Backwards Talking (GAME)

Pubblicato il 6 mar 2015
Today we try and figure out words and phrases that are played backwards. GMM #636!
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  • bts of EA making the simlish language

  • I think Rhett and Link should be in Escape the night bc they smart they dont act smart but they are

  • How about the “meteor mash-up (Which means switch up the genres)

  • Watching this with captions on almost gave me an aneurysm.

  • No one: Not a single soul: Rhett: 9:01 GoOd MyThIcAl mOrNiNg

  • why did the Tokyo thing start anyway?

  • Who’s here in 2025?

  • Link in the beginning: You know you want that crown, but you know I’m gonna win. Link towards the end: I LiKe yoUr BOotS

  • PEE

  • 4:56

  • The only thing i thought about was during this video was gravity falls

  • Iflack Ifin da oil

  • Rhett: *E OUH* Link: [visable confusion] Rhett: 😮😀

  • Nac uoy dear siht

  • yrahouC ushnA

  • poop


  • Help me like blampski = It’s my belly button (oh let me squirt ketchup in my belly button)

  • *i feel bulkeh*

  • Do you have a TV show because it says Season 7 episode 40

  • Good morning

  • 10:58

  • 6:48 and 6:53 Turn on captions ;)

  • ?siht daer uoy nac

  • Im backward reading lol you will never trick me i practice backward reading in 2 years

  • 4:22 I thought it was gonna be his chair because be raged about his chair u can look it up on IT-tvs

  • Nobody: Link: I LIKE YOUR BOOTS

  • Do a song about bugs

  • Speaking backwards is my 2nd language 😂

  • bun slurs

  • Give me the the croun


  • 6:04 hahaha

  • Hope you like moms steak 9:37

  • teLs klat tuoba taht ;-; dX Mwah ha ha try that then try this: ttehr kinL

  • I like to very much 1 like for 1 luck for exam😃

  • i like your boots 😂😂😂

  • here's a song have social media IT-tvs steam. sing build our machine

  • Tokyo is Rhetts government sleeper agent code

  • 9:38 I'll be like bouncing

  • Im early


  • I got the "good mythical morning!" ome easily because of how Link pronounced "good" and "-ning"

  • Today we’ll do some backwards talk! taht tuoba klat s’tel

  • What is the Tokyo meme?

  • This is how many times reht said "hold on" | | V

  • I remember having a challenge that I had to watch only gmm and I forgot about it (I didn't forget to watch it) I forgot any other channels existed. SIX MONTHS PEOPLE THAT IS HALF OF A YEAR!

  • Rhett: Today we try to understand backwards talking Link: JsnhzHHJzhHjJzjzjJzjajJajjaJjsjsJsjjsz

  • If IT-tvs had a backwards mode in the playback speed I would watch this all in backwards

  • 5:53

  • always coming back to this ICONIC episode. (also i feel like i like your boots is a severely under appreciated running gag)

  • Rhett was right.. the skill of talking backwards isnt useless

  • I like your boots.

  • What is this *I Like your boots* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • the hardest one is at 10:58

  • 4:56 got me laughing

  • Backwards English sounds shockingly like Russian...

  • Does song biscuits still exist?

  • Rhett: There are no aliens here, only us Me: YOU ARE ALIENS!

  • You basically learned Dutch