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  • I love the telescope you have to twist it while your pushing it in 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😜💀🤣

  • Didn't think you could get any lower, but you proved me wrong. Sexualizing school children for clicks is a new low and disgusting.

  • There is no way im spending this time in the morning.. mascara, concealer and lipstick on the go.. thats it


  • Soooo cringy , she’s like fading in and out of reality, trying to act like nothing happened. It happened jacklyn just take a vacation for a few months with the money you didn’t refund I mean your using it on horrible fillers. Also stop wasting your time creating cosmetics you have shown that you don’t care if it’s quality all you see is money

  • Y'all are gunna make this girl hurt some point you have to think about a person's mental health. I don't care for her much either and I don't find her relatable but why be evil?? Say what you want she slays some make up

  • 👩‍🎓Adult Education HS diploma here (Dropped out and no regrets) now at 36 I'm in college for my Bachelor's degree.

  • I just wanted to comment and tell you that even though this video had a ton of hate, you are a goddess and you will bounce back. This too shall pass!!

  • Honestly, I would love for all you haters do what she does and has done! No need to be rude, and negative! She's working and doing her thing! Keep doing you Jaclyn! Ignore the negativity! Love you!💗 #JacPack

  • OMG, what is with her face? Seriously?

  • Porno makeup

  • All of these comments are people shaming her. Y’all can clearly see she’s going through something here. You can tell she’s trying hard not to cry in this, coming from someone who goes through depression it’s hard seeing all these bashing comments!! No she doesn’t have fillers. SHE GAINED WEIGHT. It’s what happens when people go through stuff. Some lose weight some gain weight everyone is different. Stop bashing someone when you have absolutely no idea what they have gone through. Yes she made a mistake with her lipsticks. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. Get the fuck over it. If you aren’t a real supporter of her then why you watching her videos? Just to bash her? Get a life and stay out of hers :)

    • Why are you saying "get the fuck over it" to people who still haven't received their refunds that she promised tho?

  • Man I hope she’s okay. She seems stressed and almost rushed.

  • Lay off the fillers and come clean about the lipsticks. You seem manic, this is not it sis

  • The thumbnail is disturbing to say the least. Sexualizing high school students for views- that's a new low

  • Whether you like Jaclyn or not, it’s not right to be commenting on her appearance. Would you tell your children to be nasty to people on the internet? No. So stop doing it.

  • I miss when your background wasn't a solid color but like a window & stuff! I have more luck using a darker powder foundation as contour. I'd be afraid of what I'd end up with using a liquid tbh😂😂

  • Why are people still subbed ?

  • $133.97

  • I know your desperate, but you shouldn't be targeting children.

  • Billy Madison!! CLASSIC! 😂

  • Reading people's comments... Hope you are doing okay! If you're lost or broken and need to get yourself together, do it! Id like to see you genuinely happy and at peace.

  • What is the brush you use to blend the concealer?

  • 🌚

  • Has she gained weight? She looks fatter in the face

  • I'm convinced she's on coke or something like that

  • 💕

  • Beautiful

  • I am thoroughly surprised she hasn't disabled comments on all her videos. the people in the comments are HORRIBLE. and all what? behind a computer or phone screen? congrats?? if you don't like her, then why do you continue to follow and subscribe to her? and you taking the time to click on the video and commenting is literally giving her more engagement, which is more money. so make it make sense please. regardless of the products she's come out with, commenting about someone's weight is never an okay thing. and fillers or not, y'all seem to only be pressed by hers when there's PLENTY of youtubers and celebrities who have done the same thing yet receive praise. at least her forehead moves and she has clear wrinkles (totally ok) in between her eyebrows and forehead (: she, or anybody for that matter, is not forcing you to watch this video. that's all you.

  • Hahahaha! Billy Madison! 😘😘😘😘

  • EVERYONE STOP!! You Know People Kill Themselves Daily Due To ALL OF YOU Guys Hurting Them With These Comments...

  • just wondering.. why dont you like the lumi foundation anymore?! also, this is a shot in the dark, but... is there any chance you could do a hair tutorial for people who know NOTHING about doing hair? ty for all your content,

  • 🌝

  • This was really weird Jaclyn... like... really weird and uncomfortable.

  • Why do I feel like I've never seen freckles on her face until now??

  • 22:16 how we feel about Jaclyn lipsticks and 24:23 how Jaclyn feels about her lipsticks

  • i think you forgot to mention the eyeliner you already have one, haha. good video though ill definitely try out some of your tips. i really like the way you contoured.

  • Quit it, y’all. She is trying. She still does good stuff. Look at her objectively. Her charisma, relatability are her authentic currency. She’s good. She’s normal. Leave her alone. She’s clearly going through shit and she is still choosing to upload vulnerable videos to social media judgement.

  • Yes your mascara is defective because I use the Carbon Black version and it's goes back in perfectly fine.

  • To Every single person who commented a “shot” on here at Jaclyn. You can all eat a big of dicks. UNLESS you have never made a mistake in your life then close your fucking mouth. She is a human. If you do not like her move on. You’re wasting your time and energy on what you’re calling bullshit which kinda makes you bullshit.

  • How is this in any way a quick back to school makeup look?! There's more steps in this look than there is periods in a day at school. This video is almost thirty mins, she said she could do this look in 10 to 15 mins. 🤔

  • No middle school or high school girl is going to wear that much makeup. That was a lot of face makeup.

  • I don’t even know how long I scrolled for tbh but I didn’t see not one positive comment. She’s human and everyone needs to relax. So much hate is what’s wrong with the world.

  • 29 the fuck?? smh white people age bad smh

  • No ones gonna talk about how at 15:16-15:18 the brush going back and forth and her giggles go at the same “rate”


  • No hate but damn those cheek fillers are the devil. I just can't understand why people feel the need to inject their faces in their 20s specially when it makes them look like an egg..just no

  • Jesus- these comments are disgusting. She is HUMAN. If I got comments like this, I know I would have a mental breakdown. These are the kinds of comments that cause people to hurt themselves. Grow up.

  • Adam sandler!!!!! My favorite is "Piece of Shit Car" !!! Lmao

  • jfc if she isn’t already having a mental breakdown the comments on this video are going to send her into one i don’t understand why you people are being so cruel. she has addressed her weight gain countless times and even if it is fillers, as women we should not be tearing each other down for our looks. get a grip, y’all, this is ridiculous. hope you’re doing alright jaclyn 💕

  • What Target sells Makeup Revolution? Girl, where?

  • Please do a fav drugstore products!!!!!!!!

  • Love you gorgeous- it's so inspiring to see you put yourself out there even if you aren't feeling the dealing with it too. You're always beautiful and we love you 💛💛

  • Please people stop spreading hate, stop commenting negative comments. It’s so sad that it’s becoming normalised to hate and criticise other people, please spread love! If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything! Also what you speak is a reflection of yourself! Let’s love each other and spread positivity.

  • Stop talking and start the video! Really stop!

  • Wow, you mean people must be so unhappy that you have to say horrible things to make yourselves feel better just because you don’t like her products. There is never an excuse to say mean personal things about someone’s looks.... you keep being amazing Jaclyn and don’t listen to any of these sad miserable people, you are awesome!!!!

  • I have bought the telescopic mascara multiple times with no issue. BUT, the one I purchased last week has this exact issue. I can get the wand back in but you have to do it slowly and carefully. For sure something is wrong with it this time. Kind of bummed.

  • She looks like she’s trying too hard...

  • She's scaring me.

  • ur face got fatter bitch

    • taylor hallie imagine being so insecure that you feel the need to comment that