Beijing Fake Market Spree!

Pubblicato il 17 mar 2018
Today I am back in Beijing, China bargaining at the silk market for all the top brands! Brands such as Supreme, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Jordan, Moncler and much more! So come along and let's kill it!
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  • SUBSCRIBE to the second channel NO CLUE

  • Lady: how much u wanna buy Him: u not gonna like it 😂

  • 😂

  • She went from $700 to $65! I am pretty sure that the jacket well paid is $50

  • Asian Karen’s

  • So much for a Fake, Fake cost like the Original one WTF xD

  • Little did he know all that is fake

  • Can not spell

  • The big sale is on calculators, i would be rich if i can sell every store a calculator 😅

  • Realtor: House is Priced At $700,000 Collin: *I Can Do $3*

  • You look like ab devillers

  • Anyone in Shanghai looking for some causal fun? Only white men please

  • good job

  • Guy: how much for this candy Candy shop dude:$1 Guy:i can only do $0 Candy shop dude: ok Guy: and i will get 10 of this Candy shop guy: *whips out calculator* hmmm ok 10 x 0 is 0 ok i give you 10 for $0 Guy:deal

  • U asam made

  • Im watching your videos just to learn about negotiations 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 And im using those skills in my Indian market

  • Although I am Chinese but like I admit some china people really have bad attitude

  • Chinese Rick

  • These people though

  • Wtf bro I live in cambodia 🇰🇭

    • Don’t speak sh*t about my country or you’ll get beat up 🤕

  • If icould i would go back to China again it was sofun best experience

  • I went on a school trip to Beijing and we had this as well arguing and bargaining with all the shop owners they literally sometimes drag you into the shop and dont let you out until you buy anything at there store i had to run out once it was hilarious it was an experience i will never forget

  • Ummmm I am from Beijing I don’t even know that place

  • Is that last lady retired officer???

  • One day china will fake country in the world

  • why do they have calculator???

  • It seems like he is really lowballing then but they are telling him the price of a real version. Keep in mind these are all fakes.

  • I really wanna stop “Chinese People eat dogs” This is very disrespectful towards Chinese people because not every single Chinese person eats dog and ur country is eating meat btw

  • DHgate shoes go for $40 US dollars.. how are they gonna try to sell fake shoes for $300?😂

  • Lottery: alright, you won 50 million Collin: make that $10

  • Lmao he buyin fake shit lmaooo

  • Thanos won’t snap you if you like this Collin: how bout a dislike

  • Heres some shopping

  • *Crapp i thought china malls are supposed to be cheap*

  • Why does the people who sells stuff is forcing you to buy it and give them your money

  • 19:47 anyone else see fake off white yeezy

  • Imagine living in China just to bargain

  • Guys you now i have a shoes that is worth 56dollars

  • 9:20 I ❤ BJ

  • She asked for best price he did, She went on about it how low he was paying, He said no I don’t want it ok, She was asking best price even though she just asked and he already said it She said do you wanna buy, what a bitch

  • 6:30 “YOU TOUCH THE QUALITY!!!!”

  • in aliexpress a jacket is 20$ lol in real there are wasting time

  • Why do they sell their fake products as much as the original? 😂 crazy chinese!!!

  • Colin- 25$ for this. *Girl- u r handsome, if u merry me then i will give u my whole shop for free* Colin- WTF, Done....

  • The girl selling the bag is super cute.

  • how much for the beer?

  • damn i don’t know how this guy isn’t asian he is like getting insanely good prices

  • Chinese women don't take no shite! And they some hustling asses damn. Their favorite phrase is..."Hurry up an buy!!"

  • You be surprised some of those things are from the same factory as the real ones just the branding over priced

  • These people really do want you to buy stuff jeeze

  • this video is so interesting, I watched it twice.

  • 4:42 Next thing you know, some Asian dude buys the same jacket for $50 without bargaining

  • Dude: how much? 800$ Groupon: 45% off Dude: nah Groupon: 99% Dude: nah Groupon: free!!! declined* Dude: nah *calls the store* hello Dude: $#$**%&

  • Why do they pick the calculator up if they can just say the price

  • I would definitely buy a bag but for the chick wearing the grey sweater at 2:10 that has the cute voice 😍

  • *dollar store* : yeah this is a dollar *Collin* : i can do 1 cent

  • everyone is from HEFEI !!!!

  • They try to scam you

  • I saw this video in my proposal writing class in my university.

  • Sad seeing workers using calculators