Behind a scam

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
You are going to see behind the scenes of scamming group called QTech BPO of Kanpur in India. They go by the fake company name of "Home IT Master" and they exclusively target UK victims.
Not only to they take payments, every few months, they will pester their victims into paying them again and again.
You'll see examples of who they are, how they run their scam and how I managed to try to close them down since the police seem to do nothing about them.
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  • Thank you Jim Browning: Q-TECH BPO AND RETAIL PRIVATE LIMITED Qazi Bashirul Haque (Director) Qazi Samiul Haque (Director) India Phone: Phone: +91-9696808070 official address is FLAT NO. 408 & 409, GLOBUS MEGA MAAL MALL ROAD Kanpur Uttar Pradesh India 208001. Also Business Development manager: Deepika Agarwal aka QTECH PC SUPPORT India. +91-969-680-8070. United Kingdom. +44-161-768-0388. United State. +1-530-466-7614.

    • Regarding the "company" *ruralvia* .. I wonder if the curved line beneath their logo is/was supposed to gain subliminal trust based on Amazon's logo "A->Z"? Hmm.. I still do not trust Amazon either lol ;)

    • Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat Don’t you worry .. #Karma ☝🏼🌀

    • @immikeurnot I am inside India and can't write about f*****ms. However, some "event" can be arranged. Sounds feasible?

    • @Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat And wouldn't it help if someone from inside India joins in that you know what?

    • @jekblom123 and this Indian from NW India would be present to help them escape your attack but only to land in my cage. That cage won't open till you're done partying with them. Cheers! 👍👍👍

  • Re; mass-emailing.. If you have a spreadsheet with a column of email addresses it's not very difficult to export that column using ";" delimiter separators into a .txt file. Then you can simply copy the entire text file of addresses and paste into the BCC field address of a single email and (in theory) each recipient will only be able to see their own name displayed as the recipient, with no other addresses present.

  • At least back in the old days the scam artists sold to existing ailments and even added some cocaine and opium in their snake oil elixirs to take off the edge.. The internet peddlers of today's world *create* nonexistent ailments and then sell you an unnecessary and painful "cure" for their infliction.

  • For anyone with basic IT knowledge.. here is my personal analogy: c:\ tree /hack run timber.exe

  • "Hello. This is microsoft suport servises calling. We have been notified that your computer is infected with the Jim Browning virus..."

  • What if you just unplug the PC?

  • I just ask the scammers "do you know Terry Mackachut?" Oh man they rage lol

  • Could you make/Do you have a tutorial on how to do this kind of thing?. I waste scammers time whenever they call me but I'd like to be able to do all of the stuff that you do too. Its pure justice

  • Ethical hackers will always win. Keep putting up a fight.

  • scammer is scamming alan baldwin hhahaha

  • How can these fucking scammers not feel bad, they literally have no heart I swear

  • Was he eating all the time ?? And sniffing ! I would love to say what i think of this low life . But i cant .

  • Who even dislikes these kinds of videos?

  • How stupid of me😩, never heard of Homeitmaster. That show how ignorant l am.

  • What do they want from me,iam from africa,they ask me what i do and i told them witchcraft and said sorry sir your computer is okey ,

  • These slimy motherfuckers don’t DESERVE anonymity. I _hate_ the fact that people have to protect their identity! They’re CRIMINALS that should be exposed for the sleazy sons of bitches they are!

  • oh its peter again :D

  • Every scammer seems to be Indian lmao

  • I am not sure but I think this phone number belongs to a scammer (863)774-7004

  • Real heroes don't wear capes. They have a laptop! Thank you so much for all your work to fight these scammers!!!

  • We should set up like a gofundme for all these folks you found who were scammed. I feel so bad for them :(

  • Man, you are a hero, thank you for this videos. Never happened to me, but your vids probably save a lot of people from this scammers.

  • Looks like a blurred turd lmfao. Me after being lit with tons of Taco Bell the next day evidence in the morning!

  • Jim Browning you are a legend!

  • proof jim browning is a super villain: "hes trying to find out why his webcam is on. he thinks its his voip software, but its not. its ME."

  • Cockroaches

  • I wanna see this scammers behind bars.

  • "That well known store Homeitmaster..." These scam videos are pure relief because of scammer getting what they deserve and absolute fun to watch,credits to you and yiur commentary respectively.

  • These ppl are like roaches they just won’t die

  • They’re such scum

  • I send you a email, I know where is the address of the fake HOME IT is, the benidorm one, 16:46

  • Sometimes I feel bad for the scammers that they probably only have scamming as an option to earn money but then again, probably not. Either way, this was entertaining and informative

  • Unfortunately your emails look exactly like scam emails to these people as well so most will just delete and ignore them.

  • It may seem unbelievable that people fall for such scams, but there are certain people who simply do not understand tech lingo. When people are talking 'servers, drivers, modems, CPU, RAM, blah, blah, blah.... they might as well be speaking Latin. To many, computer tech is a new priesthood, complete with its own mystifying language.

  • anyone looking for a b in all center, make sure watch the video because here is your job description people who are in working in those call centers is really geniuses

  • In Spain, call Interpol or an EU organization.

  • why aficans and indians like to scam? they live in places , where is 4 seasons summer. no frozen winter. they could do something about it.

  • **thick indian accent** this is Edward . . . . (x) Doubt

  • true human garbage, damn...

  • Our government should set aside tax money and use it to hire all our outta work veterans and send them over there as hit squads to take out all these call centers since their government won’t do shit about it. It would be a win win situation cause those vets would have work and it would send a message to these pieces of shit that it won’t be tolerated anymore.

  • Did you have permission from the 'so called' victim to monitor their PC?

  • Wouldn't the scammers just have their cams covered?

  • Jim....I love you! Your videos are my daily dose of hope for humanity. You are the best example of how to make money with youtube and at the same time helping milions of poeple! Thank you!

  • Since you have the username and password for their website where you can charge the same customers through their website with some high amounts (very high ) dont you think bank will call the customers about the fraudulent activities and refund their $?

    • I want to stay as legal as possible.

  • now this stuff I REALLY like watching. my mom was almost scammed by a credit fraud scam where she actually gave them her credit card number and cvc....if i hadnt heard and looked up the number and company name they gave her my mom would have lost out on 3000$.....the fact that ur shutting these guys down makes me wish I had the money so support you.....please keep doing this.....

  • hold up at 20 sec, did you just paywall a scammers face? harsh dude...

  • You are a National Hero Jim Browning.

  • Before puting to youtube should send to the proper authorities

  • Well done mate

  • Thank you Jim for this.. let me know how can i help .. i am from Bangalore India .. send you a small gesture to your pay pal account

  • The irony of him talking about hackers on his victim's computer all the while there is an actual hacker on his computer :D

  • Indians SCAMMERS 🇮🇳🇮🇳looting BRITISH money... Historical revenge by SCAM boys


    • @Jim Browning Sorry gim I really disrespected your work... U r doing great work fr the society u r spreading awareness by your videos... U know it takes long and hard hours to bring it onto IT-tvs... Sorry gim

    • @Jim Browning OK brother... Don't worry I also condemn them... Little bit emotion that's it... I love IRELAND u know am a huge fan of IRISH TIGER CONOR MCGREGOR his way of walk talk inspired me... IRISH women Margaret helped so many Indians... We r grateful to ur country... Your present PRIME MINISTER has Indian roots... Sorry if I hurt you... Bcs I respect u u r giving people right direction and fighting against CORRUPTION of any kind... Keep doing this work brother... I really salute to your TECH KNOWLEDGE and the RIGHT USE OF KNOWLEDGE these scammers are using knowledge in NEGETIVE way... I can't fight against these people bcs I don't know much abt computers.. U know it... I really appreciate your effort brother.. You are my UNMET AND UNSEEN FR LIFE brother from another part of globe... If u come to India pls contact me fr any help.. I will do my level best ... Come to my home u r welcome brother

    • @Srinath Bharathoor Bv Firstly, I'm Irish, not British and I can assure you that these scammers target far more than the British. Did USA, France, Norway, Denmark and Ireland also invade India and were they responsible for massacres too then? 'Your' scammers are.makig a significant amount of money from Japanese pensioners too. I know my history very well, bit of you think that I am responsible for my father's crimes, you should try to think this through. Your argument has just crumbled and I bet you don't have the nerve to respond coherently to any of these points.

    • Remember even at 101 years of that mass killings BRITAIN never apologized to INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳GOOD NIGHT... HERE IT IS

    • @Jim Browning YES my mother's side family members died in the JALIAN WALABAGH shooting massacre that happened exactly 101years before in AMRUTHSAR by a British officer order which killed 2000people... I live near that place even till today... I know it's not any present BRITISH persons fault... These SCAMMERS target BRITISH only bcs theire families also were ABBUSED by your GREAT GRANDPARENTS... As human I pity British people but I strongly say it's only just BRITAIN not GREAT BRITAIN.. bcs theire GREATNESS relies on how CRUEL BUTCHERS these white skinned people are... GO READ YOUR COUNTRY MEN HISTORY U SEE WHAT THEY MADE TO COLONIES... COMPARED TO THAT GREED THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST BREAD STEALERS... I know it's crime but I can't get any valid reason to get angry on my INDIAN SCAMMERS

  • Browning messing with their web cam: "He thinks it's the voip application which has turned on the light . . . But of course it's not. [Super hero punch line] ". . . It's me." Yeah, baby! 👏👏👏 IT SURE IS :))

  • If I’m a billionaire I will tell 900000 people to call 10000 of these to shut down and drop some bombs on them thangs

  • Indian guys name : Johnny Roggers Hangup*

  • I wonder was this phenomenon ever discussed on a diplomatic level, to pressure Indian law enforcement (if there is such a thing?) into actually doing something about it. You'd expect this to be a major issue since they are basically targeting vulnerable people, everyone else tells them to fuck off

  • How do they sleep at night? bunch of creeps.... true ,people are a bit gullible....but there are worse things than being trusting being a lying thieving scumbag.with no honour or shame.

  • These scammers are disgusting. You're doing good work - thank you!

  • These people make me so mad, it’s so disgusting how greedy they are!! Thank you for explaining everything that is going on, hopefully you’re helping a lot of people to not get scammed!!