • y’all gotta chill on Ryan this dude gonna get fired because all this hate

  • Max schooling Ryan as if he was talking boxing. Bring back Steven A.

  • When simmons can shoot and maybe he been in for a few more seasons then ehhhhh id say yeah

  • Philadelphia is the 4th Largest City in the United States..So therefore Philly is a Big Market, Ryan Hollins need to be off the Air..He always so Foolish stuff! Smh

  • ryan hollins sounds stupid lmao

  • When Max is the best part of First Take......

  • Love when Ryan Hollins is on. Good analyst and more entertaining than Stephen A Smith.

  • Philly not a small market at got the Eagles always signing big name guys AND the Phillies got BRYCE HARPER

  • How does hollins still have a job ?

  • Two idiots talking about nonsense

  • I'm sorry, Ryan Hollins NEEDS TO GO!!!!! Ya'll think I'm joking. I won't be saving any of these shows to my DVR as long as he's there. Matter fact, I'll just go over to FS1 and I'm not joking!