Pubblicato il 17 giu 2019
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  • Wow... milo and Enzo are actually both on my boy names list ... milo has been forever and I used to have Ezra but I decided to change it to Enzo 🤪

  • Cove

  • Her name cove

  • My first name is Nora.....

  • C ♥️ O ♥️ V ♥️ E aka C ♥️ O ♥️ C ♥️ O

  • Mabye Rose is the name because poppy is the right vibe so might be another flower maybe

  • Is baby girls name going to be Peach?

  • Sunny ☀️

  • avia

  • My guess is azura 🦋

  • Sage Ferris sounds cute. Even Rose Ferris, or Delilah Ferris. I'm probably wrong but just had to share.

  • I love the name Nira though🤩

  • the baby’s name will be Wilma. in the series that aspyn and parker did with awesomeness tv they are looking at chairs for the baby’s room and parker says “we need to get this chair for wil- the baby’s room” and aspyn says “get it for wilmas room” sooooo

  • Iris?

  • Axel 😯

  • Did everyone forgot that when they announced the name of their store they said that's what they wanted their kids to be named? I remember it so clearly!!

  • Milo is my nephews name he's two months old :)

  • Grace would be so pretty of a name my name is Grayson

  • I'm guessing it's Lilah

  • I think the baby’s name is posie

  • Aspyn and Parker y’all probably have a name for your baby girl but Brinley is a cool name that you never hear

  • My guess is Sloan for your little baby girl

  • I’m guessing Luna

  • Saige and Laken are cute names

  • I’m dead right before she said “if these are your names don’t get offended” and she then said “Nora” lmao that used to be my name before my dad changed it 😂😂

  • Ahaha I’m rlly not a fan of the name Nora either ahaha! My sister went to camp with a girl named Nora who had a lotta chickens and was kinda funky

  • Posie. Like Cole and Sav???

  • Daisy?

  • I love Micah for a boy💙

  • use Capri like baseball CAP-ri not like the pants

  • i think it’s either sage or peach honestly;)

  • Ada

  • Maeve

  • Thea

  • Clara

  • Silas (sigh-las)

  • Mae

  • Esme

  • Rhine?

  • Soleil pronounced “solay” means sun in French :)

  • My favorite name out of all the names Parker has said is Capri. It’s a beautiful name for a girl

  • I feel like the babies name is lilac

  • Piper,rain, Willa, Willo,

  • Rita, Quinn, Mary, Tammy, evert, cami, vana, remi, Doris, manny, tayt, Dani, Kenny, jenni, Ray, venna, Alice, Lucy, Jan, olly, Amber, juli, vista, Lola

  • They should name their kid Grayson! Because Luca and Grey

  • Mila, Olive, Kenna, Fran, terra, Haley, haily, ren, Vetta, vatta, maris, Asher, Elsa, isla, nya, zoey, Mell, milli, Cora, coral, grace, Hana, Hilda, Nole, Nile, vale, Marti, Lizzy

  • I have the same bowls!!

  • Or Laine

  • Or rayne

  • Oaklyee ❤️

  • Or banks?

  • Petal ❤️

  • I’m thinking maybe Marie is a really pretty name or ocean with like an e at the end to make it like unique like oceane

  • love the name capri! sounds so summery

  • Liam Ferris sounds so good

  • Elsie

  • What about the name Luna??

  • who came here from aspyn's vid?

  • I love Liam but yeah it’s very common

  • You should name your baby BROOKLYN!!!:)