Back to School: Tips on Making Friends as a New Student!

Pubblicato il 29 ago 2017
making friends ain't always easy-peasy
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Here are some tips on how to make friends if you are a new student or just looking for some advice on friends.
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  • Hi I started high school in September and went for a month about so I had started to make friends and fit in but I have always had bad mental problems and it got really bad again so have not been to school for 4 months and today I went into school for two lessons and I still have some friends but lots of people fogot who I was and I had also cut all my hair of so I looked diffrent so people thought I was new and I’m kinda wanting to go back to school but need some more friends can any one help

  • I just don’t know how to start conversations

  • I’m moving to a new school in a little more than a month and this was so helpful :3

  • i'm going to be a freshman at middle school the middle school next year (a NEW KID freshman) and i'm low-key terrified. i'm not exactly scared about making new friends tbh because i intend to do that gradually, but i'm more scared of the older kids and fitting in. this video is certainly going to help me live through middle school as a new kid so thank you so much for that. :-)

  • Thank you so much for this ❤️so helpful

  • Im moveing in a couple of days this better help i don't wanna be bullyed ;-;

  • I’m going to transfer to a new school next year and this is my first time transferinggg idk what to expect

  • I’m switching schools in January

  • I’m starting secondary school

    • Ella Ratcliff are u from sg?I am starting sec school too,I’m scared that I won’t have friends...

  • I’ve been having problems with the mean girls at school so I’m moving to I S 24! I’m so nervous

  • Thank you so much

  • Hiii I'm going to a new school next year! And I'm really nervous and really NERVOUS and I'm really I have moved houses and I saw a school almost next to my house and they pick up kids in the bus so my parents are gonna put me in that school but thank u for the help! :3♡

  • just by watching these videos, it really changes my perspective on life.

  • I waited 😂 thanks this really helped

  • I'm going to start a new school soon but I am so afraid that I'll be lonely for the whole year cuz like there nobody will ever want to be a friend with me or they're gonna hate me yeahhh sth like that . 😣😣

  • This is my freshmen year and im so nervous and scared that people will bully me or be mean to me,wish me good luck 💖😥😢

  • I'm shy, but not THAT shy. I ask when I need help , and i made the friends today (i asked) so i think this will work for a new school for me.

  • Starting a new school MY SENIOR YEAR

  • How pretty is she |

  • Your so so pretty 😍😍

  • the school im moving to has lots of my primary school (elementary school) friends who go there but i want new friends and this helps a lot

  • I waited and then my first friend talked to me randomly because I said something in class then we had a conversation then that just lead to an friendship then his friends became my friends then their friends became my friends and all of a sudden I became popular. (Not because I'm attractive but because i was funny literally the only reason lol)

  • Literally eating a bowl is cereal right now about to make an impression, hope this works, thank u ❤🤞🏾

  • I feel so awkward and out of place 😭😭😭

  • I have to go to a new school while I'm going back to school 😫😭 anxiety sucks

  • I have “new student” orientation next week andddd hopefully I make some friends even though I’m socially awkward with people idk

  • Thanks I was so terrified going to a new school,like I'm a really really really shy person😂

  • I'm moving to a new town, and I'm rlly scared. This video is rlly helpful tho. But also Im rlly shy, so I'm kind of scared.

  • I’m going to a new school all the way across this literal continent Thanx your a life saver

  • 1:32 me 2 lol😂😂

  • Anyone moving to Fresno, California this year?

  • I👏 dont👏 know👏 where👏 to👏 sit👏 at👏 lunch👏

  • Im going to 6.grade rn...everyone in school hates me so that means im going to be lonely for the rest of the time.. :(

  • making friends in elementary and middle was easy but as a sophomore everything is so much harder

  • thank you

  • this is super helpful

  • Hi, so im a new student in this school and its been 3 months already and i still dont have any friend and i still dont find myself comfortable in my new school. Honestly, it sucks being the new student.. everything is so different.. i miss my old life.. i miss my friends and my classmates and i still cant find myself adjusting to my new school. Its sucks. But no matter how hard life gets, youll get through it even if you hate it so much :)

  • i don't like it when i move to other countries because every time i go to a new school i have to have the same problem, finding friends. I never had the courage to go over to someone and say hey, can i join you guys or play with them. i don't know how i got friends the last time i went to Europe but i did get many friends from the past few months but now i can't continue my friendship with my school nor my friends...hopefully i get "new" friends when i go to Asia... wish me luck vivlovesboba and everyone!

  • I am here in 2019

  • I am new to Pennsylvania and I start school in like 3 weeks ahh

  • The thing is, I have MAJOR social anxiety and I don’t think I’ll be able to make new friends just by coming up to them. Like, it’s so scary because I don’t know ANYBODY there :/

  • walk in and sit in your assigned seat and whisper to the person next to you "hi, i'm spongebob!"

  • To be honest, confidence isn’t a problem to me. I have always been really confident when making friends and talking to other people (new people). The problem is that I hate going to new schools. Everybody looks at you with a awkward face and that disgusts me. Society is messed up these days, especially in the uk and America. They all seem so fake and you can’t even make a small mistake that people will already talk about you behind your back. And that’s also why I have trust issues lol

  • This was so much help thanks so much you have amazing videos and please keep it up!!

  • This was sooo helpfull☺️😊

  • Ty! This is so helpful! I’m going to need it. And my name is also Vivien you probably spell it diffrently

  • I'm transferring schools and I'm terrified nobody'll like me, tysm for the tips and stuff!

  • I’m going to a different school I have conversation problems and I’m very awkward I might move and I’m going to miss my friends a lot 😭😓

  • Of 2019

  • I am actually a Loner but when I agreed on going to a new school so I said that Iam going to have a "Fresh Start" So I can stop being a loner anymore...Ill try to have friends and start all over again

  • I'm changing schools this year. Starting in fall and i'm really fucking nervous! aaaaaaaaaaa

  • i’m going into highscool (finna be a freshmen oop) and i’m going to a different district for my schooling and idk anyone so i’m really nervous 😬

  • low key your so pretty

  • I'm nervous

  • I’m moving to a new city and have to move schools I live in my home town for 9 and a half years (my entirety of my life basically) and I throw up about thinking of leaving my bffs and group behind I’m scared because grade 6ers can be really mean and tall 0.0 thank you for the video it helped a lot!

    • Madelynn Booth, I wish you luck! Btw I’m in sixth grade now and I’m short! Hopefully the sixth graders are like that at your new school!😅

  • I am changing my school I hope this helps me

  • Thank you this helped a lot, I am going to a new school soon and I definitely think you advice helped a lot.

  • bro this is gonna be so hard in my city we be like idk different then other people like for example we be running round the street and like throw rocks at houses and just do funny stuff and be mad funny,I’m gonna miss them but uh thx for this vid

  • Thank you!! 💖 You helped me 💗💗

  • This helped me well I don’t know yet because it’s summer but I know your right about this I pray to god this works and I know it will