Pubblicato il 23 dic 2018
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Today is day 23 of Vlogmas! I’ll be posting a new video everyday from now until Christmas Eve!
Thanks so much for watching my review and demo of the new #BECCABFFS Collection! The BECCA x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq looked SO pretty when I saw it that I knew I needed to scoop it up immediately and test it out for you guys. In today’s video we talk about the packaging, product, share swatches, and do a full demo of each product. I’ve linked everything I mentioned down below for you. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe! xoxo, Sarah
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  • You are not putting the packing on your face, the packaging should not matter. Cardboard packaging is the ONLY way to go, it is biodegradable. Where do you think all your makeup packaging goes to after you are done with it??? Come on guys, focus on what is more important ! We can still play with makeup and also be conscious on what we are enabling! CARDBOARD packaging with no mirrors is the only way to go! WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET.

  • The cardboard is much more environment friendly

  • Thanks for the review! Which palette prefers the one of tarte (the one you mentioned in the vídeo) or this one of becca? Could you give me your opinion? I do not know which one to choose Thanks!!

  • I was disappointed as well with the packaging for the xo’s highlighter. I went to the container store and bought a stainless steel container to put them in.

  • The cosmetic market is CONGESTED...As a consumer it is impossible to buy every new release...I have my brands already: Chanel and Bourjois

  • I honestly thought it was fancy dog food when I first saw the xo glow highlight?

  • You were complaining about the highlighters packaging, well you know what get over it it's just a box

    • ???

    • @Mankiran Kamaal When you spend 18dlls on a HIGHT END product you expect a better package, the dissapointment is real with this.

    • It doesn't matter too much about the packaging

  • I agree with you about the glowing letters packaging. I got mine and was so disappointed as well. It looks cheap outside and inside and it’s $18 !

  • The XO box I like. I've seen so many people hating it and I dont understand why. I absolutely love it!

  • I’ve been wanting to pick this up, I love all in one face palettes, but I’ve been waiting on reviews before I decided if it was worth it!

  • I mix the blushes in the palette! Maybe try that! I love my Made with Love by Khloé palette!

  • I'm interested in Khloe's face palette nude lipstick!

  • I'm so happy that you did this review. You saved me money. Thanks girl🙂

  • I use the becc be a light pal dailh and the rised powders havent been an issue

  • I refuse to buy anything with the Kardashian - Jenner name on it. 🖕

  • Hey! What number is the Luxie brush you used to highlight?

  • would you think these would be ok for someone with fair to light skin? I really want to get the palette and the x o glow shapes but worries their gonna be too dark for me

  • Why do I feel like these are the Be The Light palettes repackaged.

  • I totally agree with you on the bronzer packaging it felt so cheap.

  • 6:43 I SO agree. like how disappointing for a product container and the fact that theres such little product. the packaging on that is so low end its like dollar store makeup, not even drugstore makeup lol. when I saw this initially online I immediately wanted it. until it came in store, I was like WHOA. major case of disappointment. I didn't end up picking it up 🤷

    • Definitely, typically Becca is always such nice packaging @Sarah Brithinee

    • Yeah, it was definitely disappointing and very surprising

  • I’m sorry but I don’t care if you’re paying $18 freaking dollars it shouldn’t be cheep cardboard this looks like cheaper then drugstore quality more like dollar tree or kids make up quality not to say anything bad bc half my makeup is drugstore but seriously it looked way better on their photos on Ig, and their website and the videos. Wow even the product looks so sparkly and better. Why does it look so cheep. I mean these makeup company’s are starting to pull the whole fast food restaurant false advertisement thing where the food looks huge and well put together and you end up getting a infant sized meal and looks like it was made by a infant has nothing on it!! Ugh really expected more from a expensive brand especially better from a celebrity that famous and all about flawless makeup must be taking notes from her sisters on the low amount and just shitty products and laziness

    • I also liked this subscribed and did the bell. And told my sisters and a few friends about you I really like you so much and this is my first video of yours and you are so sweet and just so real and down to earth and I can tell your not fake for views or just in it for the money! I hope you grow so much and I can’t wait to watch you grow sweetheart!!!

    • Sarah Brithinee girl, I didn’t even buy it and I’m mad lol I told my mom and sister about it lol. I don’t mess with anything that has they Kardashian name on it. When someone famous for being a whore and has no talent and there’s people with so much talent it’s crazy and they aren’t famous or have anything or can’t even get one break I think it’s just messed up. They are famous for being whored, plastic surgery addicts, and just being a family. Plus when sisters take a paper towel and wipe their vaginas and they smell each other’s vaginas period no matter if it’s sisters or not is sick but doing it on tv is absolutely disgusting and foul and then to eat placenta the whole family did is absolutely horrid thats being a cannibal I mean if serial killers do it everyone freaks out and wants them to get death and it’s sick and your mentally ill. But if famous people do it then it’s all okay. But this is just my opinion I’m all about if you like it or like someone then you go for it don’t change who you are for nobody.

    • Yeah, it's definitely way cheaper than it should be for a high end brand!

  • Picked up this face palette looking forward to try it!

  • Thanks for the review. I won’t be spending coin on these products.

    • Of course, that's what I'm here for -- to let you know what's worth your cash and what's not!

  • Great review! I love becca collab palettes, just hate that peach shade shade she throws in all the time. The letters do look like a drugstore item. So $18? Lol I'll grab an urban decay lipstick instead bahahaha

    • @TrixiesTreasures It's an apple watch!

    • Hahah I don't blame you AT ALL! UD lippies are amazing and def worth the money WAY more than these are.

    • Oooo, and is that the fitbit versa? Let's see it girl!

  • Do you think the palette is a good dupe for Hourglass?

    • Sarah Brithinee thanks, you answered my question! Just in comparison overall. Some of these Becca face palettes can look like dupes.

    • Sorry I just saw this! Which hourglass palette are you talking about? I don't think so though because the hourglass powders are more subtle and give off a sheen and glow while these are more shimmering and glowy. The becca are a bit more obvious if that makes any sense. I hope that helps! xoxo

  • Thank you for your review, I now know exactly what to buy

    • Sarah Brithinee I just hope that these products arrive soon in my country, we always get everything so late at Sephora Mexico. Thank you Gorgeous

    • I'm glad I could help (:

  • This reminds me of the Becca Be The Light Palette which I found so-so. I hope this is better than the previously mentioned palette.

    • I've been hearing that a lot. I haven't tried that one, but I hope this one is better!

  • These remind me of the hourglass unlocked palette

  • I got the Malika one even though I have a light skin tone. I liked the blush in that one better

  • I cant wait for mine to come

  • I can’t wait to try the nude lipsticks!

    • Ros with 1 s the Malika one is super pretty. The khloe shade is a bit brown for my skintone

  • I find the Khloe palette to be super light. if you watch the video Becca has of Khloe doing her makeup she's using the Malika palette

  • 😁😊thank you for this review. You are knocking it out of the park. Keep up the awesome work

  • If you HAD to choose between the Becca X Khloe & Malika and the Tarte Pro Glo and Blush, which one would you pick? They are only separated in price by $1 (Becca is $44; Tarte is $45).Informative video. Thank you! Hope you have the HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS EVER!

    • @Sarah Brithinee Thank you! Very helpful! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • @alyssa nybakken In case you don't get a notification for my reply to Terri's comment... here it is: Probably this palette. Solely because the bronzer in this palette is more matte so I find it to be more versatile than the one in the Tarte palette. They're both going to give you shimmery blushes and a highlight so the biggest difference in the bronzer. I hope that helps if you're deciding between the palettes! xoxo

    • Probably this palette. Solely because the bronzer in this palette is more matte so I find it to be more versatile than the one in the Tarte palette. They're both going to give you shimmery blushes and a highlight so the biggest difference in the bronzer. I hope that helps if you're deciding between the palettes! xoxo

    • Terri Cross i’m trying to decide between the two as well!!

  • cardboard is better to avoid plastic in the environment... and...the product is like this to mix, do not grab one of each.

    • @Sarah Brithinee ah ok, So if it is not a product that fulfills its purpose well, I understand your point. xo

    • In the tutorial on the website it says that it can be used as eyeshadow as well and to pick up each color individually. I'd never use it that way, but still wanted to share that option in the video!

  • The glow letters look like a embarrassing. 🥴

    • Honestly, it really does look like a prototype. I was shocked when I opened it.

  • Yay! So glad to see your review on this! I cant believe how quickly you got this up especially during holiday festivities! 💖

    • @Sarah Brithinee well miss you! But a much needed and well deserved break!

    • Haha I'm on that vlogmas hustle, girl! After tomorrow I'll be gone for a few days!

  • Oh man sorry you got rid of the Chrissy compact...if you swirl them all together it makes a REALLY beautiful one and done blush/bronze/highlight

    • I did that as well, but the color didn't work for me like that! I think it'd be beautiful on other skin tones though.

    • Agreed! I purchased with the plan to use it as an all in one though. I could see where someone would get frustrated if they wanted to use each individual product.

  • If you had to choose which product would you buy... the tarte blush palette or this pallete?

    • Probably this palette. Solely because the bronzer in this palette is more matte so I find it to be more versatile than the one in the Tarte palette. They're both going to give you shimmery blushes and a highlight so the biggest difference in the bronzer. I hope that helps if you're deciding between the palettes! xoxo

  • Did you ever try their Be the light palette? Looks just like it. I returned mine because it was extremely powdery it was falling apart as soon as I dipped my brush. That palette went on sale soon after release.

    • I didn't try that one, I saw it and decided to pass on it. Now I'm glad I did! I hope these powders don't fall apart on me soon because so far I really like this palette!

    • Yeah, it launched in June and I bought mine on sale in October. I was surprised. Becca usually holds out longer than that.

  • I’m glad you showed the shimmering letter packaging! The website does not show that it’s cardboard. The packaging is cheap and ugly. Is the lipstick you got (Yours truly) warm toned?

    • I bought this lipsticks and they're beautiful and I'm fair complicated but the lettering is terrible I'm taking it back

    • Yeah, the packaging is definitely cheap. The lipstick is a little warm toned. It's pretty peachy. I hope that helps! xoxo

  • And....I’d be returning the letter product. That looks like something from the drugstore with that cardboard packaging! No way. 😳😂

  • Thanks for the review. I almost bought the palette yesterday, but I’m honestly glad I didn’t. I just think I have WAY too make products with similar effect. Thanks again, girl!

    • You're so welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed! It's definitely not something that everyone needs in their collection if you already have similar options! xoxo

  • I picked up the Khloe palette, the glow letters, and the two nude lipsticks yesterday. The best way I have found to use the glow letters is for eyeshadow. But I agree that the packaging is super messy!

    • I hope you love all the products you ended up picking up! The palette is definitely really pretty. The glow letters are pretty for eyeshadow, I just don't think they're realistic for me because I'm not patient enough to pick up the individual shades lol