Ben 10 | Kevin 11 Transformation | Introducing Kevin 11 | Cartoon Network

Pubblicato il 1 ago 2019
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At a local swap meet, Ben instead sets his sights on a Sumo Slammer collectible, but when Kevin takes it for himself, our hero must get it back by overcoming Kevin's secret weapon: an 11th alien!
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  • ok did they just use the henshin sound effect from kamen rider agito as a fall sound effect when he grabed on to that booth?

  • Hi

  • To 6

  • Kevin has go gurt

  • As a 1999 kid yes!

  • Álandóan

  • Yassssss loreill shampoo at the beginning

  • So they gave him an omnitrix just because

  • Ben10

  • 0:32 this like all star

  • Um i thinks ben is encouraging kevin

  • You always go to garage sales maybe i think

  • This is

  • Ben: *transforms into shockrock* That blonde dude: *takes the figure bc ben’s transformation takes way too long*

  • Bakwas

  • How dare they butcher my Kevin 11.

  • 2:19 That slow smile speaks volumes. Anyone smile at you like that irl, run 😂

    • Kevin is adorable I just wanna hug him :3

  • 0:31 All Star lyrics?? Alright I'm giving this reboot a chance

  • Dude he looks like crash hopper

  • What the....90s is old now?

  • Honestly i thought kevin turned into grasshopper from ben 10 omniverse

  • IT-tvss recommendations are about cartoon network...why is that

  • XLR8

  • I feel bad but for the guy that for shoes

  • Cartoon network got the names mixed up, this one should've been called this goes to 11, the other one where Kevin returns should've been called introducing Kevin 11

  • Kmkl

  • They ruined ben 10 with omniverse..

  • I feel like Ben should have turned into xlr8 when he racing for sumo slamers

  • How to ruin ben 10 , this version of th series

  • Nice

  • Radical

  • What about ben 12

  • I think they can work around this but it will take some time

  • This is fake

  • Worst remake ever. Makes teen titans go look good.

    • @Shark Tooth your opinion my I think it's a good reboot but I guess you don't like it 😎

    • boruto uzumaki have you ever watched the old Ben ten? The good one? I really doubt you have if you think this is good.

    • boruto uzumaki it really does Ben ten has zero redeeming features. Teen titans go has some

    • And here we see the fool.

    • No it doesn't

  • Wasn’t Kevin supposed to have powers that turn him into what he touches?

  • Not as good as the original

  • Wait what doesn’t Kevin Eleven have an actual super power lol isn’t it absorbing metal? I mean, touching it and becoming a metal person.

    • Fn Xxgamerproxx800 or weapon

    • He’s an osmosian, so he can absorb any element or energy and that could be his armour

    • It's a different continuity, so in this version no, sadly excuse the confusion.

    • @Brandon Phillips LikesFortnite He can absorb many elements.

    • Tristen Prescott asborbing energy not metal

  • ho this eviie alien ho gous fastest

  • I love how they showed much love to the 90's