Baker Mayfield talks OBJ trade, Browns' hype, finding motivation like Kobe, Tom Brady | NFL on ESPN

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Baker Mayfield describes what it has been like to be an underdog throughout his career. Mayfield says he was "overcome with emotion" when he heard the Cleveland Browns traded for Odell Beckham Jr.
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  • He got that allah hu akbar beard

  • Them af1 he got on are nice

  • Mayfield the next goat

  • Sooner Nation will be behind Cleveland Nation 100% Enjoy the ride Browns Oklahoma favorite Son will prove all the doubters wrong! Done it his whole career Gave us sooner a hell of a ride!

  • A year ago I didn’t want to be a Baker fan boy and jump on the train. I said he wasn’t gonna be what everyone saying he’s gonna be. Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the new face of the NFL...

  • Every year a team is hyped up they never meet expectations.

  • You be holding that L after week 1, bet it.

  • Damn, this dude has a giant head!

  • I love Baker but damn that beard is nasty

  • Don’t care..

  • How can you not love Baker?? I’m a diehard Cowboys fan but I love the guy and wish he was our quarterback.

  • Boomer

  • This chick would be 75% less annoying if she didn't croak her voice like a vocal-frying frog.

  • baker the best qb since tom brady. hes gonna be the goat of his generation, browns years of blowing finally payed off

  • My team is the Lions so we were in the same boat the only teams to go 0 and 16 so at least the browns are moving on up the lions are trying too so i can relate to the browns they are my second team way before all the off season moves no bandwagon

  • 0:39 I dislike that pic. They use it often.. It looks like his mouth is abnormally protruding out further than the rest of his face.

  • Bake owns Cleveland.

  • That's My QB😥😁

  • Baker is my QB in Dynasty Football. i feel he has a promising career!!

  • Let’s goooooo🔥😤

  • Where are all the reall browns fans at when they won 1 game in 2 years ?

  • beard crew

  • Beard game is on point! Got that product shining. Lets go

  • As q BEARS fan.......I like Bake, alot! Not really into super cocky personalities, but he's entertaining and he is GOOD. The NFL is great when the Browns and the Bears have good teams. Good luck Brownies! 🐻⬇️

  • Go Browns

  • Blessing

  • 8-8

  • Mina K

  • You browns fans are acting like you won 7 superbowls lmfao

    • Not yet but we'll be getting our first one this year

  • 8-8 or 9-7 at best.

  • Of course Kellerman had to ruin this video at the end

  • He looks like a kid wearing a fake beard.


  • He's a little full of himself. Don't mistake that for confidence.

  • browns finally got a QB

  • lets go baker!

  • Future GOAT

  • This boy didn’t even mention Payton manning when he did Tom Brady that’s a shame Baker!!

    • as a memphisTiger fan and a jacksonvilleJaguars fan, peyton manning is the epitome of overrated. do the research and you'll understand why i said that

  • I cant hear over the musice in the background tf

  • This is going to be a disaster of a season for the Browns. I'm just going to bear witness

    • AAron it’s gonna be fucked. Obj will get hurt. Baker is gonna say the wrong thing and get blasted and the team will crumble once again. GO SKINS BITCHES!!!! DIE!!!!!!

  • This is our year. The world thinks we’re a joke, but talking don’t win games. Playing wins games. Cleveland’s had enough heartbreak, all we need is to be serious for once.

  • Dan6erous!


  • Another Johnny Manziel lol this guy is a bum, why not bring up the time he ran from the police? Oh his white that’s why

    • I've run from the police...I guess I'm Johnny You're a special kind of stupid.

    • Chris Robertson Yup! Running from the police is way worse than beating women, huh?

    • I didn't know Manziel broke the NFL record for most rookie TD passes in a season with only 13 starts. Wow....just.....WOW. Good for Manziel. I'm glad he's off the cocaine.

  • Baker is pretty much a giant ass. Let your game do the talking, stop telling us how great you are and the team is. Actually make the playoffs and you will get the respect. Miss the playoffs and you are another blathering clown on a team that has quite a few.

  • Prepare to get hurt mayfield your mouth will get you injured lol

  • Don’t you ever talk about My Ny giants fan base

    • Giants cards 13 For life DANIEL JONES

  • ESPN treating the Browns like they're a Lebron James rumor

  • MA MAN

  • Who interviewed baker?

  • never but Brady and Mayfield on the same click bait again. Ugh. This dude is so over rated way to early

  • Can’t wait until football is back.

  • Not a Browns fan but I hope to see them do well this season. God knows they deserve it after everything they've been through and how loyal the fans remain. Love Baker and all the pieces they have now should be a fun team to watch. Rootin for ya Cleveland.

    • Sammiexkay because they got such a high ego now

    • Hiei2 Kurama yea and how everyone hates them😓 go browns!!

  • he plays hard and his numbers were the best ever for a rookie qb

    • @swag lordexplain to me how his rookie season was abysmal

    • @DrewBrees2.0 HD Andrew lucks rookie season was practically ABYSMAL outside of the flukish QBR rating

    • ​@DrewBrees2.0 HD idk man 27 TDs in 13 games? that's the td record lets be real here

    • @swag lord funny cuz last time i checked 76.5 is still better than 53.6 Guess which is which

  • I see her body hangin out she not slick 😌💞 .. what up tho baker

  • The fact that baker gave respect to kobe unlike a majority of the media he has my upmost respect

  • I give him two years. He’ll get injured and the Browns are still well...the Browns.

  • TwoWonSix all day 'an day

  • 12-4. AFC Title game appearance. Screenshot this and comeback to this video in January. I’ll be right. Watch.

  • What is the name of those shoes ?

  • Would browns fans rather have kept Jabrill peppers or did y’all want Odell?😂

    • @Nathan Gibbs i see why giants fans would have wanted to get rid of him, but browns definitely want Odell more than Peppers and the picks they gave up. People clowned the Giants for basically "Giving him away", but I think they got a decent haul for a player they don't want anymore, so lowkey not bad

    • Lol a 26-27 wr who hates us or a young really good safety

  • that’s my QB!

  • Who’s better, like Baker Mayfield Comment Tim Couch

  • Cleveland ain't winning no damn Super Bowl smh fohhh 😏

  • It's only been 3 years my guy haha

  • Cleveland better win and win early or the attitudes of Baker and OBJ will destroy the locker room. If they will follow Nick Chubbs lead and hold themselves to the standard Chubb holds himself to they will be just fine.

  • Shakin um baby like invisible bookies


  • No. He's not the underdog sorry. He's expected to lead this team to the playoffs. EXPECTED

  • Cant wait for Devin Bush to throw this guy around like a rag doll

    • @Arav Bhatt lol... ur riding the Steelers dick now... man u got roasted on my comment, now u come down here to join the haters.. browns must be doing something right.. lmao

    • Can’t wait for the Patriots to throw y’all around like a rag doll in Week 1🤣😂

    • Ah

    • Both of yall can eat a dick. Go Browns!!

    • When it’s Steelers vs browns this year this will be the first time I root for the steelers

  • Browns are so overrated. Let them win a playoff game first

  • I love white guys like this.... Cocky and backs it up

    • Well most white bois are bitches and snitches. They mess with you and when you stand up to face them, they get punk in the end and play victim. You're right theres only a few like baker. Lmao

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers So basically you like white Cock in your butt? Lol sweetcheeks

    • Broken King go listen to Charlemagne the god

    • Why did you have to be color specific?

    • @Broken King what on Earth are you babbling about??? Do u know him white guy🤣🤣🤣

  • Is Baker planning on playing Santa in a movie role this Winter? Beard outta control

  • When did baker join ISIS?

    • right before he shaved it for his wedding a couple weeks ago

  • Extremely dry interview

  • Let’s get it baker 👨‍🍳

  • Overrated

  • Baker doesnt make playoffs this year with his stacked team.He jouns Manziel in the Canadien league.

  • Wish they’d stop showing that stupid pumpkin......he does not represent the browns fan base

  • I just gotta text from Freddie, and he said we just fingered the Giants!