Behind a scam

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
You are going to see behind the scenes of scamming group called QTech BPO of Kanpur in India. They go by the fake company name of "Home IT Master" and they exclusively target UK victims.
Not only to they take payments, every few months, they will pester their victims into paying them again and again.
You'll see examples of who they are, how they run their scam and how I managed to try to close them down since the police seem to do nothing about them.
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  • Thank you Jim Browning: Q-TECH BPO AND RETAIL PRIVATE LIMITED Qazi Bashirul Haque (Director) Qazi Samiul Haque (Director) India Phone: Phone: +91-9696808070 official address is FLAT NO. 408 & 409, GLOBUS MEGA MAAL MALL ROAD Kanpur Uttar Pradesh India 208001. Also Business Development manager: Deepika Agarwal aka QTECH PC SUPPORT India. +91-969-680-8070. United Kingdom. +44-161-768-0388. United State. +1-530-466-7614.

    • I have a new company you can go after US # 1 888 716 1563

    • Indian scammers are garbage and we kick their ass.

    • @Jim B. Did you try approaching Indian media? Media pressure may incourage political actors to act in India against these organisations. Especially naming and shaming these people with the details you have. If you have already approached the Indian media, what was their response? I watched the video you posted about a 90+ year old man being scammed for more than £32000, that was heartbreaking.

    • @Peace Warriors right, it would be difficult for them to do anything. let them be miserable with nothing like they left soo many other people, on the street. that sounds good. not making money or stealing money or costing money to us.

    • @DaVeeD M. Yes, they would be enjoying prison time in India cheating the tax payers out of their money, their partners in crime who provided them with the clients data will end up in prison in US/UK (that is a must to stop these frauds 'cause these call centres can't have access to data for US/UK Citizens without the collusion of locals there), but there is no death penalty for scam, at least not in democratic countries. A positive would be that they will have a criminal record for life in the database and will face difficulty in securing loans or buying or leasing properties or getting their passport or a visa for any country because for each process there would be a background verification.

  • how do u do this lmao ur so smart

  • How do you get acces ot the scammers pc without him noticing?

  • Good stuff Jim more power to your elbow mate I hate these people

  • I'm new to your channel Jim. Your videos are great but man there aren't enough of them. Please upload more :)

  • I just got scammed today and gave away my social security number even though I dont have a bank account, I already reported it but im anxious and scared af rn

  • They cant be sleeping easy at night. Great video.

  • Please Help! I just had a pop-up saying Google Chrome Critical Error call 1 855 237 4045 Is there any chance that you could do a video on them? Hopefully shaming them to no end.

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  • very good way to get rid of scammers is to get them to google Jim Browning. They then say thank you very much and hang up. Thank you Jim!

  • Just got called by a scammer. These are the details: +1 215-684-5666 says hes from microsoft, official technician tries to get you to install autosurf (I stopped there because i didnt want to accidentally fail and get scammed lol) Enjoy scambaiting! :D

  • The definition of Irony in one video. "Somebody accessing your computer from remote location."

  • damn remember when you were 6 and typed 'tree' into cmd to pretend to be mr hacker man? imagine if that you never grew up, and went on to become an Indian IT scammer

  • just came across your channel, you're a true hero

  • As of today (21/08/2019 has this on thier page: 'We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always contact us, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly! - The Team' The contact us is a mailto link but it's just mailto# lol

  • "Press ENETR to exit SETUP"

  • Love the content, I have an idea for a video! You should call a scam call centre and try to scam them and do their own scam on themselves!

  • going through private pictures, disgusting piece of s***, i wish they would all get arrested...

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  • You must be very basic to fall to these 3rd world country scam

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  • is down! Nice work.

  • when the customer starts getting upset & wants his computer back in his control couldn't he just end the call & unplug it? Then plug it back in & boot it up. Wouldn't that remove the scammer from control of his computer? okay, Jim Browning finally said that the customer actually did unplug his computer to end this nightmare - smartest move so far.

  • So are you contracted by somebody or do you have a deal with another to expose scammers? I noticed that you turn them into the police sometimes and I would think that they don't like vigilante work.

  • Another GREAT video. Thank you sir. I can see why you have so many followers.

  • It seems like there is a lot of money in being a tech scammer. I'm in the wrong job.

  • I can't believe people actually fall for this.. Guess it's a idiot tax

  • Hi I need help whit local scammer

  • I hope someone in India goes vigilante, and just mows down all of these pricks.

  • God I fucking hate these scammers. Thank you for what you do to expose these malignant cunts

  • It's permanently closed.

  • my question is why doesn't the scammer just cover the webcam

    • he probably assumed no one is looking, and some software is just glitching out


  • behind SCUM

  • Whenever you download all the files of a scammer, give them a single file, just one image. *You just got BEANED*

  • Thank you Jim.

  • On searching for QTECH BPO on google... The search result says PERMANENTLY CLOSED.....

  • How can you remain calm and not simply reach through the screen and strangle the MutherF*****s?

  • Cheeki Breeki you're sneaky

  • the website are already looking like they have been taken down.

  • These people are vile. Next time, delete his system 32 file please.

  • The Indian Government should turned off the internet from their country

  • I wrote this on a year old video, where you hand information over to the proper authorities. I feel like its very important you read this though, as you seem to not know some technicalities the authorities are stuck with in dealing with information that you hand in. Jim there is a problem with the way you're doing this. Well, not a problem on your side, but more the Authority side, and what pisses me off about this whole thing... See, you can't get peoples personal information by hacking like you are, the information you obtain is by illegal means, meaning the authorities cannot use it directly. They also by law cannot engage an investigation based on it either, the most they can do by law is knock on their doors and ask politely if they're up to no good. The reason for this is to stop police and other "corrupt" people from bringing you to court based on information they obtained illegally. (Or its supposed too but we all know that's bullshit). I don't know how it is in India but I do know they have very similar laws to the U.S., and most countries uphold similar laws. The only workaround I can possibly give you, is instead of you handing in the information as a third party, have the victim give the information to the authorities, and tell them how they can contact the authorities, this then makes the information more personal, and and less illegal at least, and gives the police more wiggle room to actually crack down with the information given. ---------------------------------- Laws, jurisdictions, and stuff is pure bullshit, and the reason why "The law is blind" saying exists. Laws that are meant to protect us, also protect hackers, criminals, etc. and courts, and laws do not differentiate between the two, and cannot make exceptions. I'd HIGHLY suggest trying a different tactic in handing over the information and make it come more from the victim than you for the reasons I described above. The reason I know of these technicalities, is because of a story I heard about a guy blackmailing a young girl into giving him nude pictures of her, and threatened to tell and show her whole school, and her parents and friends if she didn't obey. A hacker is the one who figured out who the guy was, where he lived, and all of his information, including transcripts of the conversations he obtained while spying on him the exact same way you're doing to these scammers... The guy got off scotch free, because the information the hacker gave could not be used in court. It was enough to get the man arrested, but NONE of it could be used in court as proof, and could not even obtain a search warrant based on it because the information was obtained illegally. He also couldn't be held in jail for longer than 24 hours. He of course bailed on the whole thing before a proper investigation could be done properly, and he wasn't punished. I'm afraid this same thing is happening with hackers, them getting away scott free, because the information obtained was obtained illegally. ------------------ Either way, I do hope you keep doing what you're doing, and try to find loop holes, and ways to get the information to the authorities that opens up avenues that they can explore, and use the information you give. My suggestion would be to have the victim you contact hand in the information, and explain the situation at hand.

  • We got scammers calling us on this number 01984120772 . Claiming to be BT, problem with our router and they need to connect to our computer. Please help Jim Browning and anyone else that is willing. Would be great to see a video!!

  • Jim - you're an extraordinary person! The work you are doing is incredible. Stay blessed ☺️

  • "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let your victim go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you." -Jim Browning

  • What a POS!! These people are part of the problem In this world. Dishonesty at the top, it's how they got there in the first place. (most of them) there is no get rich quick schemes either u put in hard labor for you and yours or u get caught and go to jail, or end up dead. One of the two, it's not worth it. Not to mention the guilty conscience u have to live with, knowing u ripped people off and put them down just so u can make it, and the worst part is, u don't even offer a legit service or product to the customer. At all! It's not like you're asking an expensive price for something and people can choose whether they wanna pay it or not, even though it's not worth it (which is bad) but the ultimate is scamming people and they get nothing in return. They get nothing! They lose, they have a deficit. That's what's so wrong about it. Even iPhone as bad as they are with getting 1000-1500 a phone, as stupid as it is atleast people get something in return.

  • Need more good people like you. Thank you Sir.

  • hooobetyboobity compuder sir? hebbidybeebidybooobi google sir.

  • Jim! It looks like ever scammer knows your name! I just had a call from "BT" saying I was being hacked! I said my friend Jim Browning helps me on my pc and they instantly hung up! Haha Haha.

  • Jim, Scammer Revolts, The Hoax Hotel, and Kitboga should get together and form a squad to take down scammers. Jim has the best resources and the rest of them are just good at baiting scammers. Imagine if they all just start calling the same scammer over and over again.

  • Omg this is shocking,if they have bank details,couldn't they get money out of your bank??..I'm new at all this.i can see I have got so much to learn. Respect to you for emailing people that have been scammed.thankyoy for all your hard work.

  • Scammers: I fear no man.. but that thing (Jim browning) it scares me

  • Damn i hate India because of their people

  • This really pisses me off. Fck scammers😒

  • Thank you Jim Browning for what you do


  • you gone quiet mate hope all is well

  • I am wondering whether it might be possible to hack the scammers through vulnerabilities in their remote access software. Especially since they appear to be using old versions sometimes. Since I have some experience with binary exploitation, I might try to see whether I can find some exploits. Which software is most commonly used?

  • Can we just get rid of

  • I've never understood how phone companies supply Manchester dialling codes to India! They're just as responsible!

  • Can we please nuke india already?

  • Don't get scammed!

  • Your channel is the only child on the golden Deb how the scammers do what they do and is very lenthly it's a big process.

  • Action fraud, the UK's first point of referral for victims of fraud, was itself subject of a undercover report today. Apparently some of their managers ridicule and mock victims and are generally not pursuing crime. Swamped I imagine. Got to solve this problem. Pity really. BBC Today program/The Times 15th August.

  • I love these videos. Helping people out with superior tech knowledge than these absolute scumbags. Too bad there arent more vids out there as Ive watched them all but this stuff takes time.

  • wow tech support scammers is like 🅱️H🅰️I 🅿️RE$$ WiNd🅾️wZ bUtT🅾️N ThEN r 🅱️UtToN WiTh yOuR SeXo🅱️d FiNgeR

  • People should have two PCs, one for accessing the Internet and one for private stuff and working

  • Just a thought, not spamming you but why not send these to Donald Trump. He might send some drones to India and bomb the f*ck out of these shit heads%,

  • I bet the government of india would crack down on this if Usa, Uk, Australia & Canada band together and stop all indian student visa's or permanent residencies until they act.

  • Hey Jim, on your scam baiting, you ever try using wannacrypt ransomware? The servers arn't up anymore, so they wont ever beable to access their computers without factory resetting it

  • Did you email the people about the scammers?

  • Why aren't these videos monetized?

  • 4:14 Just amazing how the scammer almost perfectly described what's been done to his own computer (edit) except for the fraud part

  • Why do they all keep saying "each and everything"

  • What software do you use to make the calls?

  • Scamming is as old as history. Govt scams like taxes on taxes ( e.g. making up more than 50% of at the pump petrol prices) a personal annual salary of £30,000,000+ to the Queen and the banning of discussion in parliament on payment to royalty. Didn’t Eve scam Adam with an Apple promising knowledge but containing damnation 😁. Gosh pre-internet there were ads in newspapers asking for $1 to be sent to an address. Scammers, Confidence Tricksters, Gangsters, there’s one obvious similarity: They’re all Human! Specifically regarding internet scamming though of course as it’s criminal activity and police should take more interest but dammit I cannot help blaming the the internet providers like BT who allow this shit to happen. They are selling a faulty product at huge profit! They should have updated systems blocking any possible programs that hackers could use AND should be (at least held) partially responsible for any fraud as they have provided the access for the fraudulent activity to occur. Scotland Yard has a Cyber crime division do they not? WTF do they investigate? If it’s Terrorism well then I’m pretty sure even by seeing some of the real names behind these businesses that a good portion of their income would be funding those organisations. Why are good souls like yourself having to take on this burden when the responsibility for policing this lies elsewhere!

  • Man, these guys are complete pieces of shit. They locked a family man out of his computer which has family photos, home videos, and even wedding videos. Then they proceed to rummage through them, and scam him for fake support. Fucking bastards, all of them.

  • I hope they catch them and cut their fucking hands off. Such pieces of shit, predating on people like that, mostly elderly people that have no idea whatsoever on what is really happening.

  • Good on you for emailing those 600 plus scam victims.

  • How is it possible that he gets the remote acces while the scam poeple ?