Ben 10 Alien Worlds 3 | CANNONBOLT & STINKFLY | Cartoon Network

Pubblicato il 7 nov 2019
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It’s always Hero Time on the brand new Ben 10 official IT-tvs channel! Discover funny clips and fun facts about the 10-year-old boy hero and explore trivia about your favourite aliens. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as Ben gets up to some super-powered mischief and awesome action sequences as he battles bad guys. You can check out gameplay footage and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Join Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max as they travel the country in the Rustbucket and discover your inner alien superhero by subscribing to the Ben 10 official IT-tvs channel now for regular updates!

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  • Ben 10 Alien Are Awesome

  • Feel bad for the baby cannonbolts😂❤️😂❤️😂😂😂😊

  • I like ben10

  • Ben.

  • 😭😭😭

  • We

  • Who else realises it humungousaur not stinkfly Oh wait I thought it was vs

  • Orrivel

  • ☺😋🍊🍑

  • I miss my favorite alien. Alien X

  • I miss my favorite alien. Alien X

  • For anyone asking Cannonbolt planet did not get destroyed in the reboot serie

  • IkkkknnmoogzJu Knjghjjjnj U

  • kommentieren

  • What did they do to my favorite alien. I’d rather have had them still extinct then being in this.

  • I the thumbnail the right alien is just copy and pasted

  • But I thought this planet was ate by the big tick!

    • FunFoxVlad Rădescu it was in the prime timeline but this is not the prime timeline but another ben 10 timeline

    • In the og serie not in the reboot

  • I love how we have million species of creatures on earth but the other planets only have one, that also look the same.

    • They have other reature,they just put the focus on one specie and they did show other creatures in earlier omniplanet clips,

  • Pretty sure those cannonbolts home world was destroyed by a giant creature killing everyone on the planet

    • triforceofcourage100 no that occurred in a separate universe timeline, this is a different timeline and thus whole different universe

    • triforceofcourage100 this is the reboot. So I guess it’s still around.

  • Is it going big or getting closer 3:05

  • Clank is that you?

  • What happens to this show ffs

  • All aliens like slapback


  • its hyumungasor

  • This is better than reboot expect cakoblot species is supposed to be extinct

  • Is that an official ben 10 channel?

  • رائع جدا تابع يا أسطورة أساطير

  • I have an omnitrix toy my dad buy it for me

  • How loves ben 10

  • This cannonbolt vs humongasor

  • Very super nice 👍🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👽🛸

  • That sounds like Clank from ratchet and clank movie

    • Jon Wright Yep, Just a couple weeks away. Also this holiday countdown. Only 48 days till Christmas!!! I thought it would be like a call out announcement. So you have a Happy Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas.

    • It's OK I had one more question Are you ready for Thanksgiving

    • Jon Wright About that, I never got a chance to play their Video Games. “PS2 & PS3. Including PS4” Not yet, someday I’ll add them to my collection of PlayStation Games. but I needed time to see if I saved enough money to spare. Also, I heard of the Movie but I never thought the chance to see the Lombax & his advanced Robot companion on the Big Screen. I might someday make an offer to the company to bring the feature Film of Ratchet & Clank back to Movie Theaters for a limited time & see them in Eye popping 3D. Ratchet & Clank aren’t so bad when you get used to them.

    • I know right because It's so strange because That voice some like clank. One more thing are you a fan of ratchet and clank?

    • Jon Wright I was thinking about the same thing. After hearing what I heard with my own 2 ears.

  • Is that one dimension 23 colored? Giantmasnter or whatever

    • bashenga the black manta actually the original terradino did not have vexasaurians with this color palette , so i am stoked to see these alternate timeline counterparts

    • Just like on earth with humans with different skin color,its the same thing with aliens

  • Wow, humungosaurs species tail has different weapons on the end. Cool!

  • oh i get it sorry i didn't see the rests

  • isn't humangusour

  • I hope Ben 10 gets a Season 5 Soon!

  • Cannonbolt=CANNON

  • I swear I can sniff the stinkfly